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SHOP YOUR SIGN: The Perfect Birthday Gifts For Aries

March 21, 2019
SHOP YOUR SIGN: Gifts For Aries -

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You know how you truly LOVE your friends and really really want to show how much you care? Or maybe you have a new person in your life that you desperately want to to keep around and you can’t wait to impress? One of the best ways to show you care is showing how well you know them, and knowing their zodiac sign is a nice nod to showing you’ve carefully thought about who they are at their core and done the research to find a present that will delight them. With that in mind I am creating a new gift guide series SHOP YOUR SIGN! We’re starting with the beginning of the zodiac wheel and an bold list sure to satisfy with gifts for Aries!

Aries are BADASS! They are fiery, natural born leaders dues to their energetic, assertive nature. They HATE to be told what to do, so don’t try to tell them the rules, they SET the rules! But even though we have a hard exterior ready to uphold our boundaries, we have a soft gooey center that is compassionate AF and ready to fight tooth and nail for the marginalized, the under served, the ones that are tired need our ferocity.

Show your favourite Aries some love with a thoughtful gift and show them you truly SEE THEM, nothing will make them melt faster!

SHOP YOUR SIGN: Gift For Aries

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Aries Fashion: Valfre Aries Tee – XS-XXL

Aries Stone: Rose Quartz – Runes Set + Rose Quartz Point Set

Light Reading: Self Care For Aries or Aries: Art Of Living Well

Wall Art: Full Constellations + Aries Constellation 

Aries Attitude: 1000% Aries Tank XS-XL or 1X-3X + Aries Cropped Tee XS-XL or 1X-3X

Support Indie Artists: Aries Pin + Aries Tote

Hot Sippin’: Ram Mug + Star Mug

Aries Aesthetic: Hair Pins + Aries Travel Candle

Aries Retro Style: Rainbow Tee {white or black} XS-4X + Psychedelic Mug 

Indulgent Treats: Aries Self Care Kit

SHOP YOUR SIGN: Gifts For Aries

I’ll be creating Gift Guides for each of the signs, so if this isn’t your sign, I’ll have a special list build just for you right as your season arrives!

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