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The BEST Plus Size Sweater From Amazon!

November 23, 2019
The Very Best Plus Size Amazon Sweater |

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I get a lot of questions about my Amazon purchases and Amazon page. I just started shopping for clothes on amazon just 2 years ago and started with some handsome duds, but as time has progressed I’ve really been able to find the diamonds in the rough and I love being able to share them with you now! I’d like to start a series of my favourite finds off of Amazon so we’ll start here with one of my best finds was this plus size sweater from Amazon!

This is the Dearlove Oversized Open Front Cable Knit Sweater, the listing only goes up to XXL but do not let that deceive you! This sweater runs large and I think the XXL could easily be listed as a 3/4X. I now own it in three different colours so I feel I can report back honestly about the quality and fit.

Margot Meanie poses in plus size outfit featuring a yellow sweater and black outfitMargot Meanie poses in plus size outfit featuring a green sweater and black ripped overallsMargot Meanie poses in plus size outfit featuring a black sweater and star print dress

Dearlove Plus Size Sweater in multiple colours | metallic star print dress

I have found that each colour and perhaps each sweater is made with different yarn meaning the texture and fit varies slightly. The yellow one I own is the largest and loosest knit of the bunch, though it’s not that the knit is loose so much as the yarn seems to have a looser bounce than my black or green one. But even with those variations that doesn’t take away t’s status as the very best plus size sweater from Amazon!

Margot Meanie Poses holding her ipad mini in handA girl poses in snow

All three are thick and soft. I fully admit that as I’m typing this I am wearing one on my body normally and one draped across my lap as a blanket { it’s winter in Montreal and I have West Coast Veins y’all, I’m COLD! LOL but not cold under all this sweater } I have found they pill a bit, but I’ve never own a sweater that didn’t pill in my life, so I just invest in one of these and I’m good to go. Also shaving the pills is a super satisfying task.

Margot Meanie sits under a tree reading a bookMargot Meanie poses in a doorway

But wait, there’s more!

I’ve vowed to try more plus size Amazon fashion, especially sweaters this year because ONE: It’s winter in Montreal and I want a stockpile of them and TWO: I want to see how many more diamonds from Amazon I can find! So far I’ve also encountered this gem:

This is the Yskkt Color Block Pullover Sweater. The posting has the neck on this as loose enough to hang off your shoulder, that’s not entirely accurate, it also shows a looser knit, but I adore this sweater. It’s a fantastic thickness and the fit is great! I’m wearing the 5X in this, so it is definitely Chinese sizing, I normally wear a US22/3X in most garments if you’re wanting to compare if it will fit you how you hope!


This ~sneaky plus~ lightning bolt sweater is only listed up to an XL but 100% fits loose and soft as a 3X. It also comes in the reverse colour way, both of which would make David Rose proud! It’s a light open stitch so perfect for transition weather, but you will have to wear a cami, bralette, tank or tee underneath.

This slouchy crop sweater had me worried when I saw it arrive fresh out of the package. I’ve been experimenting with ordering straight size sweaters off Amazon all winter and this one was looking like my first bust, it just looked so SMOL until I put it on that it! It’s a perfect chunky knit that’s soft and warm. It looks fabulous with a high waisted paint while sliding off one shoulder. It comes in right at the waist for more definition which is something most sweaters don’t give. I’m a total fan of this beautiful and affordable sweater!

This green turtleneck sweater is supposed to be a dress, which I have on here, but it SHORT so I prefer it over leggings or thick soft yoga pants. It was pockets which makes everything better! Yet again this is another XL sweater that easily fits up to a 3X!

Remember that you can follow my Amazon page to keep up to date with my new finds or you can set my link as your Amazon bookmark! If you could be so kind as to click through any of my links or through my page before purchase of anything on Amazon I would be eternally grateful. Amazon cookies only last 24 hours so if you find an item through my list and add it to your cart I don’t get credited with the sale once you eventually purchase so refreshing those cookies is a life saver for me! Think of it as tipping me for my resources without ever having to take it out of your own bank account!

Are there items you’d like me to test in the future, let me know!

The Very Best Plus Size Amazon Sweater |

The Very Best Plus Size Amazon Sweater |

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