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Plus Size Lingerie Shopping Guide

March 5, 2019

I think lingerie gets a weird rap, I’m not gonna say bad rap, but I think we twist it into thinking lingerie is only for our partners. What if we flipped it and used it instead as a tool to celebrate ourselves, to make ourselves feel sexy and worthy of feeling sexy? I think acquiring plus size lingerie that speaks to your inner saucy self is one of…


Goth Guide | Gift Ideas for Goths

December 12, 2018
gifts for goths

One of my absolute favourite things about the holidays is putting together my Gift Guides! As a lifetime weirdo, I know how special it is to receive a gift that actually reflects me and my interests, it makes me feel seen and loved as I am. So each year I build new guides to help steer our loved ones in the right directions to delight our hearts, or,…


Strange and Unusual

October 12, 2018

Y’all, I did a thing with my hair, and by, *I* did a thing, I enlisted my friend to help me out of the mess I created with my hair. I got home from my epic hair fix to see I received a package from my good ghoulfriend, Tracy of Witching Hour Baby. The Witching Hour Baby is a kids line { her tag line is precious “for…


Hello Fall! Has is really been 5 years already?

September 25, 2018
modern Plus Size Fashion | Margot Meanie

This time of year is always brimming with activity and events, but probably the biggest next to the Fall Equinox is that it’s my blog’s birthday!! That’s right, it’s been FIVE WHOLE YEARS of me doing my thing on the internet with y’all. I’ve learned so very much, I’ve challenged myself in ways I never expected, I’ve made life changing friendships, and all because I decided to do…


Something About Septembers

September 7, 2018

There’s something about Septembers that I absolutely love. Kids walking to school in the morning, back to school stationary supplies are on sale and cuter by the year, leaves starting to change colours and begin to drop and crunch on the ground, the air cools at night, but it’s warm during the day, cooking becomes less of a hassle, and planning outfits become a heck of a lot…