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SIMPLY THE BEST | Gifts For Schitt’s Creek Fans

December 3, 2019
Simpy The Best Schitt's Creek Gift Guide |

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We’re fast approaching the 6th and final season of Schitt’s Creek, which is both heartbreaking and heartwarming that they get to tell their story on their terms, but sad we don’t get to continue enjoying Moira’s outrageous outfits and accent, David’s growth and love with Patrick, Stevie and Johnny’s budding partnership, and of course A Little Bit Alexis. Even though the series is ending the fan base is rabid and thanks to Netflix, we can re-binge it over and over again, which we do…a LOT! So I thought I’d put together a gift guide for Schitt’s Creek Fans so they’re properly ready to celebrate the final season while supporting fellow fans that have shops on Etsy!

This post is featuring fans that have Etsy shops, which I love being able to feature such quality items that you know have so much love poured into them! The only “Ew, David’s” you should be getting will be happy impersonations as we squeal with delight over these thoughtful gifts made by true fans for true fans!

A Gift Guide For Schitt’s Creek Fans

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards Doormat

Simpy The Best Schitt's Creek Gift Guide |

Elect Moira Rose Pin

Simpy The Best Schitt's Creek Gift Guide |

Ew David Pencils

Ew David Ugly Sweatshirt (your choice of colour/sizes S to 5X)

 Simpy The Best Schitt's Creek Gift Guide |

Rose Apothecary Mug

Rosebud Hotel Mug

Rosebud Hotel Tee (choice of colour/sizes S – 3X)

Simpy The Best Schitt's Creek Gift Guide |

Schitt’s Creek Candle Gift Set (sold individually as well)

Schitt’s Creek Colouring Book

Schitt’s Creek Motel Enamel Pin

Rose Family Candle Set

Schitt’s Creek Vinyl Decal Set (also sold individually)

Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine Tote

Rosebud Motel Keychain

Did you know you can shop my Etsy Faves? You can find it here or you can always find it linked on my LINKS page!
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I’ll have more Gift Guides featured soon, in the meantime you can check out past entries as some items are still listed!

What magical items are you hoping for this Yule season?

Best wishes, warmest regards


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