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Hello! Long time no blog!

I inadvertently took most of July off from the blog. I was everywhere else online, just not here. I’ve had a slew of plans and trips and it left me with no time to catch up on everything I wanted to blog about.I guess that’s Summer telling me to get outsde and off the computer!

I do want to thank you all for the absolutely astounding support for my last two blog posts, “Plus Size Swimwear & “A Plus Girls Guide to Wearing Crop Tops: 5 ways to introduce crop tops to your wardrobe

I return to you today with my entry for my beloved AlternativeCurves blog hop!

If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you! Alternativecurves was a hashtag I founded on instagram as an open call to find other alternative, off beat and non mainstream fashion existing on plus size and inbetweenie bodies.  It caught on like wild fire with the help of Kobi from Horror Kitsch Bitch. She encouraged me to expand and offered help in anyway possible. With that, I created a community based instagram account and Kobi initiated the alternativecurves blog hop in an effort to bring alternative bloggers around the globe together!

If you are a blogger and interested in joining us, feel free to join our facebook group or follow alternativecurves on instagram!

Now to this months theme: Alter Ego.

I was pretty excited by this months theme and have been aching to get photos done all month. I just finally was able to have a day to get this all together right before the hop closes, in 13 hours! PHEW!

I have been described as a “style chameleon”, so with that I suppose comes with many alter egos. So today I have decided to share 4 of my most favourite alter egos that you will see exist in my everyday style. Without further ado, here are my alter egos

The Witch

alter ego "the witch" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

To me, everyday is an opportunity to celebrate Hallowe’en. It’s my favourite holiday of the year. It’s spooky and creepy and is littered with magic, mystery and supernatural.

But its not just about Hallowe’en either. I was raised in a house that had crystals, tarot, ruins, pendulums and more. So I have always had a deep fondness for witches in general and the aura of mystery, healing arts and everyday magic is immensely appealing to me.

I do admit to being a skeptic as well , but I remain with an open mind to all the possibilities out there. Why close any one idea out completley? I would say I am half Mulder and half Scully.


alter ego "Duckie" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

I’ve mentioned this many times before, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE Duckie!

Duckie is from one of my favourite movies from the 80’s, Pretty in Pink. I generally love all of the fashion from that movie, but Duckie reigns supreme! Head to toe, Duckie has flare and a master of layering.

He makes me wish I had a bolero tie! But I finally got my mitts on some rad platform pointed toe brogues late last year to emulate his worn in pointed creepers! I am one happy girl!

The Flapper

alter ego "the flapper" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

Flappers hold a special place in my heart. Mostly because deep down, below my social anxiety, is a party girl! If you were to ask my my ideal night out, it would be dressed to the nines, bopping around hotel bars getting fancy cocktails and then retiring to a friends home to dance the night away til dawn with just a small group.

I love drinking bubbly and mixing old fashioned cocktails, I love dramatic make up and wearing a garçonne silhouette on my extremely curvy frame! Flappers always know where the party is, because they are a party unto themselves!

Wednesday Addams

alter ego "Wednesday Addams" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

Oh, I just can’t help myself. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be Morticia Addams, she was so elegant. But in truth, I ended up more like Wednesday and I am perfectly fine with that. I guess it also stems from the fact I just never want to grow up and also that creepy macabre things amuse me.

I know “the witch” and Wednesday may seem similar, but I find the witch to be more serious, more mysterious, more supernatural. Where Wednesday is a tad more playful, with nods to childhood and playing with creepy crawlies, skulls and bat toys.

So there you have it, 4 of my “alter ego’s” so to speak. I think I have many others, there’s “the fan girl“, “the minimalist“, hell, “the maximalist“, “Edina Monsoon“, “the riot grrrl” really, the list could go on, but perhaps those will be future blogs all on their own.

Who is your alter ego? I would love to hear!

And please, check out the other babes participating in this months blog hop!

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outfit | plus size swimwear

Finding the right swimsuit is hard on anyone, but add to it being plus size, the difficulties can become tenfold. Though we are finally afforded more options, picking through them can still be daunting.


When I shop around, I have to keep in mind my style, the colours and patterns that appeal to me, cut, sizing { as every place is different }, how comfortable you feel in a suit, price point, seriously, the list can go on!

But the things I absolutely have to have in a suit are:

  • comfortable to wear
  • east to get in and out of
  • enough fabric and support for my girls
  • pattern/print/texture { I’m very particular with my prints }
  • affordable

I’m loving all the fatkini’s/bikinis babes I’m seeing, but hadn’t found one that works for me as nothing checks all the boxes in my criteria { especially in the boob region wear I need a lot of extra fabric and support }.

choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie

crop – f21+ | jellybean suit – Love this Sunday | cat ears – Cool Gal Blue

I was gifted this jelly bean suit by Love This Sunday last year, but couldn’t bring myself to wear it as a suit as it was too short in the body for me. Like, my boobs would literally pour out. But the print was so cute I couldn’t bring myself to let it go. { just so you know, I am a wearing the 3x and it was small on my 18/20 US body } then I came across this article written by Ready to Stare designer Alysse for Bustle on the history of the “fatkini” and was reminded that I am one crafty bugger!

The next morning I woke up and decided to snip that tank suit into a bikini. I figured the worst that would happen is I would be left with only one half of a bikini, but at least it would be one that is now getting use.

I measured three times and snip snip snipped! I then added a white elastic band to finish off the two pieces. Both worked out perfectly! I do admit, I have to still wear a bra under the top, but it’s still cute as all hell! And look how cute the bottoms work with a black crop!!

choosing plus size swim wear | margot meaniechoosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie

Goddess Cutout swimsuit – f21+ | hat – Ardene | kimono {old} – f21+

I personally have always been drawn to one pieces, black ones at that, but I still want a lil somethin’ special. Details are important!

Now this suit is one I have had my eye on for almost a year. I just never got around to ordering it and the next thing I knew it was winter and swimsuits were placed at the bottom of my clothing priority list.

Luckily, the suit was still kicking around in the sale section of Forever 21 so I nabbed it up so I would have it for my upcoming camping trip!

This suit ticks almost all of my boxes. It’s comfortable to wear, it has detachable/adjustable straps so I can change up the configuration of the suit and it has a saucy little cutout with gold detail.

My only complaint is the straps don’t like staying completely in the hooks. But it was only $22, so its something I am fine with dealing with for now. We’ll see how I feel after a week of wearing it in and out of a lake!

I have to admit earlier this week, after I had converted the jelly bean suit into a bikini, I wanted to share my accomplishment on instagram. I was instantly seized with a terrible nervousness of posting the image, even though I loved the pic, I was scared poopless to post it on such a public platform.

I learned there is absolutely nothing wrong with that though. Because I did it anyway, despite my fear. As my friend Slade said, it shows I’m still pushing myself forward. I’m trying new things and it felt really good!

This post is actually part of an #untamedstyle theme for June, but we all got too busy or hung up on life to post on time, so we agreed to post twice in July to make up for it.  So I’m going to link to each ladies blog and I’ll add the proper link to each post once everyone has theirs posted! { I know Linda has hers up! }

Linda up in the nuves zadry curves a la mode Pia mixed fat chick michelle zaftig times vanessa sweetleigh cid style files aarti curves become her

Go give these lovely babes some love!

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guide | 5 ways to rock a crop top this summer

It’s hard for me to believe that just last year I bought my very first crop top. Especially when I look at my wardrobe now, and what I wear on the regular, crop tops reign supreme!

But that doesn’t mean that I instantly felt at ease while rocking a short top with a round belly!

a plus girls guide: 5 ways to rock a crop top | margot meanie

Since it’s now Summer all over the Northern Hemisphere and people are melting away in the heat, we all need fashionable ways to keep cool!

It brings me immense joy seeing more and more plus sized bodies throwing caution to the wind and taking fashion risks we have been told over and over never to take. But I know so many still wanting to wade in to the fun, but are nervous or feel too self conscious and need a comfortable, safe way to try out such a daring garment.

Here is my plus girls guide on how to introduce crop tops into your wardrobe and move them into your comfort zone! Because Crop tops are for every BODY!

1. the non-committal crop or faux crop:

a plus girls guide: 5 ways to rock a crop top | margot meanie

The first time I unveiled a crop on my body was actually here on the blog. I hadn’t had the guts to wear one outside, hell I didn’t even own one yet. But I took my very old Metallica muscle shirt and folded the bottom half up and under.

I wore this while singing and dancing around my house to Whitney Houston and I was feeling pretty good with myself. Then I took some photos and blasted them up on my blog. I was nervous, but I also I adored how it looked! I got a positive response and I immediately felt a bit better about rocking a crop.

I didn’t have to commit to running out and buying a crop top or chopping an old favourite tee into a crop right away. And when I finally did wear this out { later that day } I knew I had the option to flip the bottom down if I ever felt too self conscious.

2. Add a fashionable security blanket:

a plus girls guide: 5 ways to rock a crop top | margot meanie

A cardigan, blazer, kimono or vest can all be a life saver when wading into crop tops. Not only do they act as water wings, but they can also add some styling fun to your whole outfit!

I found that I was completely A-OK with showing the front of my stomach, but the sides and back is where I was most nervous. I mean, you can’t see those parts of you on the regular, so baring them to the public is definitely and understandably on the scary side.

I opted to wear a light, sheer kimono or and edgy, slouchy vest with my very first crops. This didn’t add any heat to the outfit and made me feel like I was just accessorizing. Even though I was also protecting myself as I continued to dip my toes into the crop top pool.

This left the cute little square of tummy out for viewing while the outer garment would still move and provide peeks of my stomach. It just helped me feel more confident. It also gives you the option to take off the item if you are too warm and really feeling yourself!

3. Tie up blouses to crop them:

a plus girls guide: 5 ways to rock a crop top | margot meanie

This works right along with the non committal/faux crop as all you have to do is take an existing button up blouse and tie it up under your bust.

It gives you the option to untie if you’re not feeling it. But in all honestly, I always feel pretty damn hot in this look. Especially when it’s one of my sheer blouses. The tie in the front makes me feel retro and sexy!

4. Wear a lace undershirt:

a plus girls guide: 5 ways to rock a crop top | margot meanie

This is a great way to really get comfortable in a crop top as you are showing skin, but you are still covered. And boy -o-boy, it feels good to have lil’ peeks of black lace!

This was definitely one of my go to’s for feeling comfortable and eventually rocking bare skin under my crops. But I do think it still looks really great so I rock it on occasion!

5. Pair high waisted or full bodied skirts:

a plus girls guide: 5 ways to rock a crop top | margot meanie

I found my favourite item to pair a crop with was a high waisted skirt. Particularly a maxi skirt or a full a-line or circle type skirt. In fact,this is one of my staple looks now!

There is something so balancing of a teeny crop top matched with a long or full skirt on the bottom. I think it suits all body types and it just gives that teeny sliver of skin all the way around. But there is something about this combo that makes me feel all powerful!

a plus girls guide: 5 ways to rock a crop top | margot meanie

This right here ^^^ was my very first crop top I bought. I was nervous buying it at a comicon, but I felt this need to get one. I had been experimenting with all of the above faux crops and I was feeling it! And I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd { as, I am sure, you are all abundantly aware of by now! } But it was a one size deal and I wasn’t sure if:

  1. would fit me
  2. would look any good
  3. would I feel comfortable in it

The girl selling them was herself a fantastically stylish and gothy plus size gal. She assured me, she rocked these all the time and that it would fit me. It just so turns out that the girl selling me the crop was none other than Alyssa PandaEyes, one of my fav IG girls to follow now!

Well, I hope these tips will help you try something new this Summer! It’s been just over a year for me now and I cannot believe how it doesn’t even phase me anymore. Confidence is a funny little thing that creeps up on you.

much love!

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outfit | Ravens for Babens

ok, that title was a streeeeetch!! haha…but it goes well with Wednesdays post “crows before bros” where I featured one of my pieces from indie designer, Candy Strike. 

Today I bring you some boho, gothy, monochrome chicness.

margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strike  margot meanie | wearing candy strikemargot meanie | wearing candy strikemargot meanie | wearing candy strike

blazer – c/o Cool Gal Blue | crop – c/o Candy Stike  | bag – c/o Avenue { sold out }

I styled this look two ways. The first with a blazer to show how I would wear this three quarters of the year { Fall, Winter, Spring }. The Second with a vest, which I could wear another three quarters of the year, { Spring, Summer Fall…Hooray for moderate, pacific north west weather! } The vest is also an old staple piece bought long long ago from f21+.

The blazer is from Cool Gal Blue, you can get it in black from my collection or you can get it in White or Coral from Jessica Kane’s collection { I guess I hit the nail on the head with finding that gem, so much so Jessica loved it enough to include it in her collection as well! }

The crop is my second piece gifted from Candy Strike.  I have to say, I was surprised when I opened my package to see and feel the fabric. I had originally thought when we ran the contest on alternativecurves that the fabric would be a cotton blend/jersey type of fabric, but in actuality, it’s spandex! I really like how the fabric sits and the added weight really makes the skater skirt sit well and the top drapes across the bust in a really pleasing way! I do admit, when I saw Elizabeth sent me 2X’s, I was nervous. My chest always bumps me up to 3X’s, but in this case, it fit really well.

The skirt is an older maxi dress I got from forever 21 + well over a year ago. I really like that I can convert it to a skirt by folding the jersey fabric tank top underneath. Though a funny thing is, the more I wear sheer clothing and crop tops and the more comfortable in my body I am, the more I think, hmm, “that inside hemline need to come up a bit to show off more leg“, or “maybe I don’t need to wear an undershirt under this sheer blouse, I can just rock a bra or bandeau“, it’s liberating and refreshing and shows the power of dressing for yourself.

You’ve all seen this hat, as it’s a tried and true staple, also from f21 { seriously, I do get a lot of cheap staples/scores from f21, don’t I?! }. The sunnies are from my Cool Gal collection as well, but they are all sold out.

I also accessorized with my avenue bag, thrifted sandals, some vintage necklaces, metallic tattoo accents under my eyes, a moody lippy blend and earrings by etsy seller peachtreats.

I hope you all have some wonderful weekend plans ahead! My Father in Law is headed out for a fun weekend, including a massive streetfest on Sunday. I’ll make sure to snap and instagram my day on “The Drive” { it’s the popular nickname for my neighbourhood } But before all that, we have a big backyard BBQ planned for this evening that I am about to run off and start prep and set up for!

feel free to add me on snapchat under “margotmeanie

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outfit | crows before bros

I was gifted two amazing pieces from Candy Strike after the launch of her most recent collection. I’ve being wearing them since they arrived, but I had yet to figure how I wanted to present each piece here on the blog.

I mean, I could have just worn the two pieces together as is, but I kinda already shared that on IG last week. What I really wanted to do was show how I will integrate these two pieces into whole new outfits.

Margot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & Avenue

skirt – c/o candystrike | sandals – thrifted | bag & blazer – c/o avenue | necklace – c/o Cool Gal Blue

Today I am opting to show off the nevermore skater skirt. I paired it with my absolutely favourite sleeveless button up blouse. I ordered this online from forever 21 well over a year ago and it is still going strong as one of my most trusty staples.

I also wore this new blazer, which I nabbed in a contest hosted by the lovely Assa of my curves & curls, actually, it was a whole outfit {eeeeeee!!}. She had teamed up with Avenue to announce the addition of Canadian shipping to the site, which is always a welcome announcement. I am pretty stoked on this blazer, it fits over my bust without any weird pulling and it’s not boxy either! FTW!

Part of the win was this KICK ASS bag. Seriously, I’m so excited for it! It’s posh and the quality is really nice. It came with a long strap to wear over your shoulder and has a nice sturdy bottom inside for carrying around my water/straw cup without fear of it toppling over.

Keep your eyes out for me posting my second look on Friday!

Oh and my monthly newsletter should be headed out to your inboxes this Friday as well! Signing up is super cool!

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home style | redecorating my office

I’m guess I’m shaking things up this week! I have plenty of plus size fashion bits for you next week, I promise, but for now I thought I’d let you in on some other things on my mind lately.

I was so inspired to share this as Kelly from shared her mood board for her office recently.  I figured, since this blog is about style, why can’t that extend into my decorating style too? { ooh, she’s posted finished pictures of her office, I swoon! }

We’ve been wanting to redo the office now for the last year. Currently it’s a mess of random storage and some old pieces of furniture we are no longer in love with. I’ve had an idea in my mind of how I’d like it to look and fortunately, my husband just trusts me with it. But I thought it would be a good idea to set up an inspiration board for how I want to execute the design plans.

I have a pinterest board dedicated to various home decors I adore, but nothing specific to just my space.  I also have a board dedicated to weird collectibles and curio cabinets, that I like to draw from. Though some are a bit much for me to have in my own home. {to be honest, I have a pin board for almost everything I’m passionate about or that intrigues me! }

home style | redecorating my office |

So here is my virtual board to keep me on track. We’re hoping to fully realise the room by the end of the summer.

You have seen a small glimpse of my office in some previous outfit shots. The dresser will stay with it’s leg lamp from A Christmas Story along with it’s various bits and bobs already on display.

I want to make the space light but with flashes of metallic glam, hints of decadence and nods to my curio, gothy and nerdy tastes while remaining practical, eclectic and, hopefullychic.

I’m craving plant life, especially succulents. I have a few plants, but I’m hoping to fill the space with hanging baskets and pots in the window sills. I have been wanting a bar cart for sometime, but it won’t realistically serve as our working bar. I had the epiphany the other day to have plants on it and I started searching right away for inspo on google, there are plenty of examples so I started my search of craigslist where I hope to acquire a reasonably priced piece.

I hope to artfully include some nerdy items, so they don’t end up looking cheesy. I made my husband a Death Star globe for x-mas and we have some fun Harry Potter wands and paraphernalia to display from our trip to Orlando two years back, as well as a phrenology bust and a sonic screwdriver he gifted me last year for my birthday.

We plan to do an ikea hack and spray paint the VITTSJÖ shelving unit and desk metallic colours. I haven’t decided if I want them both gold or if I want to mix my metallics. Craigslist is full of old wooden office chairs so that should be easy to acquire soon. I have to keep my eye out for an interesting insect taxidermy piece I can have displayed in a cloche.  I’d love butterflies, but those locusts are quite beautiful as well.

And I have been desperate for a full length mirror for EVER. I’m not sure if I want gold, silver, or even a mirrored framed mirror. All I know is I want it full length and flashy!

The only real items I can link to here is the ram bust and the golden antlers from White Faux Taidermy. I have been lusting after their wares for a long time now.  The reason why we want a ram with golden horns is to be sneaky and slip in a St. Louis Rams reference without a tacky team item.  { we actually want the one with bigger horns, but there was only an image of the other ram with gold horns. They offer customization of all their pieces! Oh, and they have a unicorn! I kinda really want that as well, we just don’t have room… at least not in the office. }

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The Body Politik | waxing for EVERY body

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am bringing you something a little different.  No ootd, no shopping wishlist, no plus size news.  Instead, I am going to introduce you to my friend Carmen Perez.

Carmen owner of The Body Politik a body positive wax bar in Vancouver BC

I’ve known Carmen for almost a decade now, we met whilst working at a party rental & supply store  { oh the stories we have! } and we’ve been friends ever since. In fact, she stood at my wedding almost five years ago! She’s a feisty, take no bullshit kind of lass with a sailor mouth and a rye sense of humour that I just adore. On top of being all around awesome, she is also a brand new business owner!

After going to school for make up and esthetics she’s bopped around Vancouver working at different spas and salons getting a feel for the industry and finding her favourite aspects of the job.  After leaving her last job for a new opportunity she realised she didn’t feel 100% comfortable with the contract offered and found herself in a bind. After a little soul searching she decided to take the plunge and go into business for herself, but with a twist!

Since she has been around the industry, she’s seen things she likes and others that made her cringe. So she came to the conclusion to open The Body Politik, “waxing for EVERY body”, a body positive wax bar.  { Hooray for body positivity making it to more businesses!!! }But, you may ask, what does that means exactly, so I asked her to spare some time in her hectic, opening a brand new business schedule to answer some questions I had.

The Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BC


Margot: What prompted you to go into business for yourself but with a body positive platform?

Carmen: There’s a lot of chatting that goes on during a waxing appointment; sometimes it’s because of nerves, other times it’s just banter with a regular. One thing that’s always stood out for me is that people consistently apologize to me for their bodies the first time I see them. Women, no matter their age and whether a size 2 or 24 will bring my attention to the perceived imperfections of their bellies, their thighs, pointing out surgical scars and cellulite. I’ve had clients tell me about being charged more for their Brazilian wax because, according to their Esthetician, they’re bigger, so they need to pay more. Essentially a fat tax, which, let’s face it, is bullshit on a lot of levels. The kicker for me though was reading a Yelp review about one esthetician at a very well-known Vancouver wax bar who was busted by said Yelper for making some judgmental and ultimately degrading comments about her clients on Facebook. The woman who wrote the review was quite rightfully angry and upset and it just made me feel sick to read. I was shocked. It can already be daunting to undress and be vulnerable for a stranger, never mind having to worry about having your private parts discussed on social media! I just thought, you know, I would never want anyone seeing me to feel like that was even a possibility.

M: What does “waxing for EVERY body” mean to you?

C: Big bodies, little bodies, cis bodies, trans bodies, battle scarred or airbrush perfect: Every body is beautiful. Every body is deserving of care.

The Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BCThe Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BC

{ photos courtesy of Allison White }

M: Do you have any words to put people at ease that are curious to try these kinds of services but feel intimated or embarrassed?

C: First and foremost I try to make sure my client knows exactly what we’re going to be doing so there’s no surprises. I’ll explain the process and answer any questions they have. But I think other than being concerned about pain level, most people are just shy about having a stranger all up in their business! I just let them know that I totally get why they’re nervous or shy (and I do, I had a first time too!) but that I’m not here to judge them. Bodies are just bodies, I look at them all day, I have one of my own, and I don’t think they’re anything to be embarrassed over. I’m just here to wax you, not to shame you!

M: What tips would you give to someone going to get waxed for the first time? { like, what should they expect and what should they do to prep? }

C: No lotions or creams beforehand as they make it difficult for the wax to grip the hair which can result in broken and missed hairs. Plan on staying out of the pool, hot tub, or ocean for the next 24-48 hours – salt water will sting like the dickens, and you don’t want to expose freshly waxed skin to the bacteria in pools and hot tubs.

As for pain? Yes, it will hurt a little but the more you tense and hold your breath the worse it will be, so breathe and try to relax your body. It’s definitely much better than you think it will be, but if you’re really concerned about pain you can take some Advil about 40 minutes before your appointment. Of course using hard wax is also an option for those with super sensitive skin.

M: What is your favourite part of your job?

C: It’s all about the power of transformation for me. I feel like people really like to poopoo the perceived superficiality of the beauty industry, and there is a lot about it that’s silly, but there is an undeniable link between looking good and feeling good; just ask anyone who has had to deal with cystic acne, or lost their hair to chemo. Looking good definitely isn’t everything, but it is something. I just feel really lucky to be able to help people with that.

I’m glad that body positivity is coming into it’s own and there are smart business owners jumping on board and making it a part of their platform, especially seeing businesses outside of plus size clothing. It makes you question why more companies aren’t pushing to make people feel comfortable. There are few things worse than going to treat yourself with a bit of self care and being made to feel terrible for any reason but especially being body shamed in any way.

I think one of the things she said that resonates the most, is “all bodies are deserving of care” and that is a wonderful platform to be standing on.

I’m so proud of my friend, and I am wishing her all the success in the world, which I am sure she shall achieve, as she is talented and tenacious!

Let me know, have you been waxed before? what was your experience? Do you think more businesses, especially body care businesses should be body positive?

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