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PLUS SIZE HALLOWEEN | 3 ways to wear Hips & Curves

October 4, 2017
Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Hello lovelies! I’ve been going full throttle Halloween Haul-O-Mania over on YouTube, I’ve been so busy, I have three half done shopping guides that I seriously need to sit down and finish,  but I wanted to do an extension of today’s video with three alternative ways to style the pieces I received first! Because costume are fun and I\m totally whisked away with the Halloween season!

Hips & Curves generously gifted me a full costume to help show off their stellar Halloween items, I am fully wowed by the quality of everything! So check out my video and then scroll down to see three ways I styled these pieces!


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Modern Marie / Masquerade Woman

Plus Size Halloween Costume IdeasPlus Size Halloween Costume IdeasPlus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Jacket | Over the Knee Stockings | Mask
wig | garter skirt

This is the look I put together in my YouTube Video. It’s all of the pieces being utilized together. The quality of everything is IMPECCABLE and I felt really beautiful and opulent in this get up!

Hippy Witch

Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Bell Sleeved Dress | Wig | Shawl

I stripped down the look and went super easy breezy hippy witch. I kind of conjured Misty Day, but like, a gothesque Misty Day { of AHS: Coven } I picked up a cool mantel piece shroud for home decor and immediately thought it’d make a better shawl than mantel cover { *ahem* perhaps because I don’t actually own a mantel ? }. Sadly, the boots are no longer available, but I promise to do a wide width boot shopping guide in the winter!

Van Helsing / Buccaneer

Plus Size Halloween Costume IdeasPlus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Underbust Corset | Hat { similar } | Gun { similar }

You could definitely gussy this up and do the full look with the jacket, but I liked the monochrome, simple look for the dress with the underbust corset. I also slapped on some leggings to wear with my boots for a bit more coverage and warmth. I used two strong magnets to pin up the side of my hat, but if you have a hat pin, even better! You could even through on a utility belt with more weapons for demon killing if you wanted to go for the full Van Helsing look, or you could strap on a sword to a belt and add a feather to your cap for full buccaneer!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Keep your eyes on my Facebook Page for more on the fly Halloween finds and to be the first to find out when I post new content to either the blog or my YouTube channel!

Happy Haunting everyone!

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