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How To Dress For The Holidays in All Black: Plus Size Snow Queen

December 10, 2016

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Holy smokes, it’s been snowing in Vancouver! It has been approximately 1000 days since snow fell from the sky here and even longer since it stuck! I know, I know, you’re might be thinking “but…I thought you were in Canada!” and it’s true, I am! I live in the happy oasis that barely gets snow, I moved here on purpose because I am not the good hardy stock that can deal with the standard winter that most Canadians live in. I opted for the grey drizzle and moderate temperatures of the Pacific Northwest. But all that doesn’t mean I don’t still miss the snow at least a little bit every year. So when the snow came tumbling down the other day, you better believe I slapped some make up on, grabbed my tutu and set up my camera { inside the house of course } and went outside to become the plus size snow queen I wanna be!

Margot Meanie | plus size fashion Margot Meanie | plus size fashion Margot Meanie | plus size fashionMargot Meanie | plus size fashion

Full Length Plus Size Tutuc/o society+ | sequins top options – city chicboohoo, ASOS, eloquii

This is the final installment of my How to Dress for the Holidays in All Black for 2016 and it’s my most glam look yet. This look is perfect for swanky parties and events like New Years Eve that demand a little OTT treatment. I adore pairing my society + full length black tutu with my sparkly black sequins crop top. I added my knit infinity scarf to ramp up the drama.

Since this look is basically two strong statement pieces I find you don’t really need much more. I opted to let the silhouette do the talking and the sequins do the sparkling and I kept the accessories to a minimum with a cocktail ring and some sparkly dangle earrings.

Margot Meanie | plus size fashion Margot Meanie | plus size fashion

In my mind, I’m ruling a snowy, enchanted kingdom. In reality, I’m just a girl living in East Van excited to play in the snow with a pretty dress on! There is no reason why either one is not a worthy to feel good about yourself and play with whimsical fashion!

How do you feel about tutu’s? Do they intimate you? Or are you all over the idea of flouncing into a party and owning the room? Society + currently has a sale on all their tutu’s with $30 OFF now until Monday Dec 12th use code: TUTUEVENT

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