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Trick or Treat | Plus Size Hallowe’en Pt 2!

October 3, 2016

Oh my goodness, I’m having waaaaay too much fun! And I might be slightly torturing myself getting acquainted with a few too many things I can’t bring home. But that won’t stop me from showing you the good loot so you can get all your plus size Halloween business in order!

I already had to dedicate one entire post to ASOS, they OWN the Halloween garment game, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t bringing it as well! So here is part 2 of what is looking like a 3 or 4 part feature! These next lists will include a bit from multiple brands and I may throw in a bit of decor as well, if you’re like me, it’s not only time to stock up on clothing for the year, but new house decor as well! #gothhome!

This guide starts off with a pretty big influence from Boohoo Plus, they have some super cute items for the season, I just wish they had a larger size range! It’s followed by a couple accessories from MissGuided, I think they’re REALLY missing out on the Plus Size fun, there are tons of cute options for straight size, so I guess I’m disappointed in them. And I finish off with some epically cute bits from ModCloth, who also carry some totes adorbs decor for the season!

UPDATE: This post is from 2016 but I have updated all links that are still active! Any items no longer available have had the link removed. 

Plus Size Hallowe'en Guide ft Boohoo, MissGuided & ModCloth

Which are your must have items? I really feel I NEED that Witch bodycon, the chunky batwing shoes { swoon } and I’ve been after that Bad to the Bone x-ray dress from ModCloth for AGES!

Make sure to check out part one of my 2016 hallowe’en shopping guide, and part three can be found here!

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Plus Size Halloween ft ModCloth, MissGuided & Boohoo Plus!

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