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ch-ch-ch-changes, but not really

June 2, 2016

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Thank you all so much for your feedback in my reader survey! I’m leaving it open for a while to keep getting your feedback, but I’ll probably close it off sometime next week. It’ s been really helpful and a lot of fun learning about you, where you’re from, and how we all hangout in the same places online! It’s really cool that we live in a time where we can find kindred spirits all over the place, and though we can’t always get together and have a fun gab session over a couple bottles of bubbly, we have found ways to make it happen through social media and fun apps!

A few things I already knew going into this reader survey was that I was going to continue having outfit posts as a main feature. Never fear, that is and will remain my primary focus here. Since basically no one has the budget to buy new items every week, I’m going to keep it fresh with a mix of new and old items and I’ll flesh out this space with other interests of mine. A big part of that is building fantasy wardrobes from online. So since I can’t afford the pieces, I can at least show you what I’d buy if I had that magic credit card with no limit and no accompanying bill. So + shopping will remain as well.

Something that surprised me was how much you all desperately want Caturday to return! And I gotta admit, I’m pretty stoked on it myself, so I’ll be alternating Friday Favs and Caturday every week!

Something that I knew already is there are a few topics that I have lost my gusto over and so have you, so I will not be revitalizing topics like my tattoo etiquette, though I will leave them up, I just won’t be adding to them anytime soon.

I’ll also be posting a few new features when the feeling hits, like #stylecrush, where I spotlight a style maven that makes my heart go pitter patter and I thing you’ll dig as well! And I will write more in fat girls travel too, so I’ll make sure I document my travels a bit better in the future! I can be terrible about that, but traveling is a passion of mine and we do face some unique set of trials while we bop around the planet. So I’m going to focus on how I can document and approach the topic better.

I will occasionally post for love of blog posts, { I think I’m going to rename itblog tools‘ } as I really like sharing some of the knowledge I’ve learned over the last two and a half years. Getting into blogging can be intimidating and you can be greeted with a lot of tight lips about how to get started on each new step of your journey and I don’t want to add to that, If you ever have a blog related question, please hit me up and I can dedicate a post to the topic you’re inquiring about!  I found half of you are bloggers and the other half are not, so if you’re not a blogger, it’s ok to go ahead and skip those posts! I always label each post so it’s easy to tell what kind of content you can expect in each post before you waste valuable online time!

My goal is to continue to post at least twice a week, with the possibility of a third post if something special is coming up! I’m also going to take a stab at vlogging. A vast majority of you were keen on the idea and now that my new camera has arrived, I’m going to attempt my first video! I’m nervous, but also REALLY excited!

So, in the end, a lot isn’t really going to change, but I am shaking things up so we can all have more fun with our time together here.

I’d like to thank you all once again for giving me feedback and hanging out with me online! You are all fabulous and I’m so happy to get to know you all more and more over time!

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