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17 Alternative Plus Size Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

January 3, 2017

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I recently posed a question online about how I could serve you better and be a better resource to you! You gave me oodles of feedback and metric tons of inspo! One request that came up more than once, was being able to SEE more alternative fat babes! I already knew I was putting together this list, before I even asked the question, but it is with extra pride that I get to present this to you today; 17 alternative plus size instagram accounts to add to your IG feed for 2017!

Y’all know how much I love me some instagram, you also know how much I love to spread the love and to support bad ass babes! Let’s all ring in the New Year with a celebration of both to get you ready to rock the year ahead! Everyone in this list is alternative in some way or another, but just like how “alternative” is a large umbrella of styles, so is this list. I know you’ll find some gems that sing to your heart, but I highly recommend just following them all!

17 Alternative Plus Size Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

1. @brxtrmn

A photo posted by Tracy Broxterman (@brxtrmn) on

Tracy is a true inspiration to me. You may recognize her from her Domino dollhouse days, but she packed up the shop before cute goth baby number 2 arrived. She posts her own personal style, dressing up her kiddies and her ever evolving house decor projects and everything makes me drool! If you dig on chic goth minimalism, make sure to add her ASAP!

2. @mulsmulsss

A photo posted by Mulsa?? (@mulsmulsss) on

Mulsa is sooo flippin adorable! She has great hair, fun casual style, I really enjoy seeing her pop up in my feed and I think you’ll feel the same way!

3. @hentai.hunny

A photo posted by ナタリー (@hentai.hunny) on

17 alternative plus size IG accounts to follow
Natalie basically rocked 2016. Her photos are gorgeous, her style is relatable and elevated! Not only does she have killer style, but she cosplays too, *sigh* a girl after my own heart! She’s a rising star and you’re gonna wanna have her on your feed for major inspo in 2017.

4. @heidigrotesque

If you are looking for traditional, slightly romantic goth style, look no further! On top of posting beautifully styled outfits, and make up looks, Heidi also helps create them and has a shop on etsy that will make your Halloween loving heart take flight!

5. @imsoofrancy

A photo posted by Fran (@imsoofrancy) on

Welcome to my newest obsession account! Every time I see a pic come up from Fran, I’m left swooning! Her style is laid back, edgy and super fresh!

6. @bessiepledger

Do you like rock? Do you like nerdy stuff? Then you’re gonna LOVE Bessie! She’s a sweetheart from down under that changes her hair colour more often than me, she has killer makeup skills and proudly waves her nerd flag all the time!

7. @haleighmoon

A photo posted by Haleigh Schiafo (@haleighmoon) on

Haleigh’s witchy style is so in tune with my tastes, I gotta share her with you all! Her style is effortless, her photos are moody and emotive and she’s part of the dream team behind Babe Coven. I admire her at least once a day!

8. @ceohunty

A photo posted by Brianne Huntsman (@ceohunty) on

Brianne is a queer, body positive activist with a great eye for style! She’s exuberant and fun and not only does she post great outfit photos, but she wants help you be your best self! Whether it’s making your resume rock on linkedin, or helping you with some financial planning, she’s gonna help you step up your adulting game all while being cute cute cute!

9. @alyssapandaeyes

Though Alyssa hasn’t been super active on her personal account, her brand account is on fire! Witch worldwide is one of my favourite indie brands and the girl behind it is amazing. She kind and unapologetic and stylie like none other! If you’re looking for someone to be your goth goddess inspo, you just found her!

10. @hantisedeloubli

A photo posted by Stacey ? (@hantisedeloubli) on

This girl makes me sigh almost daily! She’s sweet, adorable and edgy as all hell! I love how she can serve gothic mistress on one day and playful 70’s unicorn the next. Her hair is fabulous and her makeup game slays all damn day, every damn day!

11. @loveleahblog

A photo posted by ? Leah ? (@loveleahblog) on

I love that Leah does not deal with bullshit, like EVER! She is the definition of “unapologetic” and she shows that through her outfit pics daily!

12. @allymayhem

A photo posted by @allymayhem on

Ally is like the adorable punky little sister you wish you had. Her style is grungy and spooky, full of attitude and cute as a fucking button! Her hair is vivid and her makeup skills are slaying!

13. @4locrow

A photo posted by Lauren Crow (@4locrow) on

If you dig on weird babe aesthetics, then you HAVE to follow Lauren Crow! Her account isn’t so much based around fashion, it’s more about aesthetic and it is pure magic! She’s a photographer and visual artist that produces work that I just want to step into and take up residence!

14. @sumajanedark

A photo posted by ???Suma??? (@sumajanedark) on

Suma makes me swoon with her goth minimalism! I’ve never seen someone rock a chic, drapey goth frock, while also sporting sneakers and it totally works!! She also takes beautiful photos of her surroundings and yummy looking vegan eats!


A photo posted by Jessica Hinkle (@fatfashion_) on

Jessica rocks and finds plus size vintage like no other! In fact she has a brand, Proud Mary Fashion, that incorporates vintage and just opened up a shop space alongside the Plus Bus in LA! She’s got this amazing, don’t-be-fucking-around-with-me, no-I’m-jk, k-actually-I’m-serious vibe and I LOOOVE IT! She tickles my funny bone and looks rad AF while doing it!

16. @cailydarling


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A post shared by Cailey Darling ✨?? (@caileydarling) on

Cailey is a lovely soul and an inspirational makeup artist! She is legally blind and still creates the most epic looks! Her hair is always changing from one form of magical to another and her fashion is fun, whimsical and free!

17. @rainbowchatman

You simply MUST add this self proclaimed unicorn goth to your feed. She is incredibly beautiful and stylish and I basically wanna be her best friend!

BONUS @alternativecurves

This is my community IG account! It’s adminned by 7 badass babes and we share alternative looks that slay everyday! Make sure to use the hashtag #alternativecurves for a chance at being featured and to find some amazing new accounts to follow!

BONUS: @margotmeanie


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A post shared by margot meanie? (@margotmeanie) on

Aries Style - Plus Size Grunge -

Hi, it me!!

I hope you added some fresh inspo for your feed!

Stay in your magic, babes!

♥ As always, if you like it, share it! ♥

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****All images are borrowed from each persons instagram account.

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    Kimberly B (fruitbat5150)
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    Oooh, TYSM for this! Some of these babes I’m already following, but there are more that I haven’t heard of, so I’m off to push those Follow buttons right now! Also, I love the purple / magenta / pink you’ve got going on with the top photo collage.

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    January 3, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you for this, you babe! <3

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