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Plus Collective

Welcome to the Plus Collective!

The Plus Collective is a collaborative Pinterest board and Instagram account created by Natalie Hage, of Natliemeansnice, Katana Fatale and myself, Margot Meanie. We decided we wanted to have a space that we could share our love of pinterest and plus size fashion, plus size lifestyle tips, our favourite make up and beauty hacks as well as body positivity and the best places to buy our favourite items. Basically, a place to share our combined plus experience and our individual aesthetic!

It’s not revolutionary, just some fat, long distance gal pals that wanted to share our knowledge and have fun with a few of our favourite topics and passions. Each of us hails from a different point on the globe and we each have unique style, which gives us each something to add to the mix!

the Plus Collective by Nataliemeansnice, Margot Meanie and Katana Fatale


The Plus Collective is all about fun, sharing ideas and making more spaces available for plus size and fat bodies to celebrate style, diversity and different points of view. We also really wanted to make sure what we post is accessible, so when it comes to our fashion posts, we’ll be trying our darnest to make sure all the clothing options are shoppable right that second!

It was really important for us to join forces in an approachable, easy to follow way and we figured, why not utilize the platforms and apps we’re always spending time on? We’d be super honoured if you were to join us on Pinterest or Instagram!

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