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PRAIRIE GOTHICC | dark boho style in plus size

July 9, 2019

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Boho fashion has been having it’s moment for sometime now and I’m here for it, but what I’m especially smitten with right now is the return of the prairie style dresses. These seem to come around every few decades, the 70’s owned them in such a rad way, but they were often made in stiff polyester materials that were hot and stuffy. Luckily, we have more options for fabrics these days and even though some of these are still polyester, they have more movement than poly fabrics from the past. Since this trend hit big last year I’m happy to finally be seeing variations of this style cropping up more and more in plus sizes, so I figured I’d pull together some of my favourite Prairie Gothicc dresses to feel like the ultimate boho witch this summer!

Below I am wearing one of the dresses listed, but it was quite long so I chopped off a tier and I absolutely love it now! The belt is my favourite new accessory and I’m finding any and all excuses to wear it, though beware! It runs LARGE. Since return shipping on it would be really pricey, { we don’t generally get free returns OR free shipping in Canada, whomp whomp } I had a friend size it down for me. It ended up being more complicated than just punching a new hole, the O-rings and chains go all the way around so there was only space for one hole, so I asked my friend that does leather work if she could remove the buckle and move it down as far as possible to make it work, it still doesn’t cinch in quite as much as I’d like, but it’s way better than before where now it sits on my waist instead of hanging onto my hips. So don’t be like me, just get a complete size down than you would order, for instance, I wear a 22US but should have ordered the belt in 18/20.

Plus Size Goth Girl Standing in Garden - Plus Size Goth Girl Standing in Garden -

close up of layered necklaces and rings Plus Size Goth Girl Standing in Garden -

dress | belt | sandals | similar hat | long necklace | ring & short necklace

Some of these lean more to traditional prairie style dresses where others lean more modern boho. Of course, to make them edgy. it’s all in how you style it, but I’m loving them all and imagine styling them with swedish clogs, or maybe an ankle boot, big round sunnies. You can really edge it up and add a badass belt, and most definitely add a wide brim hat!

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Prairie Gothicc

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Plus Size Boho Dresses | Prairie Gothicc - Plus Size Boho Dresses | Prairie Gothicc - Plus Size Boho Dresses | Prairie Gothicc - margotmeanie.comPlus Size Boho Dresses | Prairie Gothicc -

Plus Size Prairie Chic | Plus Size Prairie Chic | Plus Size Prairie Chic | Plus Size Prairie Chic | Plus Size Prairie Chic |  

I hope you have a magical summer lined up for yourself! Tell me what your dream summer adventure would be! Me, I’ve always craved a road trip with my pals pulling over to weird little quirky spots we come across, which I just accomplished!

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    September 18, 2019 at 1:09 am

    Thanks for this I am I guess a boho goth my house is very boho colorful and I’ve always been kinda boho since I grew up modeling my moms hemp clothes and wearing juncos to find my own style haha I’m eclectic but I have pretty much always worn mostly black haha ?

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