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margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

This months #untamedstyle challenge was Fall Fashion or the Transition into Autumn. Not as theatrical as last months Style Icon Challenge, but still fun! What better way to transition into Fall then with a versatile and stylish jacket, some leggings, a few flashes of gold and ever so cute booties?

We were also suppose to highlight one of our favourite Fall trends for this year and since my budget is on the low side lately, I shopped my own closet.  Luckily, I came out with this teal blazer from Forever21+ that I got last year.  Teal just happens to be one of my favourite colours and it also happens to be one of the big trends to look out for this Autumnal season! {So is orange, though I don’t wear orange and I kind of find myself rewriting the line form The Devil Wears Prada to be “Orange.. for Fall, groundbreaking!” Though I would not naysay the colour for other girls, it’s just not for me}

I was going to pair this with a loose scarf, but I forgot to bring it and it’s still wickedly warm here.  It’s still a bit hard to fathom wearing layers, though I am really looking forward to it, as Autumn is my favourite season.  The crisp air, the slant of the sun rays, the crunchy orange and brown leaves littered down my street, not to mention Hallowe’en, black cats and everything pumpkin spice!

This outfit is pretty much 100% Forever21, all purchased from within the last year, but sadly no longer available, with exception to the belt {ASOS}, the boots {Las Vegas} and necklace {thrifted}.

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    I’ve been looking at your blog and I absolutely love your style! I just started my own blog and would love for you to check it out and I would really appreciate any advice, hope you follow back if you like, thank you for your time!

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    The line I am always saying from The Devil Wears Prada is that one by Emily Blunt but it has hand signals and so it makes no sense written down. I’m hearing this (hand mimicking a mouth moving) and I want to hear this (hand closes like a mouth closed).

    Writing it out is a lot less fun, but that line is so awesome because you can do it with just the hand signals with people you know, and they know what you mean.

    I think I’ll put that movie in the queue for a re-watch this week. 🙂

    In case I have not already left a comment before, this is just a quick note to say hi. I visited your blog during the month of August and I liked what I saw, so I’ve added you to my feedreader and am following your blog. 🙂


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    I love your pale teal hair so much! Especially with the blue blazer and gold necklace, it all looks so pretty together.

    And I’m SO ready for fall as well! I need Target to put out their Halloween candy/decorations asap, those are always so fun to browse. Do you usually dress up for Halloween?

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    I love this ensemble. It definitely looks the ideal transitional outfit between seasons, and also just between night and day. And may I just say, your hair is killing me. I want to dye mine a similar duck egg shade but am too scared 🙁 You look stunning, though! xoxo

    • 16

      Thank you so much!!

      I actually keep my hair short so I can accommodate the amount of times I change it! I keep wanting to grow it out longer, but the urge to change the colour often is much stronger and instant pay off!


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