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May 17, 2017

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I don’t know about all of you, but I am OBSESSED with ceramic artists lately! I started following a small handful of artisans throughout the last couple years and its just EXPLODED into a slight infatuation. So I thought why not put a fabulous list together of magical witch mugs to feature them all and while I’m at it, throw in a couple goofy witchy slogan mugs and artist print mugs in for good measure!

13 Magical Mugs for Witchy Babes

Witches are notorious for drinking tea { or any hot beverage really, but hey, I don’t think it’s just witchy types either } so why not take a sip from your favourite comfort beverage out of something truly magical to call you own?

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13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Handpainted Raw Dining has a fun collection of fine china that’s had a bit of a fun and raunchy twist. She generally only has one of each in stock at any given time, but you can request a custom pieces if one is no longer in stock!

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Kiln Witch makes some truly stunning pieces, this one is offered on preorder and she has a dark equivalent to it as well!

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Exaltation adds gorgeous water colour renditions of crystals to mugs so that you can choose the crystal that perfectly resonates with your soul, you can choose from 15 different stones!

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Myostery is a whimsical ceramic artist couple based in Korea. Their designs are cute and imaginative with a healthy dash of humour. They update their etsy shop in batches, and they sell like HOT CAKES.

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Naturally there’s gotta be a cauldron mug! Look at this cute lil dancing cauldron by Mud Pie Pottery! Eeeeeps!

13 Witchy Mugs & cups to sip from!

Orrrr, if you’re more of a Harry Potter witchpoo, than maybe this cauldron mug is up your { diagon } alley!

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Camille Chew has fast become one of my favourite artists. Her prints are astoundingly beautiful, they somehow walk the line of maximalist and minimalist in the most delightful way. I actually had a hard time narrowing down which mug to feature as this and this were also in high contention, though all of her work is fact I want to get a throw of one of her moon prints!

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

If you’re into crystals then you’ll love what Modern Mud has cooking { … kilning?! } Yes, she also has crystals jutting out of some of her designs, or *in* them as she’s responsible for the pretty cup on the left in the header image.  She also has some stunning geodes if you’re scared of breaking off crystal bits, but I think this imaginative crystal handle is so unique which makes it my fav.

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

This cup is for sinister sippers! I’m swooning over the black/gold/raven combo, but what’s truly amazing about Angioletti Designs is the sheer volume of beautiful designs, cups, FULL SETS, and not to mention, they allow customization!

13 Witchy Mugs & cups to sip from!

Look Human is a great place to peruse witchy mugs, they staff artists have a lot of fun with marrying puns and art! I had a hard time picking, but this one made me cackle. But you can definitely find one that tickles your fancy with 3 pages of witchy mug designs!

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

If you’re looking for a dynamic piece, than Essarai Ceramics has you covered! This shop updates in batches, so you’re gonna wanna follow their IG account for shop updates.

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Ox and Otter ceramics are earthy and mystical and I just imagine my cuppa tasting more than divine out of one of there lunar creations! The colours are beautiful and I love the goopy glaze, not to mention I’m a sucker for anything with a moon on it, which is a signature of theirs!

13 Witchy Mugs & Cups to sip from!

Silver Linings Ceramics were kind of the original ceramic artist I ever saw adding crystal sculpture to their work. Her IG account : @anotherseattleartist has been a favourite of mine for more than a few years now. She’s constantly exploring her craft and lately has been making magic with textures and rainbow glazes, as well as kitty and unicorn pipes! She’s so good I have push notification up for when she posts so I won’t miss a thing. It also helps as she uploads to her shop in batches and announces when it goes live on her IG, so you’ll want to keep watch, her stuff sells out in minutes! { she is responsible for the galaxy mugs in the header photo }

Which one is your fav, let me know in the comments!

Whether you”re looking to treat yourself or have a magical witch you’d like to spoil, I hope you found something awesome here! I don’t know why, it’s gotta be the magic they give off, but drinking from something handcrafted or whimsical just seems to make things taste better. Have you ever noticed that?

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