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Wishlist Wednesday: Oct 30th, 2013

October 30, 2013

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wishlist wednesday - art

I usually pine over clothing for my Wishlist Wednesdays.  Last week I went all crazy cat lady (OK, I’ve only done 2 entries into Wishlist Wednesday BUT, they were both fairly centred on clothing)  So, this week, I’m gonna go a little nutso for art!

I love, love, LOVE art!  That statement doesn’t really hone in on what kind of art I like though,  there is so much out there.  My personal tastes run toward low brow, macabre & illustrative.  I love photography, tattoos, street art, sculpture & paintings.

I spent a lot of time curating my {art} board on Pinterest


This is what I’m crushing on right this moment!

Aganetha Dyck
The MMasked Ball
Photo credit: Peter Dyck

Aganetha Dyck – a Canadian artist that’s been working with bees!  She has some fun and really crazy things going on with bees including shoes that have been altered by bees and hive scans!

Hide & Seek 9×12 acrylic on wood by Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur is really busy lately & wowing me on a regular basis, check out his instagram

Hey y’all, Very soon I will be releasing this as a print, just getting everything in order and ready to go, look out if you’re interested!Greggletron

Tattooer Greg Whithead – Scapegoat Tattoo

Greggletron  a really amazing tattooer based out of Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, Or.  His tattoos are great and I’d love to be tattooed by him someday, but for now, I’d totally settle for this print he’ll be releasing soon!

Beth Cavener Stichter “Come Undone”

Beth Cavener Stichter “Come Undone”

I am infatuated with the  work of Beth Cavener Stitcher.  I’m madly in love with all of her work.  Gorgeous!

Artist unknown

Artist Unknown – I’m not sure who the artist is that did this piece, if you have any information, please let me know, as I’d love to post credit!

I recently came across this piece on tumblr, but can’t find the original link or any information on who the artist is.  Not only would I like to give credit, but I’d like to check out more of their work!

The Weasels – Elizabeth McGrath
foam, resin, acrylic paint
6” x 18” x 4”
A Shadowless Summer
Sloan Fine Arts · NY

Liz McGrath has long been a favourite of mine, even before I knew her name.  Her stuff is so whimsical yet morbid at the same time.

Portraits by Hanna Jaeun

Portraits by Hanna Jaeun

Hanna Jaeun has come out with a series of smaller portraits that are so striking.  The three I’ve seen so far have all be dark and quite beautiful.

If someone ever actually just let me sit down and show them all the art I love, probably with my pinterest board open, we’d be at it for hours! I’d love to have some of these pieces in my collection.

So, does this count as a Wishlist Wednesday or do you think this falls under Friday I’m in love?  Maybe I should just make an art feature?  Not sure.

If you could share your top artists or pieces of art right now, what and who would they be?  I’m definitely into checking them out!

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