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Rebellious Self Love

16 body positive babes to follow on instagram for 2016

January 1, 2016

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I hope you thoroughly enjoyed ringing in the New Year! Hell, maybe you’re still ringing it in, good on you! Today I am starting up a month long body positive challenge on instagram, it’s my second round of #RebelliousSelfLove and it is all centered on a new year and a new way to love yourself.

No guilt inducing resolutions, no diet plans, no beating yourself up or attempting to ‘fix’ yourself. This year is all about embracing who you are and daring to try new things, especially those things you’ve been too scared or self conscious to try.

It’s about building communities of like minded individuals to in turn, assist in building each other up. To achieve some self acceptance and to love who you are and where you are going with life.

To help us along, I thought I would make a list of my top 16 ab fab favourite body positive lasses I follow and think you should give them a whirl as well!

1 @dammitslade

I met Slade on tumblr and we totally clicked immediately! She is currently going through some medical issues, but she is bold and being upfront about her experiences. She’s showing there is no shame in dealing with anything life throws at you and you can hold your head high but that you can also feel your low days and neither one is showing defeat.
She is a warrior and I am proud to call her a friend. I find a tremendous amount of strength in her and I think you will too.
She also rocks some of my favourite outfits and has the most gorgeous mossy tresses! 

{ update: she’s all clear!!! Let’s send her some love! }

2 @katanafatale

Priscilla Presley wannabe. Photography @klangphoto distressed sweater @shopbuxom

A photo posted by Katana Fatale (@katanafatale) on

If you want a sexy, sassy take-no-guff kind of role model, Katana is for you.
She is an indie plus size model that is at the forefront of fighting for fat representation. Many of us in the plus size community cry out to see more models of varying size and representation of something similar to our own bodies. Katana is out there, fighting that fight and looking fucking fabulous while doing it.

3 @thisismeagankerr

I have been such a fan of Meagan for some time now. She radiates positivity, but don’t assume that she doesn’t stand her ground when push comes to shove.
Meagan is supportive, fashionable and encourages you to take your own risks. She leads by example and helps you with sage advise when you stumble.

4 @curvesbecomeher

Aarti is a sweet gentle soul and she wears her heart on her sleeve. I think so many people will find a reflection of themselves in her and I hope that her courage to share her most intimate thoughts, fears and feelings will help destigmatize talking about mental health issues.
Not only does she tackle hard to talk about issues, but she plays around with fashion too and uses her outfits as a form of activism.

5 @themilitantbaker

The single greatest 90s Christmas sweater of all time.

A photo posted by Jes Baker (@themilitantbaker) on

Jes Baker is the author of Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls. She has long been my compass for my own body positive journey. She is funny, heart felt and full of piss n vinegar.
She will make you laugh, perhaps cry a lil, all the while you won’t even realise she is changing your life right under your nose!

6 @nataliemeansnice

sorry, y’all. i’m not gonna be over this #outfat for a while. hope y’all don’t mind. ❤️

A photo posted by natalie. (@nataliemeansnice) on

If you want to see beauty, fierce style and killer makeup skillz all while living in a fat body, you gotta follow Natalie! She is so sweet and helpful you will feel like you have a new bestie in your IG feed.
She is humble and candid and she never shies away from showing some of the pitfals of a plus size life { No, you are not alone when it comes to wearing the crotch out of your favourite jeans! }, but in a light, fun, comical way that will make you feel at ease.

7 @hantisedeloubli


A photo posted by ? Stacey ? (@hantisedeloubli) on

If you are looking for epic plus size fashion that fluctuates from powder puff cuteness to goth school girl realness, this is where you NEED to be!
Stacy is constantly knocking it outta the park and I swoon daily at her outfits posts!
She also knows her way around many make up brands. so if you’ve been dying to try any out, she can be your justification for taking the plunge!

8 @flightofthefatgirl

Cynthia SLAYS ME! Not only is she incredibly fashion forward, shes also a 30+ blogger from Canada! {even though Montreal and Vancouver are so far apart, I still feel akin to my fellow Canadian babes} She likes to play around as much as possible with her fashion choices, she never shies away from the daring, controversial or “unflattering”. She kinda chucks any old rules that apply to plus size fashion, right out the window!

9 @kobi_jae

Kobi is my blogger boo, bosom buddy! We started blogging fairly close to each other. Once she found me things took off. I had ideas, but I was shy and nervous putting them out in the world. She would end up being my town cryer, and because of her enthusiasm, heart and fearlessness, we got a little thing called #alternativecurves off the ground.
We are finally getting the chance to meet next week in Portland and I simply cannot wait!
If you love to thrift and like unique, one-of-a-kind style filled with the perfect amount of cutesy kitsch, sass and ferocity, Kobi is your gal!
Kobi is a catalyst for great things to happen, so get her in your life STAT!

10 @fatgirlflow

Corissa of Fat Girl Flow is here to help with self love, accepting yourself as you are and helping you find the clothes you love in your size!
She is so chipper and cute but at the same time, brutally real, never shying away from tough questions or topics. She’s the type of person you feel you can open up to and ask your most guarded question to.
I highly recommend subscribing to her youtube channel!

11 @glitterandlazers

Glitter and Lazers is a self described sass-bot, I find it impossible to dispute. She is FULL of sass and wit and encouragment. Her fashion choices are often casual, sometimes daring, cute and chic. She is also always posting mini yoga videos which are fun and approachable if yoga is something you’ve wanted to try but felt uncomfortable jumping into.

12 @drunkvanity

A photo posted by Amy (@drunkvanity) on

This girl really shines on her tumblr. She’s a comedian, but also a truly empathetic body positive warrior. She’s always there to answer your questions and fill your tumblr dash with Guy Fieri. But on her IG it’s a simple look into the life of a young woman, a student, an emerging comedian and an activist with a hella lotta skin!
She’s not shy and she’s here to help us that are get out of our shells.

13 @fatshionpeepshow

If you dig drag queens, goth fashion, horror and magical colour changing hair, Stina is a go to. Her hair changes even more often than mine!
She’s basically a techincolour, plus size version of Morticia Addams, a mama and wife to a fantastical brood. If you’ve ever said you can’t dress how you want because family life gets in the way, she’s here to help you think differently.
She owns her style and will make you want to as well!

14 @chubbycartwheels

Shawna is actually a designer, but she lives, breathes and designs for all body positive babes. On her page, you’ll see rad outfits she’s rokcing as well as bad ass babes rocking her designs.
I’ve gotten to know her really well through snapchat, and I get to hang out with her and pretend to be a model next week while I’m in Portland and I am having a hard time keeping myself in check because I basically want her to be one of my besties!

15 @candy_strike

Elizabeth is another indie designer, she is the master mind behind the brand Candy Strike. She is an illustrator, sculptor and all around bad ass. Yes, a big part of my affinity with her is our mutual love of the Duckman and 80’s goth new wave, but it doesn’t stop there, we have so much in common we’ve decided we were split up at birth or something.
Her feed is full of her gorgeous self, her designs, cute memes and her art. All kinds of inspo to get your juices flowing!

16 @readytostare

Alysse, is a writer, blogger and designer. She wears many hats and the bestest nails. Her hustle is inspiring and her passion is infectious.

As the head of Ready to Stare, she fights for representation and places top priorty on showing diversity in everything she does.


17 @margotmeanie

ok, it’s me! I’m guessing if you are reading this blog, than you are already following me. I’m just really excited for 2016, 16 is one of my lucky numbers and it has been coming up Milhouse over the last six months. Now that the year is end in ’16 I figure the whole year is going my way!
I have some big BIG plans this year, that I hope you will be a part of! Keep your eyes peeled and hold love close to your heart!

Now, let’s rock 2016

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