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How To Turn Your Home Into A Haunted Mansion with Etsy

October 16, 2019

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Two things are front and center on my mind lately; decorating my new home and taking full advantage of spooky season. For a lot of us, or more likely, most of us here are the type that when Halloween decor hits the shelves we’re stocking up on home decor for the rest of the year! Though on Etsy you can find spooky sellers and makers year round, there seems something extra magical about acquiring handcrafted goods during spooky season, so today I partnered with Etsy to show you how you can turn your home into a haunted mansion with pieces you will be proud to keep up all year round!

My goal of decorating my new house is for it to look like a witches house or like a relative of the Addams family but with some modern sensibility and style infused. I want it to look polished and slick, just as though a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin live here { which they do! } without having house banners strewn about. I want to celebrate indie makers and artists to create a magical vibe that walks the line of spooky and bohemian while feeling cozy and calm. I hope you get some inspiration or find a magical piece that you didn’t realise was missing from your own haunted mansion today!

Turn Your Home Into A Haunted Mansion

Black & Gold Candle Holders by Kina Ceramics

Over sized Moth Sculpture by Moth On A Wall

Natural History Wall Charts by Bygone Press

Witchy Printed Candles by Cryptostylis

Porcelain Dolls Head Cup by ENDE ceramics

Customizable Haunted Mansion Plaque by Quest Design Canada { we’re totally getting one that reads Meanie Manor! }

Stained Glass Trinket Dish with Raw Quartz by The Glass Witch Studios
{ I have several beautiful pieces from this maker, she’s one of my very best friends! Rings by LSDJewellery Earrings by Open The Cellar Door }

Salem Woven Witch Blanket by Brettisagirl

Coffin Melt Skeleton Candle by Creepy Candles

Hogwarts Van Gogh Print by Optimusco

How would you describe your home aesthetic? I want to Thank Etsy for partnering with me on this post! You’ll be seeing some of my Etsy scores being uploaded onto my Instagram and Facebook feeds, so make sure we’re connected!

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