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hmmm.. my thoughts on Target's new Designer collection

January 7, 2015

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Target and a slew of top plus size bloggers were giddy with the announcement today about a new designer collection that will be rolling out into stores and online April 19th.

The newest designer collection will be Lilly Pulitzer for Target and it is aimed to be a fun, bright, summer resort line that will be including accessories, housewares and clothing...that will be offered in sizing up to a 3x or 26w! 

If you follow Chasity of Garnerstyle, you will know of her open letter to Target and her boycott of them after they released their last designer collection and how she was fed up of plus sizes being excluded.

The good news is, they listened, and it seems like they’re treating this line as a peace offering of sorts.  The bad news is, and this is just my interpretation after reading Chastity’s post today about the line, is that we need to show Target we are here to buy it or else they won’t be offering this chance to us again.

But what if we don’t like it?

The inclusion of plus in this collection is great!  But it also sticks us in a hard place.  We want more of these opportunities, but what if the collection fails to appeal to some of our sensibilities?  I want these collections to move forward while including a plus size range, but if I can’t see myself wearing the items from this ONE collection, and I don;t buy it, I’ll never be offered anything like this again??!

I’d want to vote with my wallet, but buying something I’d never wear just to give a huge corporation my cash for a place card to be a repeat shopper in the future seems hollow.

I hate when we’re placed between a rock and a hard place.  It’s like being in a “take this or you’ll never be offered a nice thing again” situation.  Doesn’t that almost seem abusive?

There may be pieces I like, I haven’t seen everything yet, but in all honesty, I am not a bright, summer-y, pattern loving girl. {GASP!}.

And I know I’m not the only fashion loving plus girl who will feel the same way.

Another point of contention from me is the plus size range will be sold online exclusively.

Once again, plus size women are relegated to having to shop from home, guess their sizing/fit and wait dutifully by the door for a package to arrive, while straight size girls get to try the items on for fit on launch day and walk out the front door of Target, happy with their new pieces.

  • No waiting
  • No guessing
  • No worrying it won’t fit and you might have to return it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one getting sick of having to do 99.9% of my shopping online.

Why are forced to shop this way?!!

I kind of went on a rant in Chasity’s comment section and realised, I should really be sharing this here as well and start a discussion with you.

My ultimate take away from reading Chastity’s post today is that she,  Nicolette Mason and I think Gabi Gregg, {based off of some instagram photos I believe I saw a while back} are, I hope, going to be involved with them somehow at some point.

That, is something I really want to see! 

So what are you thoughts?  How do you feel about this line? Do you think you’ll be buying it.  How do you feel about plus size shoppers being placed in this tricky position?


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  • Reply
    Michelle Crawford
    January 7, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    Hi there! This is Michelle Crawford, the CEO of Cool Gal Blue, a new online boutique. You’ve touched on an issue that I propose has a different solution. It seems wrong that plus size women have to practically *beg* traditional retailers to carry their size. Is it a victory that Target will graciously (insert sarcasm) allow plus size women to buy online from their new special collection? What if they deem to carry it (for probably only a short time) in their stores? Should we stampede to our local Target and buy out the plus sizes just so they will like us? Instead, I would suggest that the solution is to NOTshop at stores that blatantly ignore 65% of women (that being the % of women who are size 14 and higher in the U.S.) Instead, put your dollars into the local boutiques and online plus size retailers that actually work hard to earn your business. Sure, for the online stores there are sometimes fit problems and the waiting a few days can be an annoyance. But we (and many others) work hard to minimize these issues — offering measurements for each piece of clothing, have stylists on staff to answer your specific questions, offer free postage-paid returns/exchanges, etc. I know I speak for the many other plus-size retailers out there who absolutely ADORE our curvy customers. Our plus size customers are beautiful and brave and smart, and we are honored to serve them.

    • Reply
      January 7, 2015 at 3:03 pm

      I 100% agree with you and I am a HUGE advocate for indie designers and shops. I know the love you all give to your customers and the dedication to put in to the community!

      The opportunity to buy higher end/big name designers is a fun novelty that is rarely offered to plus women, so I don’t blame plus consumers for being excited to shop such collections. I just hate that we are treated like our money is not as valuable as a straight size persons money.

      I don’t view this at all like a victory, more like an ultimatum, which leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.

      I am definitely not against online shopping, I just wish that it wasn’t my one and only option for when I want to buy something new. Shopping online is my “normal”, it’s how I roll, but it’s also because it is my only option. I know in other parts of the globe, that is not always the case, but where I live, which is a large city, I still have zero options, which is pitiful.

      I know a lot of smaller boutiques and shops need to be online, as paying for a storefront is expensive and not always possible, or they have a store but also want to be able to service the community at large, because we all know, we need it!! They also put so much into customer care. They want you the have the best damn experience with them so you will go back and you will tell your friends and it’s a beautiful, organic and lovely way to do business.

      And them on the flip side, all see is large chains, companies and corporations, that actually have the money and power to bring clothing to their brick and mortar stores, but instead refuse to. instead they opt to all together remove it, like plus clothing is some dirty secret and I’m just tired of it.

  • Reply
    Laura (dusty_rose)
    January 7, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    UGH. The ultimatum is shitty, and relegating the plus sizes to online-only is even shittier. They’re sending a clear message that they want our money, but they don’t want our bodies in their stores–and apparently they don’t understand that if we went in to buy clothing, we’d end up spending $100 on random-ass housewares. (Not that I’ve done that or anything *cough cough*)

    From what few pictures Chastity posted of the collection, it’s not really my style either. I do like bright colors, but I feel meh about these particular patterns–I think they’re just too preppy for me. I do like a few of the scarves, but I don’t wear scarves often (despite always resolving to start wearing them), so I probably wouldn’t buy one. What I really want is for Target to bring back its Missoni and Prabal Gurung collections in plus sizes…I’d wear the shit out of those.

    It’s so frustrating that Target can yank us around like this, when they would never think of treating their straight size customers the same way. It’s not like they’re going to put out one straight size collection, and if it doesn’t sell well, stop making clothing in straight sizes.

  • Reply
    January 7, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    Ummmmm YES! I saw Chastity’s post on Instagram and my immediate reaction was BULLSHIT! I am so disgusted by the idea that they would seriously condescend to plus size shoppers that they will “give” us the opportunity to spend our fat dollars, as long as keep our fat asses at home. The continued fat shaming of consumers by retailers is just one of the reasons that I am and will continue to seek out independent designers, handmade and ethically made clothing for women of size!

    I also think that the collection of beachwear mumus is really a cop out. as far as designer collabs go. Fat women exist, have long existed, wear clothing, and enjoy options. I am not a huge consumer, but I get it. This is not an option, its a handout, mixed with a slap in the face. I’m done with Target, have been. But friends we really need to call out this as what it is. Not allowing plus size shoppers to evaluate, try on and shop for clothing in stores is just FAT SHAMING Plain and simple.

    • Reply
      January 25, 2015 at 9:19 pm

      I totally agree with where you’re coming from on this! It’s an absolutely ridiculous and unethical approach, not to mention completely idiotic for the companies involved; we are a niche market who have been oppressed for far too long. If plus fashion suddenly became more readily accessible, I have no doubt women would be THROWING cash at corporations for beautifully designed and thoughtful pieces. Although I do agree boutique and indie designers are the way to go, I sincerely believe we deserve the options.

      Great piece, Miss Meanie xx

  • Reply
    Jen @ Hell Razor
    January 7, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Just needed to chime in to say that if the Anna Sui for Target collection was ever brought back but in plus size, I’d buy ALL OF IT. As in, multiples of each piece. I loved that collection. This Lilly Pulitzer stuff is pretty much too springtime/preppy/pastel for me…

    That being said, I didn’t even realize that the plus-size options are online only until just now! Ugh. TargetFAIL. It won’t stop me from buying (if there’s something I like), but it’s a major drag for sure.

  • Reply
    Zadry | Curves a la Mode
    January 8, 2015 at 9:12 am

    You make a great point Marg. As a company if you’re making a “peace offering” to get your plus size customers back why would you only offer them clothes online? Why can’t I go to the closest store and try on styles like everyone else?
    I’m sure the line they are working on with Chastity, Nicole and Gabi is fierce, but I hope that they make it available in stores otherwise my hard earned money will stay with me.

  • Reply
    Laura (dusty_rose)
    January 8, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    One more thought: I just re-read Chastity’s post, and it’s not clear whether Target actually said/implied something along the lines of “take this or you’ll never be offered a nice thing again,” or whether that’s Chastity’s opinion. If it’s just her interpretation, than who knows, maybe Target will surprise us and try making more than one plus size line before giving up (not that I’m holding my breath). But if Target is actually saying that we need to buy from this line or else they’ll never make plus size collabs again, then yeah, that’s shitty and manipulative.

    There’s still no excuse for making the collection online-only, though. That’s so disrespectful, and also counterproductive–I think most people would be more likely to buy the items if they could try them on in person.

    Btw, Alissa of Stylish Curves has posted a few more pictures from the collection. It’s so, so, so not my style. The only thing I would maybe consider buying is the bubblegum pink laser cut skirt (dress? towel? I can’t even tell, as it’s hanging on a rack and it’s partly obscured by other items). But overall it’s really not my aesthetic, and I hope Target realizes that not all fat women are into the same look.

  • Reply
    January 18, 2015 at 12:09 am

    I get so very sick of being offered one little capsule collection, which is not available in store, and if we don’t buy it, then we get nothing else. If we do buy it, they think that they are doing it right. I believe they do this on purpose so they can say “We told you that plus-sizes don’t sell.” They expect us to be grateful for crumbs.

    What should be happening is that the same clothes that are available in straight sizes should be made available in a FULL range of plus-sizes, in store. Only then, are we being treated fairly and equally.

  • Reply
    Links à la Mode | January Edition | Curves à la Mode
    February 2, 2015 at 7:11 am

    […] find out that the new line will be available in stores and online– a big improvement from the online only alternative Target had dropped on us earlier with their Lilly Pulitzer […]

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