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August 25, 2016

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No offense summer lovers, but it finally clicked in my brain last weekend that I am STOKED for Fall!! It’s my most favouritest time of year, the smell of the air, the slant of the sun rays, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoe soup, the crispness that leads to scarves and mittens and all the best fashion layering options! It also has my fav holiday smack dab in the middle, Hallowe’en, which I know is a HUGE shocker to you all!

fall colour crave

looking for these colours? I’ve tracked a bunch down here!

It all started with this meme I posted on my facebook page and it started spiraling from there. Next thing you know we’re cuddled in on the sofa watching old episodes of The Great British Bake Off with a pot of Cream Earl Grey and I start fantasizing about weekends spent stockpiling on Cornish pasties and Scottish meat pies or maybe even taking that stab at making pickles like I always wanted to { I know that is a more late summer activity, but whatever }.

It also got me thinking about Fall Fashion, two of my most favourite words butted up against each other. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m shedding a lot of crap and pressure I put on myself and I’m trying to focus more clearly on what makes me happiest. Part of that revelation before I finally wrote a word on that post was putting together an extensive style mood board, { take a peep and scroll through the images below } and one thing really stood out to me, how much of my favourite fashion expressions are generally themed for Fall weather.  It’s just chilly enough to require a cute moto jacket and a bulky scarf, but not so chilly that you cant still rock a mini skirt and colourful tights

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So with Fall on my brain I thought I’d check what some of my regular online haunts had up for pre Fall to get us all in the spirit of the Great Pumpkin…Spice Latte!  Now, let me be clear, I am not one of those people that subscribe to the notion that you need to pack up your summer wardrobe and pull out a new one for each season, like who has that kind of budget? { if you do, rad, but that’s just never been my reality } I like to make use of all my favourite pieces year round just by adding or subtracting layers, like sweaters and tights. But that doesn’t stop me from drooling at all the new trends and pieces I wish I had, so here a oodles of my favs!

The Ultimate Fall Guide for Plus Size Shoppers

Ultimate Fall Guide | plus size shopping Links to each are top to bottom left to right:

  • Modcloth has a killer line of blazers in a huge array of colours and fabrics that go up to a 4X! I can’t decide between the green or red
  • There must be something about Fall and back-to-school that make me want napsacks and satchel bags
  • It’s no secret I love a good black and white frock. These two dresses from eShakti just speak to me, the peter pan collar dress is the Wednesday Addams dress I’ve pined for forever and the polka dot sheath dress reminds me of a new fashion hero, Chloe from Don’t Trust The B– in Apt 23
  • I love the colour olive, { hell, I love eatting olives too! } so I’m always happy to see it return for Autumn fashion. This super cute combo dress is a lovely nod to the 90’s and is just aching to be layered up for Fall with a moto jacket, a floppy brimmed fedora and some cute booties! { this one comes in 3 colours! }
  • Just like the meme above, the colours that come from the world of deep red are always most welcome when Autumn comes around, I love the simplicity of the burgundy dress from Forever21 it’s just aching to be styled up and the one with bell sleeves and lace up detail is so pretty. I took me a long time to warm up to bell sleeves, but I love them to bits now!
  • I can’t say this ginger dress at first glance is a very Fall colour, but with it’s warmer orange undertones, this pastel is perfect for fall, and I just love the silhouette. It would transition so well form summer to fall, just by adding some tights and a chunky scarf.
  • Loafers, yup, I love loafers! I love masculine shoes and I love to wear them with a cropped pant that shoes off my ankles. I dunno, blame it on Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, but I’ve been wanting a pair for ages and I think this year I’ll finally jump on them, this pair of loafers is from boohoo are super cute and fairly feminine for a loafer.
  • I’ve wanted a pair of Chelsea boots for ages, I just can’t decide if I want classic black or if I’d like to go for burgundy. There are also variations in rounded toe or pointy toe and I get stumped every year and end up not getting a pair, shame on me and my indecisive brain! What I really like about this pair of Chelsea’s from Boohoo is the pinpunch detail!
  • As I said, Fall is about adding layers and the most fun layers I love adding are thick bulky scarves and hats, I love a good hat! Especially a wide brim fedora!
  • Fall isn’t just about dresses, I love separates and the return of pants { and leggings for pants! though does that ever really go away? } once the temperature drops enough to be able to wear them again. I like the idea of dressing up some distressed jeans with a cute peter pan collar top from Eloquii { because I want peter pan collars on everything, I don’t care if they ever go out of style, luckily, they haven’t yet! } Boohoo has some cute distressed boyfriend jeans I love a lot too! { did you know boohoo has “no surprise” shipping, yeah, no extra fees or import taxes that surprise you at the door!! They cover them all! It’s pretty sweet and I bet Canadians would shop more internationally if that were offered more, especially with our dollar so poor lately }
  • My fav staple jacket ideal is a moto jacket, this one is from Eloquii, but F21 has oodles in fun colours to boot! They’re just so versatile and bad ass all in one!
  • Fall gets you gearing up and looking for something to keep warm with on the cooler nights as we slip into winter { I know, I know, here we are at the height of Summer and I’m prattling on about Fall and now Winter? Sorry, sorry! } I just discovered this new brand Universal Standard, they are a bit pricier, but the pieces look like the utmost quality and the types of clothes that you would wear year after year, so the cost per wear would go down considerably. { yup, I’m enabling you here } these three items are at the top of my wishlist from them and they also are perfect for Fall! The Marlett oversized coat, Hudson knit cape sweater and the Meuse resin jeans { I also really really really want the mesh Thames fog dress and the Geneva dress….ok I want everything! }

So are you excited for Fall yet?  Or am I the only one? What’s your favourite part of Fall or what is your favourite season?

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  • Reply
    August 25, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    I love all the looks. The red you talk about used to be called burgundy or cranberry and that is one of my favorites. I think a lot of the looks can be worn by all ages .
    I didn’t know you wanted to make pickles. Yes you need to get them from you local market now so that they are still small. I will send you my recipe. It takes 10 lbs of pickling cucs to make 8 quarts of pickles.
    Thank you for all the great ideas

    • Reply
      August 25, 2016 at 8:19 pm

      There are so many names for those deeper reds, cranberry, oxblood, wine, burgundy, etc. /yes, please do send me your recipe! I don’t have the tools to make them, but I’ve alwasy wanted to try making them… mostly so I have a pickle stockpile for myself.

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