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I left my heart in Portland pt 2

January 25, 2016

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I left you off with pt 1 of our in capers in Portland from Friday and Saturday, but Sunday is when the activities steamrolled through! Sunday was an early wake up call as Kobi and I were invited by Chubby Cartwheels to model her newest items for her online shop, followed by a plus size fashion bonanza of fun and activities! { I’ll post photos for our shoot later this week! }

I’ve never modeled before. I mean, you all know I take photos all the dang time, hello! Fashion blogger over here!  But I have always held steadfast onto the title “blogger”. But oh boy, was modelling ever fun and not super different from what I normally do, other than being in a studio with the most amazing natural light.

Now I know this is kind of catalog modeling, so that’s why it’s so similar, but I kinda have the bug and I want to do some more artsy endeavors in the future!

Kobi and I had the MOST FUN EVER shooting with Shawna and trying on all her new shades!

Immediately following our shoot was an event Shawna put together to showcase some of what Portland has on offer when it comes to plus size fashion.

Myself Kobi and Shawna

4 designers were brought in to set up racks and racks of items to gawk at and try on. A table with decadent chocolates and scrumptious cupcakes was laid out with tons of bubbles and fun mixes to make any mimosa concoction you could dream up. { …it’s almost like Shawna knows me or something! 😉 }

In addition to Chubby Cartwheels we met the designers for Copper Union, Size Queen and Amelia of Hello Amelia!

Each designer had more than a few items I wish I had been coming home with. Some of my favs would include the donut midi skirt by Size Queen by Bertha Pearl, a metallic jumper by Copper Union and a slouchy ‘snug cocoon’ cardi by Hello Amelia.

Margot Meanie and Kobi Jae in Copper UnionMargot Meanie in Amelia PDX slouch cardiganMargot Meanie om Copper Union left and Size Queen right

But one of the highlights of the day was meeting so many of my online friends and crushes! There were literally so many people there that I had no idea lived so close! I have often lamented the I felt a little isolated here on the West Coast.  That there just isn’t a tangible community to interact with, but low and behold. There they all were!

Alexa Raegun RadFatVegan Kobi Jae and Rachelle Abellar Katana and Kobi

I met Alexa Raegun, a plus model I have admired for a long time. She is one of the most lovely people ever. I also met Rachelle Abellar, editor and all round bad ass babe that put together the plus size fashion book,  The Little Book of Big Babes. Oh my goodness, what a sweety!

I got to give a hug to Rachel Cateyes, aka RadFatVegan aka, the artist behind Glorifying Obesity fame. She was adorable and oh so lovely!

I almost had wished that our name tags had our instagram handles on them as well, because I even met a few babes that I didn’t realise until after the event that I have been following for a long time.  Which I know sounds kind of silly, but when you follow babes from all over the globe, you don’t expect so many to show up at a Portland event.

It was genuinely an amazing experience. I have never been in a space that was completely taken up by plus size bodies. There was no shame or ridicule, just a bunch of girls let loose with cameras and clothes. And yeah, we may have been a little giddy with a sugar high from the bubbles and cupcakes!

Kobi and Coco in Size Queen

@kobi_jae & @houseofcoco in Size Queen

After the event wrapped it was time for real food. I went to lunch with 4 babes and we stuffed ourselves silly at a really great diner, which, sadly I forget the name of. The food was excellent and sloppy, but please, never order the French 75’s! It’s a disservice to my favourite cocktail. { yes yes, I know it doesn’t help not knowing the name of the place, but maybe just not ordering champagne cocktails at diners is good advice all around ? }

After that, we were totally bagged and went back to our bnb for a nap.

Let me tell you, we crashed HARD! But as much as we wanted to stay down, we needed to go out, because I may have forgotten to mention, my husband had come down with me.  Notice how he hasn’t come into play with much of my weekend description…yeeeah, that’s because I was busy as hell all weekend running around with my gal pals pretending to be models and whatnot. I felt awful about leaving him behind so often.

But that wasn’t always the case, he did come out for for karaoke and he snapped some photos for Katana and I. But for a good chunk of the trip, he was mostly a glorified assistant. He’s so awesome, he never complained once, but I knew getting to the arcade was important.

First stop was drag queens with plans to hit up our fav place in all of Portland, Ground Kontrol after.

As we got ready, we couldn’t help ourselves but sing “this is ground control to Major Tom”. After we were beautified post naps, we headed out and saw some stellar Queens.

Sadly, our good time was cut short after a friend we had met earlier in the day at the event earlier that day had been in a car crash and had left her stranded in Portland. Since we had an extra room in our place, we invited her to stay with us. We cut our night out short, with promises to hit up Ground Kontrol the next evening.

We got home and waited for our friend to arrive and that’s when the news hit about David Bowie. It was so strange and sad. Especially about us singing Major Tom earlier in the evening. David Bowie is one of those celebrity deaths where you will always remember where you were when you received the news, much like when Kurt Cobain passed or Michael Jackson.

Our Sunday night ended up being a quiet and somber evening and we retired to bed relatively early for ourselves.

Monday was a get up and go kind of day as Kobi and I both had a mini tour around Portland scheduled to take photos with Claire from Copper Union. She took us to a few really great spots to play around in while her assistant snapped photos of us. I can’t share the images of us just yet, but here are some cool things I saw.

Cargo in PortlandTasty n AlderFat Fancy plus size boutique

Every shop we entered on Monday was playing Bowie and it added and air of surrealism to the entire weekend. After we got our photos, we went for an AMAZING lunch at Alder n Tasty. Holy shit, we ordered way too much food, but everything was ridiculous tasty and we ate a good portion of it!

We followed up our lunch with a quick pop in to Fat Fancy, a really fun plus size boutique that offers both new designs by local designers and vintage plus size finds!

We headed back home and had one last dip in the hot tub and then we finally headed out. We started with drinks at the Gold Dust Meridian, which was not too far from our airbnb. We met up with our sicky friend Kyle that was finally feeling up to getting dressed and coming out to hang out, as we hadn’t actually met yet.

After a couple rounds of drinks we aimed our sites at Ground Kontrol for an evening of pinball, Mario cart, Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles { Turtles in Time } and cheap drinks. I may have had a few too many ciders….and then a corn dog followed by a shared Frito pie. I was disappointed it wasn’t served in the Frito bag, but I’ll live.

Tuesday we awoke to a goodbye brunch with Shawna. We hit up a place super close by called Jam, which my bestie had recommended from her last visit down. It was super good and I introduced the girls the the miracle that is ordering hollandaise on the side of any breakfast. Minds were blown!

Then is was time for some teary farewells as Kobi was off to the airport. We gave each other a huge hug and once we released I saw tears in her eyes and then I started crying buckets!

Then folks, it’s not very exciting from there. We headed into our bnb to tidy up and finish packing. Shawna came back to retrieve us after dropping Kobi off at the airport and she dropped us off at our Bolt Bus pick up location. We stocked up on snacks for our long ride back home and then I was back here. Missing all my babes, but with plans to return in the near future.

Have you been to Portland before? What are you’re favourite spots?? I cannot believe I didn’t make it to Voodoo Donuts this time! We were just so dang busy!

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  • Reply
    January 25, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    what a whirlwind trip sounds like an incredible time.

    • Reply
      January 25, 2016 at 6:53 pm

      It really was!

  • Reply
    Ruby Thunder
    January 26, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    You guys all looks so amazing! The event looked amazing! Portland is absolutely on my wishlist destination. I’m glad you all had fun.

  • Reply
    Kobi Jae
    January 28, 2016 at 12:39 am

    I literally just got tears in my eyes again, reading the end of this post. I cried BUCKETS at the airport. <3 </3 <3 </3 But seriously, i'm so glad you did such a thorough dot point recap of the weekend. We can read back over this when we're 80 and laugh at the memories of our fabulous adventures. I'm sure there'll be a bunch more together by then!! xx

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