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home style | redecorating my office

June 12, 2015

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I’m guess I’m shaking things up this week! I have plenty of plus size fashion bits for you next week, I promise, but for now I thought I’d let you in on some other things on my mind lately.

I was so inspired to share this as Kelly from shared her mood board for her office recently.  I figured, since this blog is about style, why can’t that extend into my decorating style too? { ooh, she’s posted finished pictures of her office, I swoon! }

We’ve been wanting to redo the office now for the last year. Currently it’s a mess of random storage and some old pieces of furniture we are no longer in love with. I’ve had an idea in my mind of how I’d like it to look and fortunately, my husband just trusts me with it. But I thought it would be a good idea to set up an inspiration board for how I want to execute the design plans.

I have a pinterest board dedicated to various home decors I adore, but nothing specific to just my space.  I also have a board dedicated to weird collectibles and curio cabinets, that I like to draw from. Though some are a bit much for me to have in my own home. {to be honest, I have a pin board for almost everything I’m passionate about or that intrigues me! }

home style | redecorating my office |

So here is my virtual board to keep me on track. We’re hoping to fully realise the room by the end of the summer.

You have seen a small glimpse of my office in some previous outfit shots. The dresser will stay with it’s leg lamp from A Christmas Story along with it’s various bits and bobs already on display.

I want to make the space light but with flashes of metallic glam, hints of decadence and nods to my curio, gothy and nerdy tastes while remaining practical, eclectic and, hopefullychic.

I’m craving plant life, especially succulents. I have a few plants, but I’m hoping to fill the space with hanging baskets and pots in the window sills. I have been wanting a bar cart for sometime, but it won’t realistically serve as our working bar. I had the epiphany the other day to have plants on it and I started searching right away for inspo on google, there are plenty of examples so I started my search of craigslist where I hope to acquire a reasonably priced piece.

I hope to artfully include some nerdy items, so they don’t end up looking cheesy. I made my husband a Death Star globe for x-mas and we have some fun Harry Potter wands and paraphernalia to display from our trip to Orlando two years back, as well as a phrenology bust and a sonic screwdriver he gifted me last year for my birthday.

We plan to do an ikea hack and spray paint the VITTSJÖ shelving unit and desk metallic colours. I haven’t decided if I want them both gold or if I want to mix my metallics. Craigslist is full of old wooden office chairs so that should be easy to acquire soon. I have to keep my eye out for an interesting insect taxidermy piece I can have displayed in a cloche.  I’d love butterflies, but those locusts are quite beautiful as well.

And I have been desperate for a full length mirror for EVER. I’m not sure if I want gold, silver, or even a mirrored framed mirror. All I know is I want it full length and flashy!

The only real items I can link to here is the ram bust and the golden antlers from White Faux Taidermy. I have been lusting after their wares for a long time now.  The reason why we want a ram with golden horns is to be sneaky and slip in a St. Louis Rams reference without a tacky team item.  { we actually want the one with bigger horns, but there was only an image of the other ram with gold horns. They offer customization of all their pieces! Oh, and they have a unicorn! I kinda really want that as well, we just don’t have room… at least not in the office. }

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