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Halloweek | 3 easy lil black dress DIY Halloween costumes

October 26, 2016

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Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the love on my first Halloweek post! I had so much fun and you have all been gushing over the idea. I knew soon as I came up with the concept of the first post that I wanted to do more, I just had to focus on what my constant would be. I mean, making up DIY Halloween costumes from my closet is a fairly easy task for me, but continuing on with a common thread, like the last one being all based off the same outfit, was not as easy. I had three great looks in mind, but they all required different dresses. But eventually one thing stuck out that WAS a common theme!

Something that was really important to me when putting these two posts together, was maintaining an air of not what I have in MY closet, but what most people are likely to have in THEIR closets, so I really want to focus on basics. The last post was a simple striped top and some black jeans. Maybe not everyone has both of those items, you can sub in a skirt in any of the looks and the top is a great basic to have in your wardrobe, so I took a stab at it.

For today’s DIY Halloween costume, I figured what’s one thing every woman is told she HAS to have; a lil black dress. Everything clicked into place and I’m bringing you 3 looks all achieved by adding a few accessories and a bit of make up!

Look 1: Vintage Flapper

DIY flapper costume

I . Love. Flappers! I want a dress made of 24″ fringe and I want to shimmy and drink bubbles out of champagne saucers all damn night! Actually, I’m practically a modern flapper, I do shimmy and drink bubbles all damn night, I just need that dress. But not all flapper dresses were fringy so I grabbed my shiniest, sparkliest dress instead. I decked myself out in jewelry, pinned my bangs off to the side and wore a flower headband, but pushed it down over my brow.

I did record me doing the makeup for this look and if I can figure out editing I’ll add it to this post, but I’ll make sure to let y’all know when/if it goes up on youtube!

Look 2: Doll Parts

DIY Doll Costume

This look can go sweet or creepy really easily. I decided to stick on the sweeter side, mostly because I didn’t want to get in too deep on makeup. I chose a cute party dress for this look and decided I needed a curly blonde wig to bring out the dollness of the look. I wore my straw brimmed hat once again and wore little red booties. Of course any cute shoes will work. I was actually looking for my saddle shoes when these tumbled out of my closet and I took it as a sign!

I kept the same make up I did for the flapper, but added to it with some drawn on lashes, additional smile lines, rosier cheeks and I drew stripes around my elbows and knees to make it look more like ball joints.  Since this costume I’ve had Hole – Doll Parts stuck in my head!

Look 3:  A Witch, Burn ‘errr!

DIY Witch Costume

Surprise, surprise, I did up a witch! But c’mon, it’s classic! I wore a long lace dress for this look and my witchiest boots. I also happen to own two witch hats, one that is more simple and clean, the other, which I’m donning in these pics is more Minerva McGonagall inspired. It came covered in cobwebs and I quickly removed them all to unveil the pretty feather and rose detail that was being hidden with stringy bits of polyester. I added some dramatic eye makeup, a purple lip, threw on some necklaces and grabbed a broom. Yes it’s easy, but it’s effective and I dress up as a Witch at least once, every single Halloween season.

I hope you’re enjoying your own Halloweek! What are you fav DIY Halloween costumes?

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