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Dear Rebel Girl: a love letter to unapologetic fat babes

September 23, 2016

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This week I rolled over to the 20k crew on instagram, it’s kind of a big deal, to me anyhow. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? In blogging circles 20k is a coveted number, it means more brands want to work with you, you’re taken more seriously, but what happens when you’re the weird-o rebel girl fat babe that’s not exactly palatable to the masses?

Now, I have to say, I’m floored and humbled that twenty thousand people have even the tiniest interest in what I do or what I say, it’s staggering. That is a sold out hockey arena { I know, that is a very Canadian comparison }, a concert at capacity, it’s… I don’t even know what else to compare it to, it’s a LOT of eyes on you.  And yes, I have had opportunities to work with brands and become self employed via blogging  { though not in the ways most people would assume }. That number did not come easily to me, I worked at it, I persevered, I slacked sometimes, but then I’d pick it up with more gusto. Why? To some it may seem trivial, nothing more than a popularity contest, but to me, it’s a chance to be creative, to speak my mind and share ideas, to not only open doors but to build them.

plus size blogger Margot Meanie in witchworldwide | IG: @margotmeaniemargot meanie - edgy plus size fashion

Most importantly though, it’s representation. I am being the person *I* needed when I was younger.  I needed to see someone like me to let me know I was gonna be ok, that I could be who I am and not have to shrink myself and subdue or polish my demeanor in order to be seen or valued. I needed a grown up weirdo rebel girl that was living her life with no concern about being small. All I had was suicide girls and off beat movie heroines, non of them fat, always thin and lithe, what I needed a bad ass plus size person to show me I was allowed to dress in the style of clothing I loved dearly, but only ever saw on significantly smaller bodies than mine.

While many bloggers are out there are doing the good work of rocking bold patterns, bright colours and generally breaking all the rules set out for plus size bodies, here I am, still wearing my oversized, shapeless black sack. But it’s not the sad sack I’ve been told to wear, I wear it almost defiantly and most definitely proudly. That may mean I don’t get all the sponsorship contracts, but more importantly, I’m here to show you that in order to be an unapologetic fabulous fat babe, you don’t have to go by this new set of rules set forth either. Because the best way to be an apologetic fabulous fat babe is to just be you.

My love letter to Rebel Girls and Rad Fat Babes alike comes in the form of a short list:

1. Keep on being strange

You’re strangeness makes you more beautiful than you know. Revel in your quirks, celebrate them, some people will think it’s weird, those people are not your people, but you will attract the right people that belong in your life. Anyways, we kinda dig being the weird ones, it’s our thing, you’ll find others like you and it will be magic.

Margot Meanie x Kobi Jae x Chubby Cartwheels

2. Your preferred style is attainable

It might take a bit more work, a lot more digging and some major creativity, but you will find the clothes that fit your body and your personality. I swear you will. You might need to enlist some help to get you started, but you’ll find what you need. It may be from following your favourite blogger, it could be from pinterest, it could be from a friend that heard a thing about a brand, but it’s out there and if it isn’t, it just might be a catalyst for you to start creating what you require. In the end, I think hard won style is probably more precious than overpriced designer labels any day.

black & white wardrobe - plus size monochrome

3. Play by your own rules

You’re in charge, baby! Since you’re a fabulous rebel pay no mind to what people dictate what should or should not be done on or with your body. We play by a different set of fluid rules and when we play outside of own rules we’re only broadening our scope. We’re also passively giving permission to others to play by their own rules. You never know the significance you can play in a strangers life just by being you.

4. We can be hard and soft

We are able to express who we are and what we are about without ever having to utter a word. When we choose wild hair colours, piercings, tattoos, it screams who we are. For those too firmly planted in their own set of rules, they may not like what you’re doing or what you are about, it’s all good, your style doubles as armor, protecting your sweet, soft, and vulnerable soul. When you are decked out in your full regalia it lends strength and you can feel invincible or at least give an heir of invincibility.

Margot Meanie | alternative plus size style - a lesson in layers

5. You can transform whenever you like

Since we’re rebels, we’re able to change at a whim. There are too many flavours out there to be tied down to just one. Being outcasts allows us to shift and sway from one look to another and become fashion chameleons. We’re free to dabble in ALL the fun eclectic pools of fashion and we can pull from any number of them to create our own unique identity. It’s like an artist collective over here and it’s FAB!

6. We are going to change the world!

No, seriously though, we are, it’s already happening! My friend Nat made a comment on facebook recently about how we 30 somethings deserve a second crack at being a teenager, as she says “it is borderline cruel that today’s 12 year olds get to look like kardashians and i looked like an oily confused chubby 90s idiot” { #same, Natalie, same! }. A huge part of that is we had no where to really shop. Hot Topic was not a thing then, not to mention Torrid, maybe it was elsewhere,but it wasn’t a thing in Canada, especially rural Canada. So we had to get REALLY creative and as Tim Gunn would say ” make it work”. I had no cohesive style, which I’m ok with now, it fostered my chameleon fashion sense but it was haaaaard! You see what young plus size teens get to wear now? I mean, we may not have the options to go into a mall and try everything on with our pals yet, but we can order in the things we love  that are cool now { bless the internet, it was only a thing we were told was gonna be big in our futures, boy, were “they” right! …yes, I am that old! }. I mean, look at forever21, Lovesick, Ashley Nell Tiptons line for JC Penny or the fun stuff coming outta CowCow! This stuff is FAB-U-LOUS! It’s fun and fresh and playfull and all the things weirdo fat babes are not “supposed” to wear, but we’re doing it and we’re doing it well

We are forward thinking, sensitive to issues,  and continue to push the envelope. We’re Turing the page and that is an amazing feat!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style

Today is my blogs 3 year anniversary, all week I’ve been humming and hawing on what I was gonna say and even *if* I was going to say anything at all. Last year I was busy changing over my hosting provider and also hosting a MASSIVE giveaway. I’m sorry I don’t have that together for you this year. But I also think last year I was trying so desperately to prove to myself and everyone around me that I was worthy, that what I do has value. This year I feel much more at ease and comfortable with who I am growing into as a woman. I don’t feel as much pressure to be “on”, I just want to be me, to be visible and hope that that encourages and fosters some of that same self contentment in others.

I want to thank you for being on this journey with me. Some of you have been here since the beginning, others are brand new { Hi! I don’t bite, I promise…I’m more a pincher }. Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me, finding interest in me,  for being you.

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    September 27, 2016 at 11:44 am

    thx a ton for being you and for being out there for every one to see. You are the one I needed grwoing up and still needs today <3

    • Reply
      September 27, 2016 at 1:10 pm

      Thank you so much sweetie. I’m just trying to show the world you can be any kind of girl, even if you’re fat. Comments like this mean the world to me! ??

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