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ENCHANTED TREASURES | nerdy, witchy adornments by LSD Jewellery

May 24, 2017

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I love to gush over how blogging and social media has opened my world to the most amazing kindred spirits across the globe. I’m constantly in awe of the amazing souls I encounter and how incredibly talented they are. One of those kindred spirits that I would not have known of without the help of instagram is jeweller and Harry Potter fanatic, Charlotte Burke of Little Sister Designs, or LSD Jewellery, based in New Zealand.

She makes otherworldly treasure that will dazzle your eye and enchant your inner being. She carves or casts her pieces to have an organic feel and utilizes stones that sing to my heart: labradorite, moonstone, opals, and basically all the my favourite stones and gems! She also has a nerdy streak represented by works inspired by Game of Thrones and Harry Potter….see a lass after my own heart! There’s nothing that makes me swoon more than marrying nerdery and ethereal dark beauty into one…or four pieces of jewelry. Well, four items is what I am now the proud owner of and I’d like to share them with you.

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Enchanting jewelry by LSD Jewellery Enchanting jewelry by LSD JewelleryEnchanting jewelry by LSD JewelleryEnchanting jewelry by LSD Jewellery

Drowned God Ring | Hexen Pendant 

Aren’t they ridiculous gorgeous? *sigh* they bring me so much happiness! Now, I’m not normally a splurge kinda gal, I have *the* hardest time dropping coin on pampering myself { for real, I still have a Lush bubble bar I’m yet to use that was bought weeks ago, because I think I need to save it for a special occasion, let’s all collectively roll our eyes at me right now } but when it comes to treating yourself to something so special that you know will get oodles of wear and compliments out of it, I think that’s when you should throw a little caution to the wind and TREAT YO SELF!

As my Step Mother always told me “there will ALWAYS bills, they’re NO fun to spend all your money on!”

Enchanting Harry Potter Jewelry for witchy nerdsEnchanting Harry Potter Jewelry for witchy nerdsEnchanting Harry Potter Jewelry for witchy nerds Harry Potter Jewelry for witchy nerds

Large DH bone Necklace + Large DH Earrings


If you are looking for rings that will fit chubby fingers or your plus size neck, Charlotte GETS THAT, she’s a bad ass plus size babe herself, so not only does she understand, but you’ll be supporting a rad fat babe while you’re decking yourself out in magical jewels!

Here are a few more of my favourite creation by LSD Jewellery:

enchanting jewelry by LSD Jewellery

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

OMG, I just can’t get over these pieces!


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