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Big Fig Mattress Now Offers Canadian shipping | 60 Night Sleep Review

November 28, 2019

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As many of you know, I moved across Canada at the end of September, all the way from Vancouver to Montreal! It has not been without it’s trials for sure.  We packed up our lives in 3 short months and got rid of most of our furniture, part to reduce the cost of the move and part to start fresh with new things we loved instead of things we make do with. One of those things we left behind was our bed, we luckily sold it to the new person moving into our old suite so we had a bed right up until the day we packed up our cats and flew across the country but what were we going to sleep on once we got to our new empty home all the way in Montreal? In swoops Big Fig Mattress introducing Canadian shipping Just. In. Time!

The Meanie Family Enjoying Breakfast in bed | Big Fig Mattress Review | Margot on her Big Fig Mattress | Plus Size Mattress Review |

Big Fig Mattress the first mattress built for plus size people

I squealed with delight when I opened my email a few short weeks before our scheduled move date of Sept 27th. I had been losing my mind getting everything packed up, organized, sold off, given away, etc all while trying to set things up here long distance and make last minute plans with friends before we had to say our tearful goodbyes. I had been stressing about our bed situation a LOT. We have an inflatable mattress, but I suffer from chronic pain and Mister Meanie has a record of throwing out his back. We knew an inflatable was not going to cut it for long. So when I read the email’s subject line BIG FIG MATTRESS COMES TO CANADA I nearly fainted. The squeal I let out is when I saw the dates they were launching Canadian shipping, Oct 1st!

They were reaching out to me to see if I would like to receive a mattress a few days before launch as:

  1. A test run of their new Canadian shipping processes and
  2. So I could mention it on launch day.

They also asked me to post an honest review of my thoughts on my new Big Fig after I had slept on it for 60 days, they wanted the nitty gritty of what I honestly felt and I am always happy to oblige.  I love when I get to speak my mind { Big Aries Energy, amirite?! }. So it had now been 60 nights and I am happy to be putting my Big Fig Mattress review out into the world!

Big Fig Mattress Introduces Canadian Shipping 60 Night Review 

Let’s start with Delivery. I am going to be 100% real and honest here; we had our snags. We had ironed out the details of when we would be moving and available to receive the bed, we would be arriving in Montreal late on Friday September 27th and weekend delivery is not an option so we were looking at 3 nights sleeping on an inflatable mattress hoping that our cats wouldn’t pop it on the first night there! They had our order submitted and everything was looking dandy, until I got an email with tracking alerts the Thursday before we left saying our delivery was scheduled for Friday…when we wouldn’t be there to accept it. D’oh!

So downside it arrived earlier than we were ready for, upside, delivery was FAST! And that meant we would only be sleeping on an inflatable for one night instead of three which was truly a blessing. But with that early delivery we did have to pull some strings to get in contact with our new neighbours which we had yet to meet to see if they could bring our delivery in as it was left at our door. Fortunately, our new neighbours were gracious and were able to do so and we were able to meet them officially on Saturday as they helped us bring our brand spankin new bed up the stairs.

What we got

We elected for a King Size bed with the foundation and frame. Basically the full meal deal. The boxes are HEAVY! I have no idea how they fit so much bed in such little boxes! Ok, the boxes weren’t little, but damn, that’s some impressive vacuum packing!

Each element came in it’s own box, so three boxes total.

Putting Our Bed Together was super easy! The pieces were large, but putting it together was mega easy, no tools required! The bed frame clicked together into place and the foundation fit together with some bolts that you hand tighten. The mattress was rolled and packed in a vacuum bag which was super fun to undo. It comes with a little cutting tool to cut the plastic wrapping but leaving your mattress safe. That baby POPPED open, so be careful.

Just like that we had a new bed, which was cool, because it was the ONLY furniture we had and definitely the most important.

The mattress needed sometime to decompress fully before it was ready to be slept on, so if you’re setting yours up do it as early in the day that you’re able. I think it only needs 2-5 hours to be completely ready, but more time can’t hurt, right?

Our Constellation Bedding can be found here

60 Night Sleep Review 

With our bed set up and brand new sheets ordered off amazon, we finally had one room in or house to get comfy in. After 3 months of nonstop stress, a good bed was the best thing for my mental and physical health. We’ve now slept on it for 2 months and I want to share my thoughts, in short, we love it!

We’ve never had a king size bed before, so that’s a great thing all on it’s own that we love and can’t believe it’s taken us so long to graduate up to, so if you can, get a king so you can starfish and not worry about being in your partners face or kicking your pets. But the size is not a specific trait to Big Fig so let’s focus on the mattress.

Firmness it is firm, but very comfy. I like feeling supported and I feel that in this mattress, but it’s far from feeling like I’m sleeping on a wood plank. The top layers are soft and squishy, but it’s all support underneath. As mentioned above, I suffer from chronic pain and my partner has a bad back and we’ve both been waking up feeling good and mostly pain free. Chronic pain life means I’m never fully pain free, but I have not noticed additional aggravation as I did with my previous mattress that was dying on us. I’d wake up with all kinds of aches and pains due to sagging and the coils separating. { that old mattress was only 3 years old, we went through 3 mattresses in a decade, ridiculous! }

ThermoGel cooling technology. This bed claims to have a layer of cooling gel to help regulate body heat, like keeping you cool in the summer and cozy warm in the winter. I have not noticed this as a feature. I believe it’s there, but I can’t say it’s something either of us have noticed helping. I’ve actually been running hot lately in bed, but my body likes to act up when I’m having PCOS flare ups etc, which has been an issue of late.

The Box Spring or as Big Fig refers to it, the foundation, is sturdy and not as big and bulky as a traditional box spring. It goes together easily and has a cover that slips over so the wood is covered. So far, I dig it!

We do really need to lift up our mattress and look at our foundation and bed frame as it’s been making some weird sounds that we think something’s not sitting right or maybe needs a tightening now that the bed is settled. I also find that the mattress can kind of slip around on top of the foundation and I need to hip check it back into place at least once a week. I think if we get a a headboard/foot board situation, it will help with that, I’m not sure if this is something anyone else is experiencing? But I fully admit, we live in an older apartment with a slight slantiness that runs along that one wall down our entire apartment so it could be the culprit for both of these issues.

Sagging, obviously two months isn’t long enough to tell you if this mattress is going to sag, but so far it’s holding it’s shape beautifully with zero signs of body impressions showing up. They do recommend rotating your mattress regularly to avoid dips as much as possible, but we are yet to rotate it, maybe we’ll do it every 3 months, but realistically we’ll probably only remember every 6 months. So this is something I will have to report back on in a year or so.

Big Fig Mattress Review - the first mattress built for plus size people | Big Fig Mattress Review - the first mattress built for plus size people |

Over all impressions

I have heard feedback from some people that they find the mattress too firm and they are waking up stiff, but that is not the case so far for myself or Mister Meanie. We have actually noticed a decrease in our aches and pains, which is a HUGE deal as I have mentioned multiple times now, I suffer from chronic pain. We’re getting solid rests and wake up feeling recharged and restored. I don’t say that lightly as I don’t recall a time I woke up without feeling stiff and sore for years previous.

I would like to revisit this review once we’ve been sleeping in this bed for a full year, but 2 months in, we’re singing the praises of the Big Fig Mattress!

Now this is a big investment, and not one I know many people can just jump into, so I really wanted to share my honest opinions here so you feel like you can make an informed decision. I also want to mention there are financing options available that you can look into to help ease the cost, but I think this is not just an investment in your furniture, this is an investment for your overall well being.

Mister Meanie and I had gone through 3 mattresses in the last decade, those 3 mattresses definitely matched or exceeded the cost of the Big Fig and now there’s less going into the landfills, which makes me feel a lot better. Not to mention my body thanking me for having something that was actually built to support me properly.

Overall, I score the Big Fig Mattress a solid 10/10, do recommend!


Big Fig Mattress Review - the first mattress built for plus size people | Big Fig Mattress Review - the first mattress built for plus size people |

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