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outfit | baby, it’s cold outside

December 23, 2015

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Let me start by saying, I am in love with this tutu. I know a lot of women feel like they take up too much space, especially in a plus size tutu, but believe me, you are worth taking up that space. Be fearless in your fashion you will bring so much joy into your life!

‘I didn’t give a damn about going to the party or being at the party. It was a about getting dressed for the party. And there’s truth and poetry in that’

-Iris Apfel

Let me follow that up with some love for a fearless fashion hero of mine. I have never identified more strongly than with this quote by a new hero of mine Iris Apfel. I have been aware of her for a long time, since I basically grew up watching Fashion TV with Jeanne Beker { this may be a more uniquely Canadian program } but I never knew very much about her. That is, until I got the chance to watch her documentary. She has since become a hero to me. Her lifestyle with her husband is something to aspire too. Forgoing children for travel and careers is something the Meanies have already put into place sometimes to mixed reactions.

Anyway, back to my outfit and how the title and the quote relate to one another.

Plus size blogger Margot Meanie is staying in but glaming up! | baby, it's cold outside

goth gurl fluffy earrings – Chubby Cartwheels | sequins crop top – f21 but from a friend { sold out } | Plus Size Tutu & gold foil fold over clutch – c/o Society +

These earring flipping slay me! I have been wanting some of these for well over a year, so when they went on sale on for $1.99 per pair {!!!} on Chubby Cartwheels Black Friday I made sure to snag a pair in white and pink, now I need a pair in black and my set is complete.

This crop top is something I specifically went in to try on at a Forever21 in Las Vegas two winters ago. I made a list of things I liked online because I knew the plus selection in the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip was IMMENSE! I ended up trying it on in navy, but hesitated as I had a really full basket and it ended up staying in Vegas instead of coming home. Holy crap, did it ever haunt me, as it was sold out online by the time I got back to Canada.

Fast forward to this year when I met a former plus size blogger and British expat, Aimée, that has been living here for a few years. We got to talking over Tiki drinks with our other expat blogger pal, Rachel . She HAD THE TOP IN BLACK and she never wore it. the next time we got together to watch the Pride Parade from her balcony, she had it set aside for me! What a Peach!

The maxi plus size tutu is almost a manifestation of my dreams. I have a photo shoot coming up in Portland with a corest that is on it’s way and I couldn’t help but wish Society+ carried the black tutu in full length. I was just about to email them to inquire about maybe getting a custom one made, I received a mail out, announcing the tutu was being released in three colours in full length! Talk about serendipitous!

They kindly sent one my way and I could not be happier! It is so gorgeous and I always kind of mourned snipping my white one shorter.

IMG_8711 IMG_8712Plus size blogger Margot Meanie is staying in but glaming up! | baby, it's cold outside

lipstick  ‘jellys’ by ColourPop | eyeshadow ‘In The Light’ palette by Stila

December is often full to the brim of gathering, parties and celebrations. There are just so may opportunities to get all dolled up. We end up hosting a few event ourselves. Once being a yearly tradition of “crafty x-mas” with our friends. It’s a great way for a rather large and close knit group to be able to share in the holiday cheer without going broke trying to gift everyone. It’s always a lot of fun and the bar keeps getting higher and higher every year with people outdoing themselves creatively. I guess it helps that we’re almost all professional creatives.

We also often end up hosting extravagant parties for New Years. Not that we particularly care about the holiday itself. I have never placed a huge amount of significance on the day myself. growing up it was often just excuses for marathons of Mr Bean, Ab Fab or Are you Being Served? on CBC.

baby it's cold outsidePlus size blogger Margot Meanie is staying in but glaming up! | baby, it's cold outside Plus size blogger Margot Meanie is staying in but glaming up! | baby, it's cold outsidePlus size blogger Margot Meanie is staying in but glaming up! | baby, it's cold outside

But it is a great excuse to get your friends together and force them to dress up and drink bubbly with me.

This year however, I am electing to stay in. My whole plan is to enjoy getting ready for the party and than staying home, all dress up and purposefully, no where to go. Because even though I live in balmy Vancouver, it’s still cold outside, not to mention wet.

So my love and I will stay in, drink and be merry and let midnight slip by unnoticed!

What are you plans for the holidays? Any plans on rocking your own plus size tutu?

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    December 23, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    you look stunning. I’m so proud of you. Love mummsie

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