{ coveting } black & white

{ covet } black & white alternative plus size shopping guide

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{ outfit } young girls, they do get weary

Canadian alternative plus size blogger, MArgot Meanie in Missguided, Addition Elle & f21+

I posted on facebook about how much I adore the 80’s movie Pretty in Pink and how much it has { and continues to } influenced my personal style.

I like to think there is no single character that speaks to my style senses more than any other and though I thoroughly enjoy everyone’s style so very much I just can’t help but fall head over heels for Duckie, his style { and character } is my fav.

I was extremely fortunate to win a gift certificate from The Curvy Fashionista’s 6 year anniversary giveaway month, back in December.  She had so many giveaways that month, it was amazing, she spoiled everyone rotten.  I was lucky to snap up one of six gc’s to Missguided.

I had a hard time choosing what to spend my winnings on, especially with their lovely new plus size range, but I settled on only one item from the plus range, as these shoes won my heart instantly.

The love I have for these shoes…they are just so killer cool, with their patent leather shininess, pointed toe, gold buckles and subtle platform….I just knew Duckie would approve!

Canadian alternative plus size blogger, MArgot Meanie in Missguided, Addition Elle & f21+

Canadian alternative plus size blogger, MArgot Meanie in Missguided, Addition Elle & f21+{  jacket – Missguided | shoes – Missguided | jeans – f21+, sold out | sweater – Addition Elle, sold out }

My second item was this really cute cropped tartan jacket.  I ordered it in a size up as I wanted to be able to layer with it, and I’ve happy I did.  Though with sizing up, it’s not as cropped as I hoped it would be.  But, happily, I am able to do some tailoring myself and plan on taking about 2-2.5″ off the bottom so it hits where I want it to.

I’m also rocking some older jeans I picked up from f21 maybe last year or the year before.  I wasn’t getting a lot of wear out of them recently, but then I decided to rip out the knees and I can’t stop wearing them now!

And lastly, this sweater is my boyfriend sweater that I won from PS it’s Fashions give away from a few months back, I already featured it here.  I just love this sweater and I don’t know how this escaped my notice, as I  have been wearing it constantly since it has arrived, but while sitting in the pub with my sister in law one afternoon, about a week ago maybe, I realised it has elbow patches!!

I ♥ elbow patches.

They are the same material and not contrasted, so I guess that’s why I hadn’t noticed before, but boy, did I feel like a dunce!

What are some of your biggest style influences?  Does it come from movies, music, magazines, bloggers?  Let me know as I would love to see!


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{ outfit }  young girls, they do get weary // appeared first on margotmeanie.com

oh and here’s a little Duckie and the reason for the blog title….




{ coveting } edgy accessories

I am 100% a total day dreamer.

I find I can easily drift away into thought, meanwhile my body is left looking like it’s staring at a fly on the wall.

My day dreams are vast, entertaining and often { and surprisingly to a few } productive.  

I know it seems like day dreaming should be the opposite of productive, but I read somewhere that if you follow your mind to where it drifts then you will find where your passions lay.  And you know where my passions lay?


Seriously, I spend a absurd amount of time planning outfits for the  next day/blog post/event or dream outfits I wish I had or clothes I wish to design.  I think about clothing, adornments, make up & style an astoundingly, silly amount.

Which, happily leads to posts like this

Today I am sharing some edge that I wish I could get my paws on, if only I currently had a disposable income and shopping budget.  Some day, when freelance/blogging starts paying the big bucks { or any bucks actually }, I am going to have one killer closet!!

currently coveting // edgy accessories // margotmeanie.com

I think these are all excellent pieces to mix & match for some fiercely edgy looks. I could easily make three or four outfits with these pieces and maybe a loose fitting sheer black tunic and I think it would look original each time!

Now I just need to learn how to draft some patterns and make that tunic, eh?

What do you day dream about??

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{ coveting }  edgy accessories // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


back to black

With Valentines fast approaching it’s awfully hard to not want to rock a romantic outfit.

Although I don’t celebrate the day in the normal sense, that doesn’t mean I still can’t sport a lacy frock if I want to!

margot meanie // plus size, alternative stylemargot meanie // plus size, alternative style

I picked up this dress from f21 while I was in Las Vegas last winter.  It’s kind of a perfect date night or party dress with it’s tulle skirt and lacy bodice.  I’ve seen them bring it back twice now, once in a beautiful shade of oxblood, so I’d keep an eye out for it as you never know, it may make yet another return and I highly recommend it.

For once, the fit is dead on.  No squished boobs, no hugely gaping armholes, no waistband coming across the bust line because there is not adequate fabric to cover the ladies!  It was definitely a a glorious moment being able to try something on in store and know it was coming home with me!

margot meanie // plus size, alternative style

dress – f21+ last winter, earrings – Betsey Johnson, Hat – f21,  jacket – New Look via ASOS

So I did something tricky here and added a “strap” to my clutch by putting a beaded necklace under the flap! I thought I was being pretty clever!

You can also see, the black hair is gone.  This is a brief stop over in the land of auburn, I’ll give it a month and then I’ll be hitting the bleach bottle up again in an attempt to get it light enough to attempt grey, but I need to get all traces of red out to realise that dream first!

I’ve gone around online and found some similar styles & some personal favs of romantic little black dresses for you to shop at your own leisure, as little black dresses always come in handy, regardless of the date…

little black dresses in plus sizes // margotmeanie.com

top row:

second row:

third row:

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back to black // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


this weeks song title was Amy Winehouse, as you can see my black hair is gone, but not my love for black..







“pal”entine’s : a gift guide for your pals

Do you watch Parks & Rec?

We just started in the Fall and we binged all the way to the new season, which is sadly the last season.  Bummer town!

Anyway, back on track.  If you do watch P & R then you are aware of Leslie Knopes “Galentines” where she celebrates all the ladies in her life.  It’s such a sweet idea, I’m totally down. I have a tight group of pals, so it’s not just about the gals for me.

"pal"entines: a gift guide for your pals

This would pretty much be an ideal “pal’entines for me!  What about you, what would you change or add?

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candy hearts: a gift guide for valentines day

Ok, I’m not an ogre!!

I know I kicked off my Valentines Gift Guides with an anti-Valentines theme.  I slagged the “over the top, cutesy, pink holiday” and really, it may make it seem like I hate the holiday, but really { I swear! }, I don’t hate it at all,  I just choose not to celebrate it. { hey, everyday is Valentines in the Meanie household! }

There are many aspects of the holiday that really are cute.  I mean, how can you hate candy hearts, lip print everything and little paper Valentines being handed out?! It’s pretty darn near impossible to hate on a holiday that is devoted to all things lovie dovie.

So in atonement, I offer up some sickly sweets treats for your sweety { or yourself! } in today’s second part of my Valentines Day Gift Guide series…

candy hearts a gift guide for valentines // margotmeanie.com

{ click image to enlarge }


Well, pretty darn cute, eh?!!

If you missed it, you can catch the 1st Valentines Day gift guide here, and be sure to check out my other gift guides as they are excellent resources as well, especially if you don’t want to stick to all things hearts & love!

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black hearts: a gift guide for anti valentines

Valentines day is not every gal’s cuppa tea, and I happen to be one of those gals.

I would never want to deny other V Day lovers out there and will always encourage outward displays of affection and love {hey, I’m not adverse to warm fuzzies!}.  Generally, when I walk down aisles crammed full of every conceivable product and candy packaged in pink or red and variants of hearts, roses and stuffed animals, it kinda makes me gag and maybe giggle a bit at the absurdity of some of the trinkets that are given to express ones undying affection.

So, I have decided to make a few Gift Guides to navigate this time of year.  Even though I’m not a patron of St Valentines Day myself, I would never naysay a well thought out gift.

To kick off this three part series, I’m starting with The Black Hearts gift guide, for the gals that are perhaps a little anti valentines, jaded or just enjoy the darker things…

The Black Hearts a gift guide // margotmeanie.com

{click image to enlarge}

So there you have it, some quirky, if not morbid & a wee bit humorous ways you can gift your gal pal or person of loooove interest.


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