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friday i'm in love

// friday i'm in love #22 //

May 30, 2014

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Welcome to my revamped Friday I’m in Love!

I haven’t been feeling this feature now for a while and I let it fall to the wayside after a close friend gave me a blog critique and said they thought that the feature just felt like an extension of my pinterest, I couldn’t help but completely agree.  I really felt like I was phoning it in most weeks and that’s not how I ever want this blog to make me feel.

Generally I’m excited about writing new posts and I wanted to keep that going so I let Friday I’m in Love slip away.  But in the last week or so a new idea settled in and I began to get excited!!

Friday I’m in Love is now going to be centered on giving back to the community and featuring what I truly love, great style!

Friday’s will now be dedicated to my top 3 looks I saw each week!  They may not always be posted from that week, they just have to be my favourites that I’ve seen!! Of course I always want to highlight the plus size babes out there, but this will be completely inclusive so men and woman of all shapes & sizes are ripe for the picking!!

I’m keeping it to 3 looks for now, I think it’s a manageable amount and still gives a spotlight on each person!

I hope you enjoy!

Without further ado, here are my top picks for this week:

1// Isabell Decker from Dressing Outside the Box // Boyish

friday i'm in love // isabell decker from dressing outside of the box //

friday i'm in love // isabell decker from dressing outside of the box //

Isabell is wearing Blouse + Denim – Dorothy Perkins/Sleeveless Boyfriendblazer – Simply Be/Bow – Asos/Bag – Monki via Asos/Heels – Asos 

I’m just totally over the moon for this gal!   I’m in love with her style and her silliness! Cutie-patootie!


2// Emerald Shaw from How to be Dope // b*tch u just FAT!

friday i'm in love // Emerald Shaw from How to be Dope //

friday i'm in love // Emerald Shaw from How to be Dope //

Emerald is wearing Zipper top: Rainbow | High waist jeans: Rainbow | Button up: Old Navy | Shoes: Privilege Shoes

I just became acquainted with How to be Dope last week and I love her!  And. Look. At. Those. BOOTS!


3// Jessica Ip from Clothes and shit // 

friday i'm in love // Jessica Ip from clothes and Shit //

friday i'm in love // Jessica Ip from Clothes and Shit //

This is not one of the “new this week” posts at all, but it came across my tumblr dash earlier this week, it’s actually the second time I’ve seen it and I loved it just as much a second go around, so it’s perfect for this feature!

Since this is an older post, I had a hard time tracking down the outfit details on her site, but take a peak over there, lots of cute looks!


Hope you enjoy what these lovely ladies are putting out there!  I look forward to bringing you more great looks from around the web!

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    June 3, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Hey girl! I love your blog! Adding you to my reading list now! Didn’t have internet for the past few days haha but finally got it back to check out this post! I really appreciate you including me in! I don’t think #3 is working at the moment though haha.

    • Reply
      June 3, 2014 at 10:54 am

      Oh noooo. It’s not working! I just got home from visiting family, I will fix that ASAP! How embarrassing!!

    • Reply
      June 3, 2014 at 11:00 am

      All fixed! Not sure why the scheduled post reverted to it’s previous draft, but huzzah for backups!! <3

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