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Eastside Culture Crawl – 1000 Parker St.

November 20, 2013

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This weekend was a lot of fun as it was the East Side Culture Crawl in Vancouver!

It’s a really cool event, a ton of gallery’s and artist studios open their doors for the weekend to the general public so we can get a peak into their work spaces and ongoing or completed projects.  It is so inspiring!  I ‘d love to be able to work in a private studio someday.  The only question would be, what would I work on?

1000 parker street

We went to one of the largest studios buildings in town, 1000 Parker Street.  It was MASSIVE!  Not only is it massive, it’s kind of a maze, you can easily lose your direction after going in and out of so many spaces.  But the atmosphere was great and there was a huge turn out.  The halls where packed with people looking at art, conversing with the artists and buying some of the artisan pieces.

We started off in probably the most impressive room, the sculptures were GORGEOUS!  Really interesting & impressive work.   We worked our way through all 4 floors, top to bottom.  There were painters, sculptors, leather workers, carpenters, clothiers, jewelers & artisans of all kinds.  I fell in love with quite a few pieces and a lot of their spaces!

Here’s a run down of what I saw (this is a HUGE photo dump!):

David Robinson

David Robinson Sculpture – Paper & Resin

David Robinson

David Robinson – this piece was huge and impressive, it spanned the entire room.

David Robinson

David Robinson


I feel bad, I didn’t catch this artists name

Karen Bagayawa

Mixed media artist Karen Bagayawa had some pieces that played with textures and a lot of layering. They reminded me of old cement blocks in a school yard, that’s been chipped away to show what’s underneath.
Karen Bagayawa inspiration table

This was a display of the some of the inspiration Karen used for her pieces.

Hair Bows or Bow Ties by Kam & Lee

I think these were hair bows, but I really like the idea of wearing them as bow ties. These were by Kam & Lee

Fox hats by Kam & Lee

I found these in the Kam & Lee room as well. I think they’re hats made from fox skins. they were so beautiful and I really like how they displayed they’re pieces!

Cagey Bee

I follow Cagey Bee on instagram, I had no idea she was local!! Adorable work by her!

Boskke Sky Planters BY NATURE

This was one of my favourite rooms to be in! It was so lush and full of life. These were all by a group called By Nature. There were some really cool, 3d wall art/sculptures made of moss and/or mushrooms.

Living Chair BY NATURE

By Nature had this chair that is hollow on the bottom and can be filled with whatever you want. Love that they filled it will moss!

By Nature and Amanda Meowzen

The hallway display By Nature & and one of my favourite people/artists Amanda Meowzen

Judson Beaumont

Judson Beaumont is a fairly well known furniture designer, you’d probably know him better by his “Little Black Dresser“. His work is full of whimsy, his studio was a lot of fun!

Creative Mayhem Leathersmiths

Creative Mayhem Leathersmith, one of my favourite work spaces!

Creative Mayhem Leathersmiths Jackalope

I love me some taxidermy and I really love me some Jackalopes!! This was a beautifully done bust by Creative Mayhem.
Creative Mayhem Leather Monsters

These leather “monsters” were made in the same art space as Creative Mayhem, but she ran out of cards and I can’t recall her name.

Custom upholstered and painted chair

Custom upholstered chair with a really awesome zipper/seam detail hand painted by anther artist. (sorry, I lost track of their names as well, it was almost overwhelming the amount of work we saw in one day!)

David Cho 1

I really fell hard for the work of David Cho. I’m not a boxing or UFC fan, but back in the day, I was a HUGE WWE fan (back then it was still known as WWF) His portraits were simply amazing though!

David Cho 2

David Cho

David Cho3

David Cho

David Cho - Ulitmate Warrioe & Hulk "Hulkamania" Hogan

David Cho – Ulitmate Warrioe & Hulk “Hulkamania” Hogan


1000 Parker Street "alley" 2

Around back in what was kind of an ally, but not really was FULL of graffiti and sculptures!

1000 Parker Street "alley"

1000 Parker Street around back

Margot MeanieMargotMeanie

What I wore:

  • Jacket – ASOS Inspire Waterfall jacket, which I just love so very much!
  • Dress – ASOS Curve exclusive maxi dress in lace crochet (one of my very favourite items to wear these days!)
  • Bag – Thirfted in a fantastic consignment shop in Portland
  • Hat – Forever21 studded extra wide brim pork pie hat, though it’s not really a pork pie hat, not sure why they called it one.

We had a great time, my feet were tired at the end of the day! (I should have worn flats, but they didn’t go with my outfit!)  After all the walking around, we headed to the Storm Crow Tavern for poutine King of Tokyo and beerbarians!

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    November 20, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    that was fantastic

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    can I borrow your dress?

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