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Etsy Best Of Summer Guide: Camping Life

August 23, 2018
Etsy Summer Guide Camping Life

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Hello moon babes! This summer has been a DOOZY, I’ve been in and out of town, with guests visiting in between that I’ve barely had time to do all the wonderful things I’ve had planned for content all summer, but since I’m fresh back from my last summer camping trip, my brain in on camping HYPER DRIVE, so I turned to my fave makers market place to create an Etsy Best of Summer Guide focused on camping!

I don’t know about you, but I feel a beautiful calm when I’m camping, but this year I definitely learned not all camp grounds are equal when it comes to level of calm. My first trip was actually on the verge of grating with how close the sites were to one another, but it did make me all the more appreciative for the campground I go to yearly { sorry, can’t tell you where, it’s a secret }. But after returning from my yearly off-the-grid, quiet and peaceful spot, I feel NEW and refreshed and basically, all I can think about is how I wanna add to my camping experience for my next trip out, so here we go, lets see some dreamy camping inspo, shall we?

Etsy Best Of Summer Guide: Camping Life

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My camping bestie actually owns this shirt and I was mega jelly the whole time camping because we all know, besides camping coffee, staying up late near the campfire listening to spooky stories is the BEST part of camping.

Etsy Best of Summer Guide: Camping Life

Midnight Society Tee up to 5X

I just really want to start a denim vest or camping blanket covered in camping patches, these are a few of my personal faves

Etsy Best of Summer Guide: Camping Life

Camp Life | Stargazer | Protect Cryptid Wildlife | Adventure Awaits

Camping and coffee go hand in hand, as do enamel mugs! I’m so stoked I’m seeing people make fun updated versions of the tradition blue speckled enamel mugs many of us grew up with. This one is super cute, I’m a sucker for cute typography and lettering!

Etsy Best of Summer Guide: Camping Life

Adventure Mug

Ok, so I’m not dreaming of this all natural witchy hair slide, because I actually own this one, but it made me feel extra…in my element? If that makes sense, Lunation Leathers make the most beautiful creations and I’m pretty dang stoked to be a proud owner of two of her pieces now!

Witchy Hair Accessories

Leather Hair Slide with Iron Pin

Since BC is literally burning up with forest fires, there was a campfire ban in effect, which was no biggie, we have a propane fire pit that’s allowed to be used, but I do miss the smell of campfire, so I wanna burn this until pumpkin spice and mulled wine scents takes over my home, but even then, I can still see me burning this in the rotation well past fall into the winter because COZY!

Etsy Best of Summer Guide: Camping Life

Campfire Smoke Soy Candle

How doesn’t wanna chill in a hammock all dang summer long?? I found this super pretty one that included free shipping and holds up to 180kg which is just shy of 400lbs, so it’s fairly fat friendly.

Etsy Best of Summer Guide: Camping Life

Natural Cotton Hammock

This is definitely a step above and beyond my tent, even though I do try to glamp it up by hanging colourful sari’s and fabric given to me { you can see a peep of it here if you flip through the pics }, but I dream of owning a beautiful canvas tent someday in addition to a lil camper I’d like to renovate.

Etsy Best of Summer Guide Camping Life

Stout Tent Canvas Ultimate Series

What are you favourite parts of camping or favourite camping memories?

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