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outfit | with mustard

April 20, 2016

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So, this is no big surprise as I basically haven’t shut up about it for well over a week, but Saturday was my BIRTHDAY! But I promise, this is the last posting about it until next year rolls around again! This is just a recap of what I wore, kinda, for my birthday and also a little about one of my all time favourite colours to wear, yeah, that’s right, I do like to wear some colour, but when I do it, I like it to be bold, fun and in your face, and I honestly can’t think of a colour that fits that description better than yellow! I’m including some outfit shots and a shopping guide with not only my own lil mustard yellow dress, but also a few of my favourite yellow garments, accessories and even some makeup to get my fav trendy colour in your life!

Now when I said this was kinda my birthday outfit, what I mean is, yes, I wore this dress, but for the photos I added the blouse and tie, because the idea struck me the morning we were planning our photos and it worked out really really well. For my party, I just wore the dress, as the house was full of warm bodies and my place can get scorching hot, especially after a few drinks!

I was so excited this dress actually showed the day before my party, I wasn’t expecting it to arrive until Monday and the party would be long past, but it arrived just in time and it fit like a dream. If only we were so lucky with Cols suit, which is the reason we were placing a f21 order, I just squeezed my dress into the order. Sadly, everything we ordered for him was a size too small. So we had to make a trip to the mall to try and rectify the situation.

So here is my new favourite thing hanging out in my closet, my new mustard yellow dress! I basically wore this the entire weekend!

Plus Size Blogger, Margot Meanie in a Forever 21+ yellow dressPlus Size Blogger, Margot Meanie in Forever 21+Plus Size Blogger, Margot Meanie in Forever 21+

This dress is FAB-U-LOUS. At first I was a little nervous about the, umm, neckline, armpit line? What do you call that part? Anyway, I was nervous as it cut right across my side boob bulge, which I absolutely detest, I know my side boob bulge wouldn’t be so big if I had a bra that fits correctly, but there are no places in town that accommodate my size. There is one place about an hour long drive away from here, but we’d have to use a car share to get out there and that would be a hefty fee to add to an already pricey bra. I’m also a tad nervous ordering one online. I’ve heard amazing things about Ewa Michalak Bras, but it just seems like such an exact measured garment, that I’m terribly nervous about that gamble. Anyway, enough about bras, the side boob things was mostly adverted once I was able to play with the adjustable straps on the back. This dress is a very stretchy and super soft and comfy. I do wish it had pockets, but I wish every dress had pockets.

I’m wearing the 3x and it definitely stretchy enough to wear if you’re a 4x. For the record, I’m a US 20/22.

Plus Size Blogger, Margot Meanie in a Forever 21+ yellow dressPlus Size Blogger, Margot Meanie in a Forever 21+ yellow dressPlus Size Blogger, Margot Meanie in a Forever 21+ yellow dress

Plus Lace Cami Dress – Forever 21+ { shop Canada, shop US } | everything else is old

+ shopping guide:

It just so happens my favourite colour to drape myself in { we’re talking colours here, not shades, as we all know that would be black and grey for days } is on FIRE this season! I’ve been seeing it pop up around in some plus size shops or sections, but as I mentioned, we braved the mall the other day to get Col a black suit that fits properly for an upcoming wedding and I was seeing yellow EVERYWHERE in the straight size stores too, though, there is a lot more options when it comes to straight size, like usual.

I decided to do some of the work for you and hunt around and find a few of my fav options so far! I think adding a pop a yellow to your wardrobe or outfit will simultaneously dazzle and befuddle co-workers, friends and beyond, especially if you’re like me and you stick to a darker palette. And if you think wearing a entirely yellow dress is too much, never fear, I’ve got you covered for shoes, bags and make up too, which are all great ways to incorporate this playful hue!

colour trend - yellow




Overall, forever 21 definitely had the most available, but I was able to rustle up quite a few items. Eloquii also has this cute hippie style lace dress, that is adorable in yellow as well!

Would you rock a yellow dress? Or are you intrigued in accessorizing with a little punch of colour? What colour would be your favourite to play with? Let me know in the comments!

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    Alissa E Katz
    April 20, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    this is such a cool post! your pics are awesome, who takes them for you? i love how creative they look..:)

  • Reply
    April 21, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    I wear a lot of bright colors, tho my choices are limited because I wear in the range of 26-32US.

    As for bras, I had luck at They have a lot of videos about sizing, and they do take returns. I tried 4 different brands in different sizes, and ended up with a surprisingly comfy 48J, returned the other three for a refund, no problem. They aren’t cheap, but it was so worth it to me to find something that I could stand to have on my body longer than five minutes. They carry bras up to N cup, and 50-something band size.

  • Reply
    April 24, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    OMFG, that dress is perfection and now I have an urge for alllllll the mustard things. You total babe! <3 That bow just sets the whole thing off.

    Just Me Leah

    • Reply
      April 24, 2016 at 6:13 pm


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