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Ugly Sweaters for Non-Traditonal But Still Kinda Festive Misfits

November 23, 2016

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Well, I headed out to see Fantastic Beasts & Where to find Them on Sunday!! { it was good fun, with a few story fails, but overall I liked it }. What I really found when I left my Hobbit Hole was a world that is all dressed up for the holiday season already! Growing up, the time to decorate was marked by the passage of my sisters birthday, which happens to be exactly 1 month before xmas. Apparently, that is definitely not the case for the rest of the world! And honestly, I don’t even mind! I’m into the holidays and I’ve even hooked my husband and myself up with our own ugly xmas sweaters, which lead me to create today’s post!

Today I did a massive round up of Ugly Sweaters { Ok, most are sweatshirts, but there are a couple real sweaters } for not so festive, not so traditional, slightly misfit people!

As I mentioned, I just treated myself to the Meowy Christmas sweatshirt I featured in my Stocking Stuffer: for Cat Lovers, and I’m SO HAPPY with the fit! I’m so pleased with each of them I featured quite a few from the maker, Dentz Denim { they sell on Amazon and Etsy, so take your pick on whichever site you like shopping on more }. I can attest to the 3X being roomy, soft, and comfortable, they also have oodles of fun prints in both this cut and the unisex sweatshirts. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting pics soon!

Without further ado, Here are my fav Ugly Sweaters so you don’t have to hunt around for them!


  Merry Krampus | FamiLies | Santa’s Not Real
Nightmare Knitted Sweater |  Merry CthulhuSugarplum Scary 

Xmas Blows | Bah Hum Pug | I Didn’t Want to Come

These are all perfect for adding some sass and taking the piss outta the holliest jolliest season. So if you wanna kick up a stir for xmas dinner or if you wanna treat your special dark soulmate this holiday season then these are for you!

Ugly Sweaters for Pop Culture Nerds

 Shitters Full | That’s No MoonA Major Reward
REDRUM | No Cookies After Midnight |  A Leaf on the Wind
Yippee-Ki-Yay |  Ravenclaw { they have all the houses } | Who’s Knitted Sweater 

What’s cooler than being cool? Being a pop culture nerd decked out in thematic ugly sweaters! No matter what you’re nerdy over, there is most definitely a nerdy print with your fandom around!

Ugly Sweaters for Rad Babes

Full of Xmas Spirit Wine | Sleigh My Name | Drinking Team
Dachshund Through the SnowMerry Crustmas { this one’s cute too }| Cuterus
Equality | Nasty Woman | Otter Reindeer
Let’s Get BakedGAY Apparel | Happy Hanukkah, Bitches  

Let’s here it for the rad babes! The feminists, the activists, the nasty women, the animal lovers, and the body positive babes that all probably need a drink after what 2016 dealt us!

stranger-things-ugly-sweatersMerry Xmas | 11 Days of Xmas | Upside Down
Justice for BarbStranger Things | Where’s Barb

K, I’m just that nerdy over Stranger Things that I had to do a whole sub category for these ugly sweaters! I especially love how many of us are like, “Wait, what about Barb?” and it’s so well reflected by the artists contributing their work to sites like TeeFury and Look Human.

I hope this helps you find the perfect Ugly Sweaters for yourself or your problematic fav this festive season!

Most of these Ugly Sweaters come in a variety of colours to choose from. They are fairly size inclusive with each one running to either a 2X to 5X! I hope this helps you find the perfect festive sweater to suit your own kind of weird!

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