first time tattoo advice

It’s been quite a long while since I have posted about tattoos on here.  But recently I have had a slew of tattoo related questions in my inbox!

I just have to say, I’m so happy so many people have found solid and sound advice here.  I know entering the realm of the tattooed can be intimidating at first.  I remember I was nervous before my first tattoo!

After many tattoos and friends made and years worked in a shop, you come to learn a lot.  Mostly that tattooers, piercers and the anyone running the desk are generally total nerds and genuinely lovely people. But also, that they are there to not only make beautiful art, but also to help you get the best tattoo possible for you.

I was recently asked by a reader fast approaching her 18th birthday about getting her first tattoo. She has been swooning over the work done by Russian artist, Sasha Unisex.  

sashaunisex on Instagram

She had read my article { Don’t be a Tattoo Copy Cat! } and I’m glad she took the advice to heart.

She loves the unusual, new and unique style of Sasha Unisex, but does not want to have an artist imitate her work.  She was curious if I had any recommendations on local artists for her in Texas that may specialize in a similar style and any other advice I had for a tattoo virgin.

Here is what I shared with her, though I have expanded on this a bit since I exchanged emails with her, but I thought I should share it with you all:

Dear D,

Since you have found a style that really appeals to you, and you are not in an uber rush to get tattooed I recommend taking your time.  I know the excitement of being legal to claim your body and mark it how you chose is almost overwhelming.  But I recommend waiting and continue researching.

You will always end up with a far better tattoo in the long run.

I know so many people, myself included, that rushed to get something done and ended up regretting it.  I have done an extensive {and expensive} cover up on my first tattoo while others may still have them, but use them as reminders of when they didn’t know any better.   I don’t say this to discourage you from getting tattooed, just as a reminder, we all make mistakes.  I just think using patience and caution is always the wiser route when planning on a permanent decision.

As for finding an art style you love and an artist that appeals to you, fear not!  Texas has many talented artists and I hope you are if you ware willing to travel a wee bit to get a rad tattoo {for something that will be on you permanently, why wouldn’t you?}  I do not have a recommendation off the top of my head, but I know, with more research, you will find someone who knocks your socks off!!

I recommend checking out websites like and, also finding prominent tattooers on instagram is helpful.  Look at who those artists are following as well. It can be kind of a rabbit hole, but I promise it is a rewarding one!  You will be exposed to soooo many great artists & styles.

Thinks & Ink magazineThinks & Ink magazine

The other thing to keep in mind is that tattooers travel. Which means they do conventions and guest spots all over the world.  Texas {or a neighbouring area} may not be that unlikely for someone like Sasha Unisex, or another artist who appeals to you,  to come visit for either possibility.  And never completely cross off travelling to get tattooed yourself.  Talk about a journey and a story to attach to your art!Just take your time, keep looking around and be patient.  Go into shops and talk to them ask them questions, listen to what they have to say, they are professionals.

Look at their portfolios, look up reviews online, ask friends or get online to forums and websites.

Sadly, not all shops and artists are keeping your best interests in mind, but the good news is, this is not common, just something to be mentioned.  Never let an artist convince you to go with them if you are not head over heels in love with what they have put out.  Trust your gut.   If you are looking for a particular style and they don’t have it in their books, then they are not the artist for you.

This, conversely, can be said about finding an artist that you do like and are head over heels in love with, don’t ask them to do something they have never done or are not comfortable with doing or is not displayed in their portfolio.

You will definitely end up with a better piece that will keep you happy for a long time!

Additional advice when getting your first tattoo:
  • eat at least an hour before your appointment!! and do not drink the night before!
  • also, avoid taking any pain meds before your appointment that are blood thinners. Tylenol s ok!
  • Avoid what is called “prime real estate” places like your upper bicep/shoulder are prime places for larger work when you get older and if you decide to get more tattoos, working around something pre-existing not only compromises the new art you want, but also makes it more difficult for an artist to work around.
  • A really great rule to keep in mind is, small tattoo, small body part.   Small tattoos in larger body parts can look lost and floating, like someone stamped you or placed a sticker on you.
  • wear clothes that make it easy to access to area you want tattooed. {ex, getting your thigh tattooed, where a skirt.  Getting your ribs tattooed, wear a cheap bikini top so they can tape the garment to you if they need more access. And If it is an area where you need to strip down a bit to get tattooed, wear something comfortable and easy to get back on after the tattooing is done for the day!}
I was trying to brainstorm someone in your area, but really, that research journey should be yours, as you will find so many great styles and open yourself up to so many ideas and find oodles of talented artists!
I also recommend checking out these instagram pages:
They all feature quality artists. And make sure to check out each artist that appeals to you and look at who they are following and where they are located.
Happy hunting and good luck! <3


Do you have a tattoo related question? Then fire me an email!!

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// leader of the pack //


The weather has been brisk, but absolutely lovely here in East Vancouver! So I took advantage of a walk around the hood with Mister Meanie to go vote and to also grab some shots for this months #alternativecurves blog hop theme, which is “leader of the pack”…I just can’t help it, every time I hear that or say it in my mind, I automatically hear “VroomVroom!” immediately!



leader of the pack // canadian plus size fashion blogger Margot Meanie

leader of the pack // canadian plus size fashionn blogger Margot Meanie


I could sub name this post, “stuff from Forver21″ as well, since the jacket, pants, gold chain headband and heart shaped bamboo earrings are all from there! Sadly, none of the items are current finds, so I don’t have any direct links for you.  But I have some similar items linked below!

I just have to say, these are my favourite jeans I own.  Not only are they a solid black skinny jeans, which can be tricky to find as so often they are distressed or a black wash, but they are flocked with polka dots!! So cute!

I bought this bomber jacket on impulse when I was down in Las Vegas last December, it was only $30, it come with a detachable hood as well.  I like that this jacket is a cross between a varsity and a bomber, which are both on trend right now!  So it was definitely a good purchase.  I just have to say what a treat it is when I go down to Las Vegas to actually go shopping in a store, whit items my size that I can actually touch and try on.  It’s a shame I have to travel abroad to go into a store to shop.

I felt like gold was the right accessory for this look.  I always have such luck with finding tons of cheap jewelry and accessories at Forever21!  I also recommend checking out urbanog for fun, affordable accessories as well!

My top is a body suit I swiped from my mom’s closet.  It’s straight up from the 90′s!  And my purse was a recent thrift shop find, I removed a big clunky gold thing and some completely obtrusive fringe thingies from it soon as I got it in my house!

Here are my links for similar items to what I am wearing in this look!

Oi, this is a blog hop so please go check out the fabulous things my fellow #alternativecurve babes are up to!

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#untamedstyle // cozy

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"


The weather has been getting chilly.  I am by no means complaining as it’s still quite calm and resembles Fall outside my window.  Meanwhile other areas of Canada are complaining of bitter cold and snow.

So the months #untamedstyle theme was completely in step with how I’ve been feeling, which is cozy.

Cozy to me is blankets and hot beverages, over sized sweaters, tights, fuzzy socks and fuzzy friends to snug with.

My tights are from forever21+, they always have them so cheap there, though I do admit to usually having to patch the upper inseam at least once per pair. The sweater is from a friend, but the brand is Iron Fist, I love those guys, I wore a pair of their shoes for my wedding!

my fellow #untamedstyle conspirators:

aarti curves become her michelle zaftig times vanessa sweetleigh zadry curves a la mode


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science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by Domino Dollhouse

science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouseI swoon!

That is how I felt once I got a peek of the new { Science/Visions } winter 2014 Domino Dollhouse lookbook!  The collection is dramatic, clean, modern, dark & intriguing.  Definitely after my heart!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces and editorial photos: {all images courtesy of Domino Dollhouse, click the image to enlarge}

science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse

science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse  science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse
science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse

websvsite22science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse


science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse

science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse

science/visions winter 2014 lookbook by domino dollhouse


From Domino Dollhouse:

For our Winter 2014 collection, we wanted to focus on 2 things: fashion and wearability. Inspired by movies like
Bladerunner and Tron, we wanted to offer something the plus size community had never seen before. For our
Science/Visions collection, we are offering a taste of everyday luxury in a way that is anything but basic. We
focused on luscious, soft stretch jerseys and added edge-y accents, such as faux stretch suede and perforated
pleather. These pieces are perfect for everyday wear…the ultimate in cool comfort. This entire collection was
Made in the USA by a plus size woman-owned factory and the quality is superb. The Science/Visions pieces are
available in sizes 1X-4X and range from $35-140. The collection will be launched on 11.14.14.

What do you guys think??  I absolutely adore the palette and the textures look lux and edgy!  I’d love to get my hands on a few pieces, specifically the moon leggings, that silky looking purpley grey crop tee, the geometric print maxi set and that jacket with the perforated faux leather!

As I said… I swoon! 

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currently coveting // platforms

currently coveting // platforms from urbanOG // on


I am AAALLLLL about big chunky, platforms right meow.

These are all from, they have fast become my go to for cheap shoe shopping!

I know a few of these are similar, but they are just different enough that I NEED them all in my life!  If anyone wants to be a doll and buy me a pair..or all of them, I’m a size 8/8.5  {….I kid…or do I? I’m not even sure! But I would love you forever!}

Platforms give height but are not always painfully high, due to the platform creating less of an incline.  I adore the wood & rivets or the mixing up of textures, like leather look with floral or faux suede, disco gold with a layer wood heel, and I drool over all the buckles and straps!


listed top to bottom & left to right:


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// sweater weather //

sweater weather // alternative plus size fashion // margot meanie

Hello! How are you doing?

I’ve been awful sluggish lately.  The rain has been getting me down a bit as of late.  I also had a massive fail with getting proper photos of my Hallowe’en costume and only got one photo.

Add a wee bit of a Hallowe’en hangover, both a literal hangover on the Saturday a mental hangover of just being sad my favourite time of year has come and gone, has all lead to Miss Meanie being in a bummer mood.

“blerg” has been my overall feeling.  But I’m going to try and kick that in the pants.

Friday ended up being a really lovely Autumn day so I ventured out with a friend to go thrifting.

Holy Moly, did I have luck!

I went in with a strict budget and in order to stick to it, which I did, I had to put SO much back. It killed me a little bit as there was some amazing stuff.  But I was still really pleased with what I brought home.

One of the items being a vintage fur collar, {fur is a tricky thing, as I will wear it, but only second hand.  I’m not really sure if that makes it any better but I like to think at least I am enjoying it rather than it going into the garbage as waste} I also got a really amazing macrame black scarf with 3D pink roses and the mustard satchel you see in these photos! {though I removed the big gold knocker embellishment once I got in the house}

sweater weather // alternative plus size fashion // margot meanie

I tried downloading a new app on my ipad mini {which I use to take 99% of my outfit photos}.  I’m constantly running back and forth setting the timer.  It’s a pain and makes getting photos take much more time than it should.  I often fancy on getting a remote, but then I think if I’m going to invest in a remote, wouldn’t I want to invest on a remote for an awesome camera?! {which is always on my list of big items I will purchase if I ever encounter a windfall}

The app name is called “Wave Cam” and it costs $0.99.  It’s a pretty good concept for an app, as you just have to trigger the camera countdown by waving or creating motion in the upper corner where there is a hand icon.  It has some really cheesy sound effects including a “photographer” giving you instruction, which is honestly pretty amusing, like  “how about you give me your nerd face”… seriously, it says that!

I found using the app really easy and was stoked to see the photos once done.

The bummer aspect is that it uses the front camera which is not as high quality.  And for whatever reason, I find that using apps to control my camera, the quality is even lower.   Before the iso 8 update had introduced the timer I had another downloaded app that gave me a countdown, but the quality was always lower, even with using the proper camera.  *sigh*

So, I’m not super pleased with these photos.  They are grainy and lack detail.  Blerg.

sweater weather // alternative plus size fashion // margot meanie

Anyways, on to outfit details!

I was really happy with this outfit, it was dark and Autumnal but was not lacking colour.  I liked combining the green, burgundy and mustard tones with a black backbone and a freakin dark purple lip. which is just my favourite thing ever right now!

This gorgeous teal green crop sweater was gifted from  a friend.  Sadly, I do not know the label.  I am also wearing a black bodycon dress from Old Navy underneath, I  hike it up with the use of a belt as I like my skirts short short! The purse was a freshly purchased thrifting find for just $6!  My burgundy gloves are vintage and my necklace is a raw chunk of amber which also echoed the mustard of the purse.

The tights are kind of a hack.  When the two toned tights started coming in last year, where they look like stay ups under nylons, I fell in love.  I ordered a pair of suspender stockings from ASOS and wore them immediately, sadly, they also developed a run immediately in the thinner part on the thighs.  I was so sad, I still wore them a few more times, but the chub rub became excruciating.  So I cut the opaque part off and turned them into tall socks, but they wouldn’t stay up alone, so I figured, recreate the look I loved by wearing the tall socks underneath a pair of semi sheer tights and voila!  The same look and no runs!  I did have problems keeping the sock part up on my thigh, they wanted to rest just below my knees, but I figure sock glue of body tape will fix that next time I rock this look!

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Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

 alternative plus size blogger Margot Meanie dressed as Beetlejuice //

This week  the lovely Anna Lienhop asked Kobi and I to do a questionnaire about #alternativecurves.  She had also asked if we could do some sort of photo collaboration.  Kobi and I batted ideas around until the idea of Beetlejuice and Lydia came up!

I happily answered her questions, though I may have rambled on and on a wee bit. And now the photos are sitting on my computer and I’m DYING to share them with you!

 alternative plus size blogger Margot Meanie dressed as Beetlejuice //

 alternative plus size blogger Margot Meanie dressed as Beetlejuice //

 alternative plus size blogger Margot Meanie dressed as Beetlejuice //

alternative plus size blogger Margot Meanie dressed as Beetlejuice

alternative plus size blogger Margot Meanie dressed as Beetlejuice

My striped skinnies and sheer black & white blouse are both from Forever21+, the vest is from Reitmans plus aaaages ago, and the shoes are thrifted.

I kind of wish I had thought of Beetlejuice before I dyed my hair black, as I think it would have been more effective. The dark hair looks more like a Beetlejuice/Lydia hybrid, but I’m okay with that!

Who’s getting excited for Hallowe’en?? what are you gonna be?

I’m keeping my costume a secret for now, or at least it\s a secret from social media.  I’ve convinced my friend to come over on Thursday to take professional shots of my costume! EEEEEPS!

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