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The Body Politik | waxing for EVERY body

June 9, 2015

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Hello Lovelies!

Today I am bringing you something a little different.  No ootd, no shopping wishlist, no plus size news.  Instead, I am going to introduce you to my friend Carmen Perez.

Carmen owner of The Body Politik a body positive wax bar in Vancouver BC

I’ve known Carmen for almost a decade now, we met whilst working at a party rental & supply store  { oh the stories we have! } and we’ve been friends ever since. In fact, she stood at my wedding almost five years ago! She’s a feisty, take no bullshit kind of lass with a sailor mouth and a rye sense of humour that I just adore. On top of being all around awesome, she is also a brand new business owner!

After going to school for make up and esthetics she’s bopped around Vancouver working at different spas and salons getting a feel for the industry and finding her favourite aspects of the job.  After leaving her last job for a new opportunity she realised she didn’t feel 100% comfortable with the contract offered and found herself in a bind. After a little soul searching she decided to take the plunge and go into business for herself, but with a twist!

Since she has been around the industry, she’s seen things she likes and others that made her cringe. So she came to the conclusion to open The Body Politik, “waxing for EVERY body”, a body positive wax bar.  { Hooray for body positivity making it to more businesses!!! }But, you may ask, what does that means exactly, so I asked her to spare some time in her hectic, opening a brand new business schedule to answer some questions I had.

The Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BC


Margot: What prompted you to go into business for yourself but with a body positive platform?

Carmen: There’s a lot of chatting that goes on during a waxing appointment; sometimes it’s because of nerves, other times it’s just banter with a regular. One thing that’s always stood out for me is that people consistently apologize to me for their bodies the first time I see them. Women, no matter their age and whether a size 2 or 24 will bring my attention to the perceived imperfections of their bellies, their thighs, pointing out surgical scars and cellulite. I’ve had clients tell me about being charged more for their Brazilian wax because, according to their Esthetician, they’re bigger, so they need to pay more. Essentially a fat tax, which, let’s face it, is bullshit on a lot of levels. The kicker for me though was reading a Yelp review about one esthetician at a very well-known Vancouver wax bar who was busted by said Yelper for making some judgmental and ultimately degrading comments about her clients on Facebook. The woman who wrote the review was quite rightfully angry and upset and it just made me feel sick to read. I was shocked. It can already be daunting to undress and be vulnerable for a stranger, never mind having to worry about having your private parts discussed on social media! I just thought, you know, I would never want anyone seeing me to feel like that was even a possibility.

M: What does “waxing for EVERY body” mean to you?

C: Big bodies, little bodies, cis bodies, trans bodies, battle scarred or airbrush perfect: Every body is beautiful. Every body is deserving of care.

The Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BCThe Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BC

{ photos courtesy of Allison White }

M: Do you have any words to put people at ease that are curious to try these kinds of services but feel intimated or embarrassed?

C: First and foremost I try to make sure my client knows exactly what we’re going to be doing so there’s no surprises. I’ll explain the process and answer any questions they have. But I think other than being concerned about pain level, most people are just shy about having a stranger all up in their business! I just let them know that I totally get why they’re nervous or shy (and I do, I had a first time too!) but that I’m not here to judge them. Bodies are just bodies, I look at them all day, I have one of my own, and I don’t think they’re anything to be embarrassed over. I’m just here to wax you, not to shame you!

M: What tips would you give to someone going to get waxed for the first time? { like, what should they expect and what should they do to prep? }

C: No lotions or creams beforehand as they make it difficult for the wax to grip the hair which can result in broken and missed hairs. Plan on staying out of the pool, hot tub, or ocean for the next 24-48 hours – salt water will sting like the dickens, and you don’t want to expose freshly waxed skin to the bacteria in pools and hot tubs.

As for pain? Yes, it will hurt a little but the more you tense and hold your breath the worse it will be, so breathe and try to relax your body. It’s definitely much better than you think it will be, but if you’re really concerned about pain you can take some Advil about 40 minutes before your appointment. Of course using hard wax is also an option for those with super sensitive skin.

M: What is your favourite part of your job?

C: It’s all about the power of transformation for me. I feel like people really like to poopoo the perceived superficiality of the beauty industry, and there is a lot about it that’s silly, but there is an undeniable link between looking good and feeling good; just ask anyone who has had to deal with cystic acne, or lost their hair to chemo. Looking good definitely isn’t everything, but it is something. I just feel really lucky to be able to help people with that.

I’m glad that body positivity is coming into it’s own and there are smart business owners jumping on board and making it a part of their platform, especially seeing businesses outside of plus size clothing. It makes you question why more companies aren’t pushing to make people feel comfortable. There are few things worse than going to treat yourself with a bit of self care and being made to feel terrible for any reason but especially being body shamed in any way.

I think one of the things she said that resonates the most, is “all bodies are deserving of care” and that is a wonderful platform to be standing on.

I’m so proud of my friend, and I am wishing her all the success in the world, which I am sure she shall achieve, as she is talented and tenacious!

Let me know, have you been waxed before? what was your experience? Do you think more businesses, especially body care businesses should be body positive?

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  • Reply
    June 9, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    This is such a cool initiative, best of luck to Carmen!

  • Reply
    Rohini Radhakrishnan (@PerennialRains)
    July 22, 2015 at 2:31 am

    We need these in India too! I’ve always wanted to get a Brazilian wax done, but am so embarassed to go to the parlour and have them do it.

    • Reply
      July 22, 2015 at 12:08 pm

      This breaks my heart. So place of business should ever make some feel embarrassed or less than. This is exactly why Carmen opened her own business, to be the change needed.

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