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outfit | I shall wear midnight

March 13, 2015

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Yesterday I was knocked off my feet with sad news of the passing of an author that is very dear to my heart.  Sir Terry Prachett created one of my all time favourite worlds in his Discworld series.  He brought entire worlds and gods { though they were small } to life, he satirized and made commentary on many tricky subjects.  He had an amazing vision and an enormous sense of humour.

I Shall Wear Midnight | A Tribute to Terry Pratchett

He tickled my fancy.

He made me laugh on public transit many a time.  In fact, I found common bonds form with strangers.  Either you would see strangers or they would see you reading one of his books and there would be a slight understanding and appreciation of good people.  You’d give each other a quite nod and smile, acknowledging the wonderfulness of his worlds that exists in those pages.

I often greet the news of celebrity death with a somber, yet cool manner.  I mean, it saddens me, but generally doesn’t ruin my day.  That cannot be said about Terry Pratchett, I found myself brought to tears multiple times throughout the day as memorials and articles were posted on social media.

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.

He wrote over 40 books that exist on the flat planet { which rests on the backs of four elephants, which in turn, stand on the back of a giant turtle floating through space } known as Discworld.  I would have to say that the Moist Von Lipwig books are my favourite, they are also the some of the most recent, but honestly, there are so many good books, story lines and characters, it’s hard to pick which to recommend first. { Don’t be daunted by the whole ’40 books in a series’ thing, they are pretty much all stand alone books and you can really start anywhere.  Though there are guides if you are interested in delving into the world that is Discworld, but I think they make it look more complicated than it is.  I personally have only read about 10 – 15 of them and in any damn order I felt like. }

I Shall Wear Midnight | A Tribute to Terry PratchettI Shall Wear Midnight | A Tribute to Terry PratchettI Shall Wear Midnight | A Tribute to Terry PratchettI chose to share this outfit post today because I can think nothing better than expressing myself through two of my favourite mediums, fashions and books.  The title of one of his books was just so fitting, “I shall wear midnight” is based on a young witch named Tiffany Aching.  I feel like I’m rocking a bit of modern witch looks here, Deathly Hallows mark included { interesting tidbit: Terry Pratchett is the second most read UK author, behind J.K. Rowling }

It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It’s called living.

For now, I will busy myself with re-reading some old favourites as well as catching up on some of the books I have yet to read.

He will be missed, but his creations live on and that is comforting.

Are you a Pratchett fan?  Or better yet, who are your favourite authors & books?

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    March 14, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I have no idea who Mr. Pratchett was until I read your piece, but am inspired to find out. Rest in Power Mr. Pratchett. <3

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