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Hi, I’m Margot Meanie!

This is my space to document my personal style and see where my ever changing tastes take me. I have a preference for heavy black and would almost consider attempting a full black wardrobe…if only I could commit. But instead, I’m a little bit of a chameleon, forever changing with my moods.

This is also a chronicle of me “growing up”, at least style wise. I wasn’t terribly good at being a teenager when I actually was a teenager, but I’m doing a bang up job of it in my thirties.  I want my style to reflect that I am a woman, but I am not tied down by my age and I will dress my body as I see fit.

In a way, this space is also a place for my own version of body positive activism. Not all activism is with words. To me, dressing my fat body can be an act of rebellion. Letting other see a woman comfortable wearing what she likes in the body she currently has I believe can instill confidence in others. Changing your media consumption can have a powerful impact on they way you see beauty in others as well as yourself.

I believe that filling your wardrobe with pieces you truly love brings joy to your life and confidence to yourself. I desperately want to help ladies find the clothing and shopping options they are looking for so they can truly realise the person they want to be.

I am part of a few fun collaborations with other plus size babes that exist on the internet, here’s a little about each of them!


As a somewhat alternative plus size style blogger, I was feeling there was not a lot of visibility for non mainstream fashion, especially being represented in plus size and “inbetweenie” circles, which lead me to start the #alternativecurves hashtag & community on instagram.  Additionally, I have worked with Kobi Jae from the Horror Kitsch Bitch to bring about an #alternativecurves facebook group! If you are interested, feel free to join us or follow along on our instagram account @alternativecurves and use the hashtag to share your fierce fashion and selfies!


One of the great things about social media is the connections you get to make with readers and fellow bloggers. Over the past year I have made many tight, but long distance friendships. Sometimes you really wish you could hangout together, but 1000’s of kilometers are getting in the way. So, in an effort to be able to “hangout” but serve the plus size community, myself and two rad plus size babes you may have heard of, the ever amazingly kind and beaituful Natalie of NatalieMeansNice and plus size model and uber babe, Katana Fatale decided to collaborate on a group pinterest board to share rad style, plus size life hacks, feminism, rad art, and outfit inspo. We called it the Plus Collective, and we’re having a blast with it!

My little family, which consists of my husband and my two kitty kids, happily living on the West Coast of Canada. Our cozy little home { which we lovingly refer to as our “hobbit hole” } is nestled in East Vancouver, where we collect teacups, hang out with friends, plan parties and upcoming adventures as well as play board games and obsess over general nerdery.

We may partake in a little craft beer & bubbly from time to time. 😉

If you ever want to contact me or ask a question please feel free: missmeanie {at} gmail {dot} com

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