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How To Dress For the Holidays In All Black : casual, cute & cozy

December 1, 2016

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Hello December! Wow, 2016 is finally winding down and not a moment too soon! This year has been a rough one. I can’t help but notice how many people are digging in for some festive cheer and I’m curious if it’s spawned from grasping on to any and all joy we can muster? I do dig the holidays, but I’m usually not as prepared for them as I am this year. It’s December 1st and my tree is already up with homemade decorations hanging from it’s boughs, there’s egg nog in the fridge and baking stock piked for festive after dinner indulgences by the tree and I already hooked myself up with a festive sweater. It’s black, of course, but still festive!

Yesterday my bestie and I hit the town to find some supplies for a big crafty endeavour, but we figured why not look for trees while we were at it. In the end, our crafty endeavour was all satisfied within about 20 minutes and the rest of the afternoon unspooled into a frenzy of holiday cheer. We might not look like the most festive peeps, but we sure get in the swing! I helped her pick out new decorations for the tree and I forced her to take outfit photos of me in the tree lot where we each found our perfect trees.


My holiday inspiration this year: natural & cozy

My holiday inspiration this year: natural & cozy { check more out on my holiday board: What’s This?!  }

I have been super picky with my yuletide aesthetic, I’m going for an ultra au nateral look this year and I had to go to 5 different tree purveyors to find just the right sparse and open tree to suit my tastes. I finally found it and I couldn’t be happier! We were going to hold off decorating until tonight, but once the tree was in place we couldn’t help tinkering and before we knew it, it was basically done! You can catch a peep of it at the bottom.

Anyway, enough babbling about acquiring my tree and more about maintaining your edge while rocking some festive garb!

How To Dress For the Holidays In All Black : casual, cute & cozy

How to Wear All Black and Still Be Festive AF | Margot Meanie - edgy plus size fashion How To Dress For the Holidays In All Black: casual, cute & cozy | Margot Meanie - edgy plus size fashion

I picked up this Meowy Christmas sweatshirt from Dentz Design on Amazon, it comes in other colours, but I couldn’t be happier with my black sweater + cat motif. I mean, how on brand am I right meow?  I’ve been featuring some of their designs fairly prominently in my 2016 gift guides, mostly because I love their sense of humour so much! I appreciate the brand even more now that I own a piece and can attest to the fit of the garment. I got a 3X and it’s roomy and comfy and oh so soft. I love the slouch cut and the screen printing is solid! This shipping was way faster than they estimated as well and I did not get hit with additional duty upon delivery { this might not be the case for everyone, but I’m stoked! }.

I also grabbed the Jolliest Bunch of Assholes This Side of the Nuthouse for my husband, Col. He LOVES National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, I’m pretty sure it’s his fav festive movie, we watch it every year, along with Scrooged and A Christmas Story { which I introduced him to, #smugmuch? }. He had zero idea this sweater was coming, or even that such a print existed, so he’s pretty smitten with his new sweatshirt!

For this look instead of opting to rock a Santa hat, and candy cane striped scarves and socks, I went more subtle with my casual holiday look and I wore my fluffy marabou feather earrings that I grabbed from Chubby Cartwheels last winter, they’re sold out, but there are some similar ones on etsy. I think they give that holiday festive feel without going over the top with the kitchsy xmas everything idea. { not that I don’t love me some kitschy xmas! }

How To Dress For the Holidays In All Black: casual, cute & cozy | Margot Meanie - edgy plus size fashion

I also donned my red leather gloves. One, to keep my fingers warm and sap free and Two, it added just that little nod to one of the signature holiday colours. These were a gift years and years ago, but would you take a look at these red leather gloves and these red velvet gloves *swoon* 

Add an egg nog latte in a reusable travel mug, { or a peppermint mocha, gingerbread americano, or a warm hot cocoa, whatever floats your holiday boat } and you’re set to rock the holidays!

See you don’t have to compromise your edgy, rock star, all-black-everything style to get into the swing of the holidays!

Oh and here’s a couple detail shots of my tree! We need to get a better tree stand before I have full shots of the tree and room, but in the meantime:

Yule treeYule Tree detailsYule Tree details

Are you into the holidays this year, maybe more than previous years? What do you think is up with that? I’d love to hear!

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    December 2, 2016 at 4:56 am

    Today is sparkle day at school. All the kids go in on xmas jumpers and can start singing xmas songs etc. Tonight we’re going to the Yuletide evening in a local village. Santa parading through the street, lit up windows, mulled wine and mine pies, and the main street closed for games and rides. I’m baking orange slices and wearing my Xmas jumper. Loving it! Also since I saw that gay apparel top I’ve been singing ? fa la la la la ?

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