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My, oh my, where has the time gone??

As I made it abundantly known, it was my birthday on the 16th { I can’t help it, i love celebrating my birthday!! }.  My husbands birthday happens to follow just 8 days later on the 24th so we decided to have a Meanie staycation. We both meant for it to be a relaxing stretch of sleeping in, getting some Spring cleaning done, enjoying each others company, day time adventures and getting work done.

Welp!  We ended up being reeeally successful at the sleeping in, relaxing and enjoying each others company part, moderately successful at the Spring cleaning & day time adventures and a complete flop on getting work done.

He had hoped to get some writing in, meanwhile I had plans for him to take spades of outfit photos so I would be stocked up with lots of content.

In the end, we stayed in our pj’s about 99% of the time binge watching Gilmore Girls, Daredevil, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Star Wars: Clone Wars & Star Trek { as well as watching the new Star Wars trailer more than I care to admit } We sound like TV junkies and I guess for last week, we really were!!

margot meanie | rebellious plus size fashion margot meanie | rebellious plus size fashionmargot meanie | rebellious plus size fashion

 tartan jacket & shoes  – missguided | bandage mini skirt – torrid { old, but similar here & here } | blouse – f21+ { old but similar here & here } | tights – penningtons

Anyhoo, we really had a great time and regret nothing.  But today I was bummed I didn’t have anything to post on the blog so I went through my ipad and realised I had this outfit shoot from a couple weeks back just sitting there.  You may recognize the images as my new profile photos were taken from this set, but I still wanted to share the outfit with you. as soon it will be too warm for anyone to want to wear opaque tights.

Now I don’t know about you, but I looooooooove over the knee socks, BUT they never fit my thighs without pinching & rolling down.  I ended up cheating a bit and took an old pair of lacy knit stocking and cut them off, with their texture and pairing them with an opaque tight the fibers of both kind of work together like a kind of velcro and kept these in place almost all day with only have to readjust a couple times.

I think they look super cute, kinda sexy and totally badass on thick thighs with a mini skirt  { short shorts would be really cute too, I’ve been hunting for a couple pairs for the summer so far I like these & these }.

How do you feel about knee socks or over the knee socks? Have you had luck with any brands that work well on plus size thighs??

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{ gift guide } birthday

Tomorrow is my birthdaaaaay!!

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved my birthday.  I know a lot of people fear aging, but I think of it as a day to celebrate myself, my accomplishments I’ve gained in the past year and to look forward to the next set of hurdles I am going to tackle and hopefully conquer!

But, let’s be honest… it’s a lot of fun to receive presents!  Today I am sharing my ultimate birthday wishlist for my 33rd b-day! Some of these you’ve seen on previous gift guides or covet lists, but they where placed there to begin with because I do covet & lust after them so much!

margot meanie's birthday wish list

I first found these on Nasty Gal, but they were sold out.  So, I was extra stoked to find them on a Canadian site UnionJackBoots, though they didn’t photograph the same and I was worried if they are actually the same boot, then I found them on sale on 6pm.com WIN!!

The Meanies are currently revamping our office space in hopes of encouraging us to better use the space.  Part of my dream concept is adding these shelves from Ikea spray painted gold and the area being littered with plants! I’d love to order a set of three of these and plant adorable succulents in them.

I have been dreaming about this jacket ever since I first blogged about it.  I want to DIY it up with studs for just the right amount of punk and glamour!  Sadly the website is out of my size { 2x } but I have been thinking of getting in touch with them to see if any stores still have it in stock! 

Can you say “eyecatching”? This necklace is SO rad, I can imagine it adding some flare to an all black outfit or hell, go for a full on pastel goth look with this and the pink moto!

This item is actually out of stock and  the artist has shut down her shop while she works on restocking all her items.  I really hope this one makes a come back.  It is über dreamy and would be such a perfect piece for my collection!

These earrings have been in my Modcloth wishlist for longer then I care to admit.  It just seems whenever I’m ready to buy them, they’re out of stock!  I would have to modify them with new hooks to fit in my tunnels, but that’s an easy fix which I do often! 

I have long lusted over almost every single thing bloodmilk has ever created!  Really, I could dedicate a full covet list to just her work! Her work is gorgeous, mysterious, ominous, intriguing and hauntingly beautiful. 

This one is actually sold out :( but, I really want a collection of crystals for my new office to decorate the shelves with.  I am fascinated by the beauty of crystals.  Not to mention I am completely enamored by fortune tellers and magical items.  I also just really want to support this seller, we’ve become insta-friends  { @_theopaque_ } and her photos are truly beautiful! 

I desperately want to get organised!!  I am a very textile person and I always seem to do better when I can write things down and have everything right in front of me.  I just want to get my paws on this black kikki-k planner.  I like the larger format so it’s easier to write in and it can hold on to everything I want in one easy to modify book.  Also, I got caught up in the videos of people customizing theirs and I was left swooning! 

I have been looking for just the right wide brimmed fedora for quite a long time now.  I would say it was probably prompted by binge watching the Rachel Zoe Project a few years back.  She always looked so perfect in hers. 

I have always been a drugstore make up girl…that was until instagram came around.  Before I was blogging, my instagram feed was full of Drag Queens, tattooers, artists and indie make up brands!! I quickly fell in love with some indie brands and have been slowly trying out different products.  LASplash is next on my list.  I desperately want the Liptint mouse in Bellatrix, Ravenclaw, Sirius & Nigani { having them named after Harry Potter characters is definitely a selling point! }

Well, there you have it!  My birthday wishlist.  I know I left some items out, that I have really been wanting, but I guess I didn’t want to come off as overly greedy ;) But most of all, I’m looking forward to my party and Mister Meanie having the next week and a half off { his b-day is next Friday! }

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{ outfit } classic

I’ve had a LOT of fun styling up this tutu all week!!  I’m positive this piece will be popping up on the blog in the future!

classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style
tutu – c/o Cool Gal Clothing | top – pacificplex { sold out } | ring – La Plume Noir  { sold out }

Today I went for an ultra classic look, completely inspired by Dita Von Teese.  This look would be so much fun to wear to the horse track on a Derby day, especially if I could get my paws on a epic hat like the ones Pearls & Swine dream up.

I’m can’t say I’m a fan of peplum tops, at least for my own aesthetic.  They always look darling on so many other women, I just never feel right with them on.  But I do love how this sits on such a flared bottom.  It’s actually a part of my wedding dress and I bought it and designed my wedding dress with that idea in mind.

Instead of going full on black & white monochromatic I decided to add in another neutral with the wide brimmed straw sun hat. Which in turn allowed me to add the pink vintage beaded purse with it’s bamboo handle for a tiny splash of colour. I think it rounds out the vintage/classic charm….and it matches the pink gem on my ring!

You can check the other outfits in my “how to rock a tutu” series here”

I’ll be sure to place it in same tag when I wear this tutu again so you can see them all together!

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{ outfit } grunge x glam

oh my stars!  Thank you all so much for all the love from my first tutu post { cool gal x zelie for she }.  I was really stepping out of my comfort zone with all that ‘non black’ happening, haha!!

In keeping with my how to rock a tutu theme leading up to my birthday I have yet another look for you!

Today’s foray into tutu-ness is definitely within my comfort zone, it’s actually flashing back to my rock n roll roots.  Though I no longer wear this studded belt I could never give it up, it used to be an everyday staple in my wardrobe, not to mention studded bracelets and well, studded everything.  I haven’t grown out of loving studs, I just incorporate them into my outfits differently. But this was a fun flash back and homage to my style in my early 20’s.

This one is dedicated to all my punk rock princesses who don’t ever want to grow up.

glam x grunge - how to rock a tutu | margot meanieglam x grunge - how to rock a tutu | margot meanieglam x grunge - how to rock a tutu | margot meanieglam x grunge - how to rock a tutu | margot meanie
tutu – Cool Gal Clothing | crop – f21+ | vest – old navy | boots- doc martens { similar }

For this look, I decided to play up the hard vs soft as much as I possibly could.  So I paired the now chopped tutu with pink metallic Doc Martens, my very old and worn down studded belt, a denim vest decked out in my favourite buttons and a solid black crop.

My next tutu outfit is completely different!! Keep your eyes out for it later this week!!

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{ outfit } Cool Gal x Zelie for She

Happy April!!!

I simply adore April, there are flowers popping up everywhere, all the green is returning to barren branches, the days are getting longer and brighter, and there is the promise of lazy days spent outside with friends and drinks.

April is also my birth month and my birthday is only ten days away!! EEEP!

So I’m gonna shake things up with something a little different, I’m going to do a series on how to style a tutu leading up to my birthday.

Today I am featuring COLOUR!  Like, there is almost zero black, so this is definitely a shake up!

Cool Gal x Zelie for She | margot meanie - alternative plus size style

Cool Gal x Zelie for She | margot meanie - alternative plus size style

I was gifted this A-MA-ZING tulle tutu from that lovely gals over at Cool Gal clothing { you may remember me featuring their Valentine lookbook back in Feb }.

This first look popped right into my head when I saw the length of the skirt.  It screamed “pair me with a crop top!”, though in all honestly, I want to pair almost everything with a crop top.

When it was sent to me, I was told it was long and that other bloggers had DIY’d & customized it for themselves.  But I really wanted to feature how beautiful it is in it’s full length before I took the scissors to it.

Cool Gal x Zelie for She | margot meanie - alternative plus size styleColl Gal x Zelie for She | margot meanie - alternative plus size styleCool Gal x Zelie for She | margot meanie - alternative plus size style

blazer – f21+ | top – Zelie for She | tulle skirt – c/o Cool Gal clothing | lips – Lime Crime

{ top & blazer are from last year }

I elected to over accessorize with bright chunky bangles and a bright blue, shiny, skinny belt to polish the waistband, I added my teal blazer for some structure { and a layer as it’s not warm enough for just the crop yet } a black lace statement necklace & a bright red lip.

I won this top from Zelie for She on an instagram contest along with some other really amazing items { remember my black rose dress, I can’t wait for summer so I can bring it back out of the closet!! }.  I really loved this top when it arrived, but had yet to reconcile how to work it into my wardrobe. This was a fun experiment in wearing it and now I have a few other ideas on how I’ll try it as the summer approaches.

This tutu is really versatile, I’ve now chopped it to a tea length, but I think it could be used at any length as a really great piece in a prom or wedding dress.  Imagine it styled with a gorgeous lace or sequins top…ugh, so amazing and affordable!!

Keep your eye out  later this week for this tutu styled a completely different way and a new length!

You can check the other outfits in my “how to rock a tutu” series here”

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{ outfit } afternoon tea

monochrome | plus size blogger margot meanie

This weekend I finally took advantage of a gift certificate given to me by my sister for x-mas to go for afternoon tea.

Mister Meanie and I thoroughly enjoyed all the tasty decedent nibbles, he sipped on black tea, while I opted to upgrade to some matcha, as I really love it and I don’t get to indulge in it often enough.  { photos of our afternoon tea are below }

It was also the perfect outing to rock my brand new shawl { cape, wrap? } which I had just scored at the thrift shop the day before.

Though I don’t always find clothing while I thrift, I always have luck with accessories and shoes.  I whole heartrendingly recommend giving thrifting a try, especially for trendy pieces you don’t want to break the bank over.  I’ve found clutches, platform shoes, metallic belts and an array of vintage hats in my journeys.  My next item I’m on the hunt for is a fringed leather { or leather look }  bag, I’m really feeling fringe and I predict it is going to explode before the summer.

monochrome | plus size blogger margot meaniemonochrome | plus size blogger margot meanie

wrap – thrifted | crop – f21+ | skirt – the curvy elle | shoes – similar modcloth & urbanog

I also decided to rock a monochrome oxblood combo, with my f21+ cutout crop top & my velvet midi which I got from online plus size thrifting guru The Curvy Elle.

Online is another really great way to thrift while being plus size.  There are oodles of shops online through etsy or their own independent websites, where they curate excellent thrifted and vintage plus pieces. { the curvy elle & ursa major plus are two of my favourites!}

It’s a great way to save a buck, support a small business and be environmental all at the same time!

Do you ever thrift or do you have tips or favourite online thrift shops you’d like to recommend?? please let me know in the comments!

For now, I will leave you will some photos of our afternoon tea, make sure you’ve eaten first, or else you’ll be hungry!

afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue  afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue


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{ covet } the pink ladies

Are you too pure to be pink?

This shopping guide was inspired by several things all aligning with one another;

  • A hankering to re-watch Grease has grasped me lately as I’ve been seeing some pink lady lovin’ gifsets on tumblr
  • Being tasked to make a theme post with my interpretation of ‘girl gang’ with my #untamedstyle virtual girl gang
  • Seeing these kickass, cotton candy, studded leather jackets all over instagram and tumblr, and they’re making me drool.

All arrows pointed to me deciding to modernize The Pink Ladies uniform!

Now since Killstar co. only really services XL & sometimes XXL I figured I’d add in this perfect substitute from Addition Elle.  That way you can DIY it up to your own liking.  I never thought I’d want to own a baby pink moto before, but HOLY CRAP, it’s risen to one of my top most coveted pieces!! { hey, it’s my birthday coming up in less than a month, if anyone wants to treat me ;-) ..ha! yeah right }

I threw in some cute girl gang stickers by one of my favourite indie/tumblr artists, a take no guff pin to adorn your jacket or bag as well as a pocket mirror to fix your lipstick.  Some ridiculously awesome holographic platform shoes for stomping the patriarchy, some high waisted, distressed shorts, flashy cat eye shades, a couple options for bad babe tops and some crystal knuckle dusters for fending yourself when you get in hot water!

too pure to be pink // a girl gang shopping guide by margot meanie

I cannot express how BAD I want every item on this covet list! *sigh*


Please check out what the other #untamedstyle ladies are writing about for their “girl gangs” { click their image to open post in new window }:

glitterinthedirt cid style files  vanessa sweetleigh

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