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2016: A Fatshion Retrospect

December 31, 2016

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And just like that 2016 has come to an end! It was a year full of ups, but teeming with downs for many; our hearts are full of grief with the passing of so many important figures to our lives. But I’m really trying my darnedest to look on the bright side, so I’m reflecting today on what 2016 looked like stylewise to me. It feels nice to look at your own personal highlight reel, sometimes a little dose of narcissism is just what the doctor ordered! Today I’m bringing you my 2016 Fatshion Retrospect to you as a tool for some inspo on days when you don’t know what the fuck you want to wear or who you want to be that day!

2016 Fatshion Retrospect


Portland stole my heart, chubby cartwheels shoot

January started full of promise and with an exciting adventure! I made a trip to Portland to meet up with Kobi on her last leg of her American tour and I did first official modelling gig for Chubby Cartwheels and I got to meet soooo sooo many of my internet besties as well as make new ones!


colourPop haul, lesson in layering

Feb was a lowkey month. I coloured by hair lime green, got a colourpop order and talked about how to layer black on black with it still looking visually interesting by mixing in textures and layers.


shapeless black minimalist dresses,  12 plus size pinterest boards to follow

March I discussed 12 of the best plus size pinterest boards to follow { which I’ve found HEAPS more goodies since so I need to make a 2nd list } and I hit on the topic about what if fat girls actually still WANT shapeless black sacks? for of us that do want them, I made a huge round up of black minimalist tunics, shifts and tees. I try my best to keep it updated with fresh links, but I probably am due for another, more current roundup.


bright yellow birthday “suit”

April is my birthday month and I am not ashamed to be a full on birthday princess! The entire month revolves around my birthday…well and my husbands, who’s b-day follows mine by just 8 days. I treated myself to this amazing yellow number from Forever21 + and I wore it like bananas all month long!


all white everything

May I made a SERIOUS attempt at an entirely all black and white wardrobe and was fairly successful, minus one weekend where I rocked some blushy pinks for my Society+ instagram takeover!  I didn’t document it well here on the blog, but f I make another stab at it, I will make sure to document the whole thing! I guess the one’s that got got recorded on my instagram will have to do. I did end up talking about all white though, which was a lot of fun! All white is a double taboo colour, as in, “fat girls shouldn’t wear white” and “goth girls don’t wear white” to that I say PISH POSH! 


Fat Beats by Chubby Cartwheels

June was a fun month becasue it was the launch of Chubby Cartwheels “Fat Beats” collection that I got to be a part of! I had an idea for a holographic crop top that I described via snapchat to Shawna as a”circle skirt, that’s for your boobs”. Luckily, we get each other and she knew immediately what I was talking about!


not all black everything | seattle grunge

July things heated up and I got BUSY! As In, I had a camping trip then I immediately went down to Seattle and later in the month a family reunion! I also talked about how being goth or gothy doesn’t mean everything has to be black; it’s really about the attitude that goes with.


witch worldwide | elevate a basic look | fall fashion

August I was FEELIN myself! I rocked some witch worldwide, I talked about the impact of accessorizing a simple outfit to put your own signature spin on it and even though it was hot as fuck, I started entertaining the idea of my favourite fashion season: Fall!


cherry velvet | red red wine

September was a wild month for me! It was my first go at styling a look from a brand where I got to dictate how the shoot would go! I got to go in for an official business meeting, be shown around the office and show room and eventually have a professional photographer capture the look I styled based off the dress I chose. It was a total RUSH and I felt like a BOSS!


lil black dress halloween costumes | halloween outfits right outta your closet | trick or treat

Outside of April, October is my next favourite month because HALLOWEEN! I perhaps went a little bananay-nay and posted a BUNCH of fun, easy looks for Halloween that you could build right out of your own closet! And just in case you like store bought costumes, I covered that too! And of course I had to do a lil Trick or Treating!


we love colours

November I made a bunch of shopping guides, which I had so so so much fun making and you all gobbled them up!! It’s almost like we’re a match made in heaven!! I also had some fun with adding a pop of colour into my winter looks with the help of a few pairs of we love colours tights!


snow queen | velvet burnoutmeowy catmas

I was on my December game this year! Not only did I manage to rock every. single. holiday. event. in. all. black! But I also got my xmas sweater before the month even hit, same goes for my yuletide tree! I got the most perfect holiday party dress from Chubby Cartwheels and I also got to FINALLY achieve a blogger dream of mine: snow photos! I live in a moderate, soggy climate, and we don’t get snow often. So on a bright Monday morning when I woke up to huge fluffy snowflakes I dropped everything and got dressed as fast as I friggin could! I only froze my butt off a tiny bit in my attempt to get these photos.

And that’s it folks! That’s my year in fashion! Thank you so much for following me. It makes me cry at least once a week how beautiful, kind and inspirational you all are! It’s been a hell of a year, but you have all helped get me through it!

Now who’s ready for 2017?! I sure am! Cheers bitches { in the most lovingly use of the word! }

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