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November 13, 2013

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This weeks Wishlist Wednesday is going to be dedicated to animals…though not what you might expect.

This one’s all about taxidermy (real & faux), mounted pieces, bones, tentacles, antlers & teeth. There are even some animal tattoos!

I love animals, but I also love weird stuff, here is a perfect mix of both!

I was totally turned on to these AMAZING brooches by Hungry Designs on The Dainty Squid, She’s hosting a giveaway, so go over and enter!

Mounted Jackalope Rabbit Brooch by Hungry Designs Mounted Triceratops Brooch by Hungry Designs

I have my ears stretched to 00g and often wear tunnels with earrings looped through.  These ebony wood hanging bats made by Diablo Organics  would be a lot of fun to wear, especially because I totally have a thing for bats!

00g Hanging Bat earrings

This ring is just too cute!  It’s a life size casting of a chameleon skull by Moon Raven Designs, look how it fits on your finger!  So badass!

Sterling Silver Chameleon Skull by Moon Raven Designs Sterling Silver Chameleon Skull Ring by Moon Raven Desings

I really wish I knew who did this collection of antlers & unicorn horn headbands.  I’ve been keeping these images as inspiration for a crafty project.

Antler Headband Collection

I’m totally in love with the minimalistic approach to (faux) taxidermy being done my White Faux Taxidermiy (WTF..teehee)  I love that it’s white and i really really dig the touch of gold! Tres chic!

Faux Deer Mount by White Faux Taxidermy

Gold velociraptor skull model by White Faux Taxidermy

I know some people will find this morbid, but I find this so beautiful and different.  Precious Creatures is making really unique and gorgeous little momentos of tiny creatures and I think they are so very lovely!

Precious Gold Gilded Rat Paw Chandelier Brooch

I follow LadyLocks Creations on instagram.  She has such beautiful and unique items, just this week she posted an image of a tentacle necklace.  It’s gorgeous ans so cool!

Bottled Octopus Tentacle by LadyLocks Creations

Bottled Skunk Teeth Necklace by LadyLocks Creations

I also have to throw some love out to some really great animal tattoos!  Here are a few current favourites.

Birdie by Daniel Gensh

Birdie by Daniel Gensh

Cattoo by Natalie Gardine

Cattoo by Natalie Gardine

Fruit Bat by Amy Savage

Fruit Bat by Amy Savage

Rabbit tattoo by Matt W Lambdin

Rabbit tattoo by Matt W Lambdin

As usual, if you find anything great on this post, you can always check out my pinterest boards for more awesome stuff!


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