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July 11, 2016

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I mentioned last week in Friday Favs that we had popped down to Seattle for one night to close out our 2 week summer holiday. We, in all honestly, extended our one week to almost two weeks off just to go down to Seattle for one night to see a UK football team play. No, not just any team, but the team my husband has faithfully cheered for since making chums with a British expat he worked with 20 or so years ago at a Sam the Record Man.

When we heard West Ham United was scheduled for a friendly to play against the Seattle Sounders, it was kind of a no brainer. Back when we traveled around the UK and Europe 4 years ago we HAD to take the tube out to East London to watch the boys in claret and blue play in Boleyn Ground. This is all making me sound like a fan, but I just had to google those details as the only thing I know about the team are their colours and a cute sounding song, { that is kinda depressing once you listen to the actual words } they sing as the game plays on the pitch, “I’m forever blowing bubbles”.  

But the boy loves ’em and who am I to not go along for a one fun night in Seattle?

Meanies for West Ham

Seattle for West Ham United vs the Seattle Sounders yeah, I know I already posted this one! deal with it! hehe

We took a Bolt Bus down in the afternoon and stopped for supplies for a picnic lunch at a really awesome Asian market called Uwajimayawe,  had found while on a bus pause on our way back home from Portland back in January. We stocked up on some ready made sushi and cold chicken karaage, as well as an assortment of bevies. Like, I finally got to try the LaCroix water everyone has been going on about…you guuuys! You didn’t tell me it was flavoured soda water, like NO SUGAR, no sweetener, just delicious bubbly water with a delightful flavoured after taste! I got the coconut, and it was divine, I’m a total guzzler of club soda at home, so it was a lovely treat! I also got a royal milk tea, cuz it’s pretty and I like the milky tea, I just wish it wasn’t sweetened so much and I also got the cutest tiny sake in a cup that literally looks like it should be for kids. Of course, I’m lame and only documented these things on snapchat like a dang amateur. D’oh!

We found a cute little park to eat our nomms in as we watched a pair of older dudes play a giant game of chess, followed by a workout group start doing warm ups. We gobbled up our lunch, we cleaned up our mess and we started a short trek over to an Irish pub called Fado’s. While on the bus a fellow rider spotted Col’s jersey and told us it was “the place to be!” All the West Ham fans were gonna be there, so we figured why not check it out! It turned out, we had been there before, the first year we attended Emerald City Comiccon, we had gone there for a late dinner as it was really close to our hotel and I am a total sucker for a pub. The place was BANANAS!

Seriously, I hadn’t expected to see so many West ham fans at the game, let alone just a pub for a predrink. We tried and failed to get ourselves drinks in that definitely packed beyond fire regulations pub! It was BUMPIN!


Col made friends while trying to acquire drinks I tried my darnedest to keep out of the way of the waitresses running to and fro. I have no idea how they managed in that mess of blue and burgundy! We left without drinks, but we weren’t disappointed, it was a fun experience and made me look forward to the game even more. I remember from our trip out to East London how much I enjoyed watching the fans so I was hopeful for the match.

We walked back towards the the stadium. We were super early, but ti gave us the chance to be in CenturyLink field all by ourselves, well practically. The staff was super friendly and helpful and the stadium itself was immaculately clean. Oh and it had some excellent wifi, seriously, why don’t more places offer wifi at this day and age?? Wifi is the key to my heart and it made it possible to snapchat live from the game, which was a lot of fun. Especially sending videos to our Expat friend that got Col into the team to begin with. he’s now living in Thailand, so catching games is a little tough for him.

We sat next to the West Ham corner and they did not disappoint! they kept me entertained the whole game, even when they were down they’d start singing a slew of songs! It was super fun.

Centurylink Field post game

photo by Mister Meanie

After the game we headed to the University District via a flat rate cab. It was my first time in one, I was a little baffled when I didn’t see a meter to keep track of the trip, it cost $17 to get from Downtown to the university district, which I figured was fair with the distance we drove, though I’m glad I mentioned the absence of the meter, because it wasn’t until I said something to Col that our driver said it was flat rate and how much it would be.

Once we arrived at our destination we walked up some stairs to the apartment of my very first internet friend! We met about 14 or 15 years ago on a stupid little site called “hot or not” { are you old enough to remember that one?! } Me and my old bestie used to cruise hot or not and hit on girls. This is where we met a wonderful weirdo girl that posted campy photos of her with a bright pink backdrop brushing her teeth or holding up toothpaste. We instantly fell for this wonderful weirdo gal and commenced a chat. We all became fast friends and she came from Seattle to Calgary to visit us one summer and then she came to visit once again when we had relocated to Vancouver. We haven’t seen each other since, well, not in the flesh, but have retained our internet friendship.

memory repository: when a Seattlite visits weirdo Canadians.

memory repository: when a Seattlite visits weirdo Canadians on a whim.

We stayed the night with her, but we went out for a quick drink n’ bite first. The kitchen was closed at our desired destination, but we stayed for a drink, I had a mojito, it was a mighty fine mojito! Then we walked down the block and came across a burger hut. They were open late and had some fun burgers on the painted wood menu permanently fixed to the wall outside the door. I think what won me over on the menu was a chicken nugget burger, though it’s not what I got. I just thought it was a brilliant idea! I ended up getting a mushroom and swiss topped burger and Col got one with an egg. The egg ended up being at least a 2 egg omelet neatly folded on top of his burger. All the burgers were less than 5-6 bucks and it was a pretty tasty burger to boot!

Then it was back home to crash with a cat sleeping on our heads with the occasional toe nibble interspersed. We woke up good and early to get ready to hit the road before my friend had to go to work. We said our goodbyes and found the local Trader Joe’s. We don’t have Trader Joe’s up here, { well, Vancouver has the infamous Pirate Joe’s but I never make it to that area of town } so I love popping in. I had heard tales of a product called “cookie butter”, it’s supposed to be peanut utter with ginger snap cookies ground up and blended it in. I kinda squee’d when I saw it on the shelf and picked it up immediately. I had to explain what it was to Col as he was in the dark, but her loves peanut butter like no ones business and he’s a pretty big fan of ginger cookies so he was game.

We also spied some frozen macarons, 12 for $4.99. We figured why not get ’em to try out on the bus back home. By then they’d be thawed out and ready to eat, it was a wise decision on our part. They were delicious! We love those little light as air cookies and we always scoff at the $2.99 per cookie price tag so often associated with them around Vancouver.

Then we located a car2go to drive ourselves back to Belltown with a quick stop over at the Fremont Troll, which I’ve always wanted to visit. Sadly, I’m still hoping to visit it, because the GPS in the car2go wouldn’t let us enter the information we had screen grabbed { remember folks, we were in the states so we didn’t have data! } the car2go navigation took us to where the troll would be, you know, if you wanted to be on the bridge over the troll. We ended up on a freeway bridge instead and just had to keep rolling down the road to our next and last destination before hitting up the bolt bus back home.

Margot MeanieMargot MeanieMargot Meanie

It was still fairly early in the morning, well, for us it was. We rolled up to our last destination around 9:45ish for a hearty breakfast and a pint at the 5 point. Its a 24 hour diner/punk/metal bar kinda place. I’ve been going htere ever since my first trip to Seattle. It’s just one of those places where I feel at ease and comfortable in. If I lived in Seattle, i would be a regular there. We each got the corned beef benny, I opted for a side of bacon and we each had two pints { hey! we were on vacation! }. After filling up on hollandaise soaked goodness and listening to a few songs on the jukebox it was time to pack it in, but not without a few outfit photos first!

I opted to keep it super simple since it was just one night down and we’d be carrying all our things with us the whole time. So I wore the same outfit each day, but brought a sweater in case it got chilly.  And I packed nothing but my makeup and a change of sock n undies. Col had the toothbrushes and deodorant to keep us from getting too funky! haha.

Margot Meanie IMG_4720Margot MeanieCollier Meanie / Mister Meanie the 5 point

The dress is a city chic dress, but I bought it from a facebook page run my Stina { of fatshion peepshow }. I have a black crop top underneath and I wore my denim vest that I got ages ago from Old Navy. It’s funny, because I was looking at my facebook memories for the day while in the diner and realised I was wearing a very similar look at a crawdad pub that is since closed, back in Vancouver four years earlier.


then and now | margot meanie

then and now, I think I’m cuter now, thoughts?

The drinks did their job and we both napped for a majority of our trip back home. It was a fun little whirlwind trip that was the most excellent way to end our summer holidays together!

Have you been to Seattle? What are you summer plans this year!


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    July 12, 2016 at 11:15 am

    I miss being able to zip down to Seattle for a weekend so much! It’s definitely one of my favourite American cities and I’m hoping to make it there for PAX Prime, but that’s riding on a lot of factors right now, so I guess we’ll see.

  • Reply
    August 28, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Yeah I love your blog! I’m a Seattle local!

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    January 1, 2017 at 12:52 pm

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