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friday i'm in love

friday i'm in love | #32

September 12, 2014

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Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top looks I have seen online each week as well as any other internet gems. 

From now on I will also be including some links to Friday I’m in Love feature!  If anything piques my interest, I’ll be sharing it here with you.

{I do share a lot more on my facebook page throughout the week, if you’re interested in keeping up to date.}


// Tayler Smith from Not Tayler Smith  // Day 2 of NYFW

Tayler Smith // friday i'm in love #32 //

Tayler is a photographer and I’m super jealous as she was photographing much of NYFW.  I adore her outfit for day two.  The sheer, almost flowing white blouse reined in by a perfectly simple harness is freaking on point, but even better, she double harnesses up and you can see a pentagram harness underneath the sheer blouse!! It’s so edgy and chic, I’m completely slayed by it!

Follow Tayler on  tumblr instagram, twitter or her new blog dedicated solely to New York Fashion Week.


// Audrey from Big Or Not To Big// French Curves: Rockin Tutu

Audrey from Big or not to big // friday i'm in love #32 //

I adore Audrey, she just looks so great in every outfit she posts!  Her style ranges, which I love, and each outfit is always perfectly styled no matter what she’s showing.

This look from the French Curves blog hop totally caught my eye.  Something about leather and tutu’s set my heart to fluttering!  I am enamored with this tutu’s colour, especially in contrast to her perfect gingery tresses!  And how fun is the graphic tee with this whole look!  Love, Love, Love!!

You can follow Audrey on her blog, lookbook or instagram!


 Love these links:

-Yay, discoveries at Stonehenge!

-Denise Bidot was aaalll over New York Fashion week and she looked so fierce!! In fact there was a range of body types displayed this year, which was very newsworthy!  Hopefully this is becoming the norm!  I personally loved the Chromat &  Zana Bayne runway shows the most!

Denise Bidot for Chromat


Some may find this a bit weird or morbid, but that is exactly what Caitlin Doughty is all about.  Caitlin is a mortician and she’s trying to make people a bit more at peace with our mortality and uses knowledge, humour and cheesy photoshopping to help to subject go down.  I kinda binge watched all of her videos over the last two days and now I kinda want her to be my friend!!

Beware, the pet death is a sad one, but the rest are genuinely wonderful!  {the pet death video is beautiful as well, just have some kleenex at hand}

Caitlin is releasing a book that will be on my x-mas wishlist this year called “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory” and is currently available for pre-order through amazon.


#AlternativeCurves now has an instagram account!!  

#alternativecurves on instagram //


So far @alternativecurves has been a HUGE success!! So many rock n roll, bad ass babes are coming out of the woodwork!  Thanks to all the altcurve babes who have joined!!  If you would like to participate, just use the hashtag #alternatovecurves for a chance to be featured!

And keep your eyes open for an announcement from Miss Kobi Jae regarding more ways to get involved with #AlternativeCurves!

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    September 22, 2014 at 6:45 am

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature! I find so many new awesome ladies to follow!

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