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WE ARE THE WEIRDOS | alternative plus size fashion icons on Instagram

July 17, 2019

One of my very favourite things about blogging is getting to hype up things I love and something I truly love is all the weirdos and style icons that grace my instagram feed! When I started over 6 years ago it was REALLY hard to find alternative and non mainstream fashion inspiration easily on Instagram so I felt the urge to create the hashtag #alternativecurves to make it…


SHOP YOUR SIGN: The Perfect Birthday Gifts For Cancer

June 21, 2019
Shop Your Zodiac Sign: Gifts For Cancer

Cancer is tenacious, imaginative, loyal and very persuasive. Like the brave crab that represents Cancer, they have a hard exterior shell, much like an armor to help them face the harsh world.  This shell can sometimes make it tough to see the hidden depths and sensitive emotions that Cancer feels on the inside.  Cancer care deeply about the people they love, and will do whatever they can to…



June 3, 2019

Copper Union is excited to announce the relaunch of their online shop after a brief hiatus last year. Designer and founder Claire Doody is back and ready for a fresh start. New designs will be dropping regularly in limited-run small batches—so don’t miss out on your favorites! There will also be an expanding evergreen collection, which will offer timeless crowd pleasers including maxi skirts, Stevie shrugs, and more…

Etsy Shop of the Month WITCHY THINGS

QUEER MAGIC with GrrrlSpells

June 1, 2019

Happy Pride month! Actually, I like to think of all of summer as Pride season since Vancouver Pride weekend isn’t until August. It makes my heart swell to see rainbows popping up everywhere and trans flags flying high! It’s so wonderfully colourful, but for goth leaning and magical folx we often wish there were darker options to share our Pride with the world, enter Etsy shop GrrrlSpells bringing…


SHOP YOUR SIGN: The Perfect Birthday Gifts For Gemini

May 24, 2019

Geminis are the most exuberant, quick witted and intelligent of people- bringing joy to any room that they enter, connecting intensely with everyone around them. Their friends surely appreciate that they know a little something about everything, and always know what to say, even in the hardest moments. Geminis are easy-going creatives who love to take risks, talk your ear off, and are always brainstorming and scheming. They…

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