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October 12, 2016

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How is this month already *almost* half over? Its not fair!! I feel like I haven’t done any of my favourite October activities yet. But I guess I have watched a good amount of spooky movies and shows { umm, American Horror Story, Hello!! }, and I did have a big potluck Thanksgiving meal with my pals on Monday { Thanksgiving is early in Canada }, so I guess I’m doing okay. But I can’t believe I haven’t decorated yet, or figured out what I’m gonna wear as a costume yet. Searching for inspo for a plus size Halloween costume can be a tough one sometimes. So I took to perusing around Amazon and found a BUNCH of cuties that are sexy and cute and not culturally insensitive! I thought I’d share them real quick with you.

UPDATE: This post is from 2016, the links are still active, but if you’re looking for fresh Halloween Content, check it out here and here

Plus Size Halloween


Plus Size Halloween Costumes from Amazon flight attendant | sailor |  sailormoon | renaissance woman | broken doll | red riding hood
twitsted alice in wonderland | flapper | supergirl | wicked witch | bat | classy witch

Now, I wanna say, I worked at a costume store for 4 years, so I know the quality of these costumes. they aren’t terrible, but they aren’t the best either. They generally hold up for at least a few years and but I DO know how cute they can be in person! I find most of these will fit up to a US 20/22, so they’re not super inclusive, though the two Japanese options say they go up to a 5X, but I gotta check their measurements.

If you’re finding yourself, much like I am, in a pinch on what to wear for Halloween night, I’d consider nabbing one of these up, shipping should get it to you pretty quick!

Anything here working for you? Any guesses of what I’m planning for my costume?

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plus size halloween costumes



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