About Me

// margot meanie //Hi, I’m Margot Meanie!

My blog is primarily a personal style blog, with an emphasis on plus size fashion.  As a Canadian blogger, I really strive to share accessible, affordable, plus size fashion, that ships to Canada, as I know it can often be a struggle trying to find the clothes you love in the size you need.

I am passionate about style, art, tattoos, nerdy things & cats! I tend to feature all of these on a fairly regular basis in addition to fashion finds and outfit posts.

I have often been described as a style chameleon, and I would tend to agree.  I definitely lean towards, grown up goth/alternative, but I am heavily influenced by classic vintage style, 90’s riot grrrl and almost anything worn in Pretty in Pink (Duckie too!)

I worked in the the tattoo/body mod industry for 4 years.  I have multiple tattoos and I have my medusa {aka philtrum} pierced and my ears are stretched to a 00g.  If you have any questions about tattoo/piercing etiquette or aftercare, please feel free to ask!!

I founded the #alternativecurves community on instagram and have worked with Kobi Jae from the Horror Kitsch Bitch to bring about an #altrnativecurves blog hop! If you are interested in joining, feel free to follow the instagram account @alternativecurves and use the hashtag to share your fierce fashion and selfies! Or email either of us and we can direct you to the facebook group!

I happily live in East Vancouver, in a cozy little home with my partner & kitty kids, where we collect teacups, hang out with friends playing boardgames and obsess over general nerdery.  We may partake in a little craft beer & bubbly from time to time. ;-)

If you ever want to contact me or ask a question please feel free: missmeanie {at} gmail {dot} com

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