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Where have I been and where am I headed?

April 1, 2021

Hi friends, I know it been far too long between blog posts. Like many of us, the challenges presented in the past year has given me pause to reassess a lot of aspects of my life. But in my case my crash course into this actually began a full year before the pandemic with my breast reduction in March 2019 and then followed 6 months later with a…


SIMPLY THE BEST | Gifts For Schitt’s Creek Fans

December 3, 2019
Simpy The Best Schitt's Creek Gift Guide |

We’re fast approaching the 6th and final season of Schitt’s Creek, which is both heartbreaking and heartwarming that they get to tell their story on their terms, but sad we don’t get to continue enjoying Moira’s outrageous outfits and accent, David’s growth and love with Patrick, Stevie and Johnny’s budding partnership, and of course A Little Bit Alexis. Even though the series is ending the fan base is…


Gift Ideas for Astrology Lovers, Star Gazers, And Moon Babes

November 20, 2019

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ― Sarah Williams, Twilight Hours: A Legacy of Verse If this poetic quote rings true with your soul or of someone you love. I adore making my yearly gift guides for weirdos, witchy types and spooky bitches. We have very specifics tastes and when…


How To Turn Your Home Into A Haunted Mansion with Etsy

October 16, 2019

Two things are front and center on my mind lately; decorating my new home and taking full advantage of spooky season. For a lot of us, or more likely, most of us here are the type that when Halloween decor hits the shelves we’re stocking up on home decor for the rest of the year! Though on Etsy you can find spooky sellers and makers year round, there…


WE ARE THE WEIRDOS | alternative plus size fashion icons on Instagram

July 17, 2019

One of my very favourite things about blogging is getting to hype up things I love and something I truly love is all the weirdos and style icons that grace my instagram feed! When I started over 6 years ago it was REALLY hard to find alternative and non mainstream fashion inspiration easily on Instagram so I felt the urge to create the hashtag #alternativecurves to make it…

Etsy Shop of the Month WITCHY THINGS

QUEER MAGIC with GrrrlSpells

June 1, 2019

Happy Pride month! Actually, I like to think of all of summer as Pride season since Vancouver Pride weekend isn’t until August. It makes my heart swell to see rainbows popping up everywhere and trans flags flying high! It’s so wonderfully colourful, but for goth leaning and magical folx we often wish there were darker options to share our Pride with the world, enter Etsy shop GrrrlSpells bringing…