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Halloweek | 3 easy DIY plus size costumes

October 24, 2016

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Happy Halloweek, babes!! I’m so flippin excited!! Halloween is one week away, that means this time next week, we’ll all be busy trick r’ treating, watching horror films, and most likely nursing hangovers from the weekends festivities. You know, basic Monday stuff, haha! In my excitement, I wanted to bring you a little treat and show you how to shop your own closet for easy costumes. So if you’re more like me and you like to create your costume and have been looking for some DIY plus size costumes, I got you covered with  3 different looks all based of one basic outfit straight from your closet!

That’s right, this isn’t about buying anything, other than maybe adding a few accessories. Everything here was 100% in my house at the time I came up with this idea.

Today I’m bringing you 3 different Halloween looks, all based off the same outfit: a plain black and white striped tee and black jeans.

Look One: Parisian Girl

Halloweek | Shop your closet for easy Halloween costumes 3 costumes from 1 look
add ons: beret, slip ons, baguette &/or wine

This look was super easy, all I added to the base outfit was a beret, some pointy toe slip ons and a bottle of my finest, most empty red. I was going to include a baguette, but my husband forgot to grab one on his shopping trip yesterday. I also realised I had forgotten the silk scarf I was going to tie around my neck, but wasn’t able to re-shoot it because I had already slapped facepaint on myself, D’oh! { you’ll see the face paint at the bottom } The only thing left to put on is your most outrageous French accent and you’re set!

Look Two: Bandit

Halloweek | Shop your closet for easy Halloween costumes 3 costumes from 1 look

add ons: bandit mask, toque, sneakers, black gloves, loot bag

I’m pretty clumsy, so I’d be hopeless in a heist, but this look is super cute and comfortable for Halloween! I made a super easy eye mask out of a strip of black jersey cloth I had laying around, I folded in in haf, cut a curve off for where it would sit over my nose, measured out where my eyes sat and cut to holes.  I then nabbed a toque { beanie to all none Canadians }, put on some cheap-o black gloves and cut out a dollar sign from some poster board and stuck it to one of my canvas shopping bags { you can also draw it on with a sharpie if you don’t mind having that on your shopping bags permanently! }. I switch out my pointy toe flats for some sneakers and BOOM, ready to rob! Well not really, but I do look like I belong in a cartoon about to attempt a robbery!

Look Three: A Mime

Halloweek | Shop your closet for easy Halloween costumes 3 costumes from 1 look

add ons: straw hat, face paint, handkerchief, white gloves

This look was easily the most fun! Mostly because it includes face paint, I love doing up face paint! ButI know not everyone is down with having crud all over their face all night. { reasons why the other two options are really great! } This was only a five to ten minute make up job, it’s not perfect, but it’s fun! It did not take long or a lot of effort at all, I just made sure to pull up some google images of mime makeup before I began.

I happen to have a little stockpile of good quality face paint supplies from my years of managing a costume shop, I used what I had on hand, which was a Mehron Fantasy FX moonlight white, which is a cool tone white often used to make people look dead. I just laid it on thick and set it with a mix of baby powder and e.l.f. High Definition Powder, I then used a black gel eyeliner for all the black, a red eyeshadow for under my eyes and my trusty ColourPop! ‘avenue’ on my lips!

I kept my sneakers on, but woulc have switched them to my red pair for fun and a pop of colour, I tied a neckercheif are my neck, donned some white gloves and topped it off with a straw hat, though your options for styling this look are kind of endless.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m hoping to post at least one more, if not two more of these this week. I want to help with coming up with easy attainable ideas. It’s never too late to come up with a fun costume and you never have to break the bank to enjoy this special holiday!

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plus size halloween costumes

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

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