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Friday Favs #12 + my camping trip!

July 8, 2016

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Hey lovelies! I’ve been having way too much fun on my mini Meanie summer holidays! Last week we went on our annual camping trip with some of our besties, “the Munsters”. We head out to Otter Lake every year with them for a week of sun, Hawaiian drinks, mimosas, well “Mirmosa’s” mango juice and bubbly, Miranda’s fav and “Marmosa’s”, pineapple juice and bubbly, my fav! { haha, yes, we know we’re dorks! }, floating in donuts and general nature-y fun! This years camping trip may have been the best yet!

We had so much fun, the weather was really nice, we only got rained on the once and it was kinda fun to be hidden in our new tent. Oh, yeah, we upgraded our tent this year, from a four person to a ten person! haha, we know, we know, it sounds excessive. But, it was on sale and $50 cheaper then the 8 person tent we were looking at and honestly, I couldn’t face another year trying to get out of a wet swimsuit in a tent I couldn’t stand up in. Have you tried wiggling out of a wet tank suit while lying on an air mattress? You feel a little like a harbour seal on the beach trying to get back in the ocean! HAHA!  With the new tent came some pinspo and I felt the need to glamp up my tent so I decorated it to resemble a genie lamp. I hung saris, pretty lace table clothes and other pretty scrapes of fabric that I hoard. We made little makeshift nightstand tables with upturned milk crates and brought my old trusty travel chest that acted as a table as well as holding all our clothes. We had yummy smelling candles in glass votives and battery operated twinkle lights to add even more ambiance!

inflatable donuts plus a unicornglamp life & Maligood morning!my view for a weekLast year the girls made it a priority to get our grubby mitts on those big mouth donuts I had been seeing everywhere, they are a flipping DREAM! We were so glad to have gotten them, that last year our butts were practically glued them. The boys saw the error in their ways and we made sure to get them each one as well; they both opted for the chocolate donuts  { ooh, the choc ones are on sale!  } and us girls held on to our strawberry pink frosted ones! We spent the majority of our days sunk into our donut holes with yummy beverages in hand.

If you’ve been curious about these fun novelty floats, yes, they do fit a plus size bum perfectly and oh so comfortably! As you’re out on the lake they do deflate a tad, but they keep you floating for hours and even inflated to just half full they keep my 265lb-ish body afloat. So if you’ve been wanting one but you’ve been hesitating, do yourself a favour and TREAT YO’SELF!

Margot Meanie camping with an inflatable donut float Otter Lake BeachMargot Meanie and Miranda Munster

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my 100 day chub rub free journey, I’m still going strong and tomorrow marks 30 days into summer with zero chub rub!! Yay!! I admit, I totally thought I’d falter on this camping trip, but my chafeZone stick kept me going! And since the mosquitoes were particularly bad this year, we were able to give the burnZone a try and it helped with the super bad bites to bring them down and numb them out a bit.

Mister Meanie Margot Meanie camping at Otter Lake 2016The MeaniesOtter Lake, BC 2016

I kinda wish I got more photos, but you get all wrapped up in relaxing and having fun, sometimes you just forget to bring out the camera!

So, that was the annual Meanie x Munster camping trip, we’re hoping to get out at least once more this summer. I really want to perfect decorating our new massive tent and I could definitely go for more donut lake time!

We were home for a few days recuperating from all that sun and fresh air and then we were off to Seattle for a one nighter so my hub could see his football team { English football, not American, though American football is his first love when it comes to sports }, West Ham United, play a friendly against the Seattle Sounders. It was his b-day gift from me and we had so much fun!

It’s been about 12 years since I’ve been down to CenturyLink Field in Seattle. We arrived at the stadium early and I was kinda bowled over with how friendly the staff were and how clean and beautiful the stadium was! We sat near the West Ham corner and I think I spent more time watching and listening to the West Ham corner sing and cheer than I did the game. Which I guess is no big surprise as I know very little about soccer.

Seattle for West Ham United vs the Seattle SoundersMargot Meanie at the 5 point in Seattle

We spent the night a my friends house and left early in the morning to get a hearty breakfast from my fav metal/punk 24 hour diner, The 5 Point. We each had the corned beef hash benny, I added a side of bacon, because, bacon. We put a couple bucks into the jukebox and had a couple pints and then it was time to get back onto a bolt bus and home.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks! Now, onto a few of my favs from this week!


This look from Eloquii is so rad. It’s edgy and playful, yet still professional, I love it! They’re having a big up-to 70% off clearance sale right meow!
eloquii look

How cute is Josine of The Bigger Blog? Those jeans are the cutest! { IG: @thebiggerblog }

Lookie!!  Someone made art from one of my camping photos! I’m super smitten! { though I do kinda wish we were still decked out in black. It was our ongoing joke of “goths on the beach” the entire camping trip }
by @drawnbyjovanna

She also did this rad one of Beth Ditto! If you dig illustration, I recommend giving her a follow!


  • This read was a wild ride! 
  • I loved what Meagan wrote about resting bitch face and not always feeling like a smile. You’ll notice, most of my fashion posts are without smiles, and that’s ok! I smile when and where I want to.
  • Did you catch my outfit post from this week? I was feeling pretty dang cute!
  • These look like so much fun for the summer, actually, year round!
  • Got anxiety? Share this with your pals so they can get a little insight and understanding.
  • The world can be an ugly and cruel place and sometimes it’s easier to turn a blind eye and pretend it isn’t happening, but when we choose silence, we are unknowingly choosing the side of the oppressors. If you have been seeing the events coming from the United States and are as sickened with pain and grief as I am but feel helpless because you are a white person, or not from the US, or you just feel powerless, but you still believe in justice and that social change can happen please read this. It’s a great tool to help figure out where to begin, even if it’s just beginning a conversation. Words and ideas have power, and it’s the only tool many of us have to start change.

Take care, keep safe and have  great weekend!

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    July 8, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    LOVING the filter on these pictures. and the floats….!!!!!

    • Reply
      July 8, 2016 at 7:09 pm

      Thank you! I wanted them to look like memories. All of my camping photos growing up had a similar feel. ?

  • Reply
    Glenna Henderson
    July 24, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    You are a cool woman. Glad I have a place to go and feel completely at ease.
    Go girl!!

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