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10 Gift Ideas For Weird Moms On Mother’s Day!

May 3, 2018

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I’m not a mom, well, I’m a fur mom, but when it comes to Mother’s Day, I don’t think that counts, so I’m extra excited to bring you a guest post from one of my favourite cool, goth mom’s of all time, Tracy Broxterman of @BRXTRM and @thewitchinghourbaby, you might also recognize her as the former Head B*tch in Charge of Domino Dollhouse { y’all remember the greatness that DD was? *sigh* } she’s no longer making badass plus size clothing, but she IS kicking ass at being a full time weird mom and she’s put together an amazing list of perfect ideas for all the weird moms on Mother’s Day so you don’t get stuck with something sweet but lame!

Make sure to share and mention your favourite items so your friends and fam know what to snag for your special day!

Take it away Tracy!

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10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother’s Day!

Alright weirdo moms! You aren’t interested in the typical shit the rest of the year, so why should your Mother’s Day gifts be typical? Got a mom who is more NIN than PTA?  Well, I’ve put together some fun (and occasionally useful) items to ask for this year come May 13th.  From cool tees to dark gardens, this list runs has something for every spooky mom.  This list is also keeping budgets in mind, with the highest priced item running $44.

10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Rose Gold Elixir Beauty Serum by ZoliaVera (they also have a new mom + baby kit here)
10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Diaper Bag is Dark Pin by Witching Hour Baby (my new Etsy shop for goth families!)
 10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Geometric Mini Planter by Minimum Design
10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Weird Mother Tee sizes S-XXXXL by Drawings by Nicole
10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Adopt a Bat at Bat World Sanctuary
10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Gem Placemats by Gray Green Goods
10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Whiskey Candle by Wax & Wick…for those days when coffee just isn’t enough but moms with DUI’s are not cute
10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms for Mother's Day
Black Rose seeds by TDMITROV for all mom’s with a black thumb
10 Gift Ideas for Weird Moms on Mother's Day
Darkness Descends Whole Bean Coffee by Cold Fire Coffee (because let’s be honest: moms always want coffee)

Thanks so much Tracy, these are great!

And don’t forget to treat yourself, if you need more inspiration for a mother’s day gift to yourself { or a fur mom’s present } make sure to check out my curated Amazon picks page! It’s full of my favourite finds and lust worthy items! If you wanna know if I’ve tried the item or not, hover over the image and see if I’m LIVING FOR IT or LUSTING AFTER IT, I’m so happy I can let you know what size I’ve ordered or how I feel about fit or quality or if I’m just drooling over an items!
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