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SHOP YOUR SIGN: The Perfect Birthday Gifts For Cancer

June 21, 2019
Shop Your Zodiac Sign: Gifts For Cancer

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Cancer is tenacious, imaginative, loyal and very persuasive. Like the brave crab that represents Cancer, they have a hard exterior shell, much like an armor to help them face the harsh world.  This shell can sometimes make it tough to see the hidden depths and sensitive emotions that Cancer feels on the inside.  Cancer care deeply about the people they love, and will do whatever they can to help them.  For those of you who know a Cancer well, I’m sure you can attest to their enormous creativity, and their caring spirit. Cancer loves to be near water, spend time with family and friends, and most of all, be somewhere that feels like home. For this guide of gifts for Cancer I have gathered a treasure trove of little wonders that you can give to all the magnificent people in your life who are fortunate enough to have been born under the Cancer sign, to show them that you care and understand all of their special traits.

SHOP YOUR SIGN: Gifts For Cancer

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Cancer Clothing:  Bomber Jacket (S-3XL)Jersey short sleeve Tee (S-2XL)

Cancer Care: Birthday Cake Body Butter | Cancer Zodiac Soap 

Little details: Cancer Pin | Milk Makeup Astrology Tattoo Stamp

Guiding lights: Cancer Alter Candle | Cancer Chamomile & Coconut travel candle

Hot thoughts: Cancer Journal | Brave crab mug

Home decor: Wall tapestry | Navy & Gold Crab rug

Accessories: Cancer Tote | Empathetic & Loving Necklace

Wall Art: Isabelle Felieu | Frances Cannon

We’ll be creating Gift Guides for each of the signs, so if this isn’t your sign, we’ll have a special list build just for you right as your season arrives!

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