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UNIVERSAL STANDARD | Universal Fit Liberty Review

June 7, 2017

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I have be been aching to try Universal Standard since they first launched back in 2015. Their whole approach to plus size fashion and their minimalistic aesthetic gave me major fashion boners! But I, like many plus size babes, hesitated on pulling the trigger. They have a higher price point than what my fast fashion wallet has become accustomed to and I was scared to take the leap and invest in some major drool worthy pieces.

It’s kind of left me pondering a lot on how many plus size people have a hard time investing in a higher end garments. I know socio economics come into play, plus size women statistically make less than our thin counterparts. But we’ve also faced a lifetime of conditioning that we are in a temporary body, that this is not our final destination in clothing size. It’s not until you get a bit deeper into body positivity do you finally learn to unpack and shed that idea. But still, putting your money where your values are can be hard, or simply splurging on yourself can be difficult, especially when it’s for a clothing item.

Why oh why is it so extra hard to TREAT OURSELVES?

With all of these in mind, Universal Standard unleashed their newest policy, the Universal Fit Liberty. Basically how it works, if you fluctuate in size either up or down, within a year of purchase, you can send in your garment and they will replace it, free of charge, no questions asked. Your old garment? They get donated to charities that help out women in need!

I actually got the chance to ask Alexandra Waldman, Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer of US some questions about their line and about the UFL { Universal Fit Liberty program }

How did Universal Standard Come to fruition? We saw a dire need for a brand that was modern, well made, and moderately priced in a space awash with fast fashion.

What is your ultimate goal as a plus size brand? To be a leader in the industry; to set the standard for how brands should add value to the consumer – not just in the plus -size space, but in the apparel industry as a whole; to normalize the fashion space for women who wear larger sizes and take size out of the conversation all together. We have always said that a size-6 woman never had better taste – she just had better options. We intend to change that. 

What lead to the decision to create a program that’s so radical? We saw the anxiety that women were experiencing far too often in front of the mirror. They would choose sizes that were too small or too big, because they could not, or wouldn’t, see what was really there looking back at them. They often saw their size as a temporary state and would buy for some future self, that may or may not come into being. We decided to remove all that anxiety. We wanted women to dress the person in the mirror, to live in the now, and the way we saw it working was if we told them that we had their back. Dress yourself as you are. Be beautiful now. And we will make sure you will be beautiful later as well – for free.All the returned clothes will be laundered and given across multiple charities supporting women in need.

Universal Standard Review

They also gave me the opportunity to try a few of the pieces from their starter kit and OMG, y’alllll, quality is something to TRY!

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Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion

Geneva dress in size L {22/24 }

I’ve been eyeing the Geneva asymmetric dress since launch, I wanted it, I needed it, I just couldn’t convince myself to treat myself on it. Tsk tsk on me, this thing feels sooo goooood! The jersey is a great weight, but not too heavy, it’s totally different than the type of jersey you’d get off amazon { and y’all know how much I love shopping amazon lately }. It holds it shape and doesn’t, I dunno how to word this to get it across, it doesn’t, like, relax and turn loose and slinky, like some jersey’s do. Does that make sense?!

But the biggest thrill, is this jersey wont pill!! I HATE pilling, this one won’t do it! I find I replace items yearly due to  pilling or little holes that come outta nowhere. I’m thinking that won’t be an issue with this garment, it has lasting power! I just loooove it, so. damn. much!

additional garments featured in this look:  rose gold mirror sunglasses, deathly hallows necklace, leopard print sandals

Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashionUniversal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashionUniversal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashionUniversal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion

Seine Jeans 27″ size 22

These jeans, MY GAWDS, these jeans! I have never in my life had a quality pair of denim..ok, I had a nice pair of Levi’s ages ago when I was like a size 12, they made my butt loook goooood. But that was about 8 months of my life and never again. I’ve just rocked my cheap-o $30 and under jeans and jeggings from f21, and though I’ve found some decent pairs, they do, as well all know, ultimately betray me, either in a compromise in fit or the crotch blowing out..or both, usually both.

these jeans are comfy as HELL,  they have super stretch, but still feel like denim. the weight is great, the fit even better! I opted for the cropped length in these because I love to show some ankle, but they come in a full length too, as well as options in colour and wash! And you know what. they make my tush look gooood too!!

additional garments featured in this look:  cream knit sweater

Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion Universal Standard | Margot Meanie plus size fashion

Thames Fog Mesh Shirt size L { 22/24 }

The thames mesh shirt is just the kind of thing I always lustfully look and sigh to myself that ….I…I..I need it. I just need and want ALL the mesh things! This piece feels so slinky and cool on, and it’s gonna be amazing for layering over crops or under dresses. It’s even gonna do double duty and work as a swimsuit cover up!

additional garments featured in this look:  moon & star sunglasses, similar fringe purse, holographic sandals, undergarments, similar joggers

What do you think?

Does a program like the Universal Fit Liberty sway you to invest a bit more in your wardrobe? What are your biggest hindrances when it comes to spending a bit more on an item?

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