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This site is my passion as well as my full time job!

Which means, from time to time I will feature sponsored posts, sidebar and banner ads as well as affiliate links and product reviews. Let me explain how each one works!

Sponsored Posts:

A sponsored post is when a brand approaches me with a product or service, often for me to try out and review but not always. They are looking to highlight their product in a dedicated post where I am compensated for featuring their brand, product or service. I only accept these sponsored posts if I truly like, believe in, and can stand behind the product or service 100%. Believe me when I say, I only accept things I think are awesome and that you will too! I wall ALWAYS let you now when a post is sponsored.

Affiliate Links:

My site does utilize affiliate links. Affiliate links place a cookie on a readers computer for 30 days. If you follow a link and make a purchase within that 30 day time frame, I will be compensated a small amount from a third party. It does not affect your purchase whatsoever, there is no additional cost to you, ever! Think of it like a tip jar, but instead of you tipping, the brands are tipping me in your place, but you still get the good karma for clicking my link!

Side Bar Ads & Banners:

These are fairly straight forward. Sometimes a brand will want to rent out a small piece of real estate on my blog. I have a dedicated space on my sidebar or occasionally banners, usually placed at the footer of a post, where I host ads. Just like my sponsored posts, I only accept ads from brands and companies I dig and believe are useful and can serve some purpose to my rad readers and visitors!

Product or Service Review:

Sometimes a brand will reach out to me in hopes of a simple review and they will gift me some items. If it is an item of clothing integrated into an outfit, I will mark the item in my description “c/o” to indicate “care of” from that brand. Not all gifted items I receive make it to the blog, I only feature the ones I love to bits.

I use these tools to help maintain this site and allow me to continue bringing you quality content. As I said, this blog is my passion, I love helping bring accessible plus size clothing options to rad babes!

I always indicate if a blog post is sponsored or if affiliate links are utilized at the bottom of a post like this:

* Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have been gifted these items and compensated to feature them. The review is my own and is 100% truthful. I stand behind the fact that I do really, really do use these products! I will never host a sponsored post that I do not wholeheartedly want/love/support/utilize. 

***This post contains affiliate links, actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for which never add to your cost if you choose to make a purchase but make it possible for me to maintain this site and chase my dream job.  ♥

TLDR; I’m Margot Meanie and this little blog here is my full time job! I write and source out helpful products and brands that will make being a plus size babe a little easier. Sometimes I get compensated to write about or feature a brand and sometimes I use affiliate links to make tiny commissions off of purchases you may make if you click a link from within my site, at no extra cost to you ever. I only agree to feature things I think are awesome and useful! I will never accept anything I cannot stand behind 100%. I make it clear to brands that when I am giving my opinion, I will ALWAYS be truthful, otherwise, what is the point?

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