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outfit | eShakti review & a witch..burn her!

Things have been going so wild lately that I kind of backlogged myself with outfits to share with you! Back in August online retailer eShakti contacted me and asked if I would like to review an item by them. I literally did a mini jump/clap in my office chair when I read my email. Of course I wanted to!!!

Margot Meanie | plus size witch, eShakti review, plus size fashion Margot Meanie | plus size witch, eShakti review, plus size fashionlarge button pocket dress – c/o eShakti | purrfect kitty scarf – c/o Society+ | lipstick – “bedazzled” – ColourPop

I’ve been a fan of the brand from afar, but had not taken the opportunity to try them out myself yet. Which is silly, because they basically custom make you each dress.

For this review they actually told me I had to customize my choice so that I could report my experience and I let them twist my rubber arm as much as they wanted, because HELL YEAH I want a custom made dress! I can’t think of many women who wouldn’t want a dress made to their specifications!

I mean how many times have you ordered something and wished the sleeves were looser/tighter, the hem line was a bit shorter cuz you’re a cute cuppa tea or a little longer because you’re a tall drink of water? Or hell, you just want to because you do!

For me, it’s my chest. Its so big it often puts me in a larger size to accommodate, but then I’m left with gaping arm holes or a neckline to large.

So I very happily whipped out my tape measure and I measured EVERYTHING they gave me an option to input. Then for fun, I changed up the sleeve length, because, I felt like it and because it was an option.

So, when my package arrived { and holy crap, was that shipping fast!! } I was anxious to see how it all turned out.

Margot Meanie | plus size witch, eShakti review, plus size fashionMargot Meanie | plus size witch, eShakti review, plus size fashion

cat hair ^^^ keepin it real!

cat hair ^^^ keepin it real!

First impressions, the fabric was different than what I expected. I had thought it would be a non stretch cotton blend, but instead it’s a thicker stretchy jersey. Either way, the weight was nice and the fabric soft. If had actually read the details a bit more, I would have known that, but in my excitement, I overlooked those details.

The fit was good, it fits well in all the right places. My only ill fit was the sleeves are a tad loose. I can take them in myself with ease and I would always opt for a sleeve too large over a sleeve to small, because I can’t make a smaller sleeve work without just removing it and going sleeveless.

It fits nicely over my bust and onto my waist. I wish I had lengthened the skirt just a tad, but I was waffling on that when I was ordering and decided I should keep one aspect of the dress in it’s original form so I could get measure of website to in person.

The pockets are beautifully deep with th cutest fat buttons as a detail. There is a zip closure in the back, but the dress is stretchy enough for my lazy ass self to just pull it over my head.

Final verdict: I am a convert! I love eShakti and can’t wait to try out more items and play with custom options!

Have you tried eShakti or had a dress made specifically for your measurements before? Sign up with eShakti and get $30 OFF your first order!  

do you follow eshakit online? –> facebook, twitter & pinterest

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outfit | eShakti review // appeared first on

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margot meanie | alternative plus size style

outfit | Lydia or Carmen?

My original name for this outfit was “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego: the goth edition” but it turned out more Lydia Deetz than Carmen Sandiego, and I”m pretty ok with that! Either way, we got a plus size goth girl up here!

I want to thank everyone once again for helping me celebrate my 2 blogging anniversary so grandly! I truly had a blast and feel so blessed to be able to work with such awesome, authentic brands. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to think somehow I have done something that has facilitated this all to happen. Of course I have not done it on my own, but taking that very scary step out there has proved to be more than worth it!

Sharing plus size style, especially left of center plus size style has been such a highlight of my life. I’m so happy there are eyes out there wanting to see it and I hope we’re all changing some minds as to what plus size girls can wear!

margot meanie | alternative plus size stylemargot meanie | alternative plus size style

jacket { sold out, loosely similar here, here & here }, wide brim fedora – forever 21 | shimmer disco pants – ASOS curve | booties – urbanog

Today I bring you the last of the photos I shot with local photographer, Jesse Smith. Jesse and I decided to head down the the wreck yard one day to snap 4 outfits. It also happened to be the last true day of summer. I remember us boiling in the heat, waiting for the sun to reach the right point for the “golden hour” light to rock this photo shoot.

It’s kind of cool to have such a strong memory of when the seasons changed, usually it’s gradual or completely passes us by until weeks later we realise the next season is already trudging along. The day after this shoot, it rained for the first time in months and it continued to rain for days. We needed it so badly, as we were in a stage 4 drought. But once the rain subsided and the sun came back, there was a chill to the air and the evenings no longer held on to the days warmth.

I should stop waxing poetic and get to the damn clothes, eh?!margot meanie | alternative plus size stylemargot meanie | alternative plus size stylemargot meanie | alternative plus size stylemargot meanie | alternative plus size style

Did I feel fierce in this? HELLS YES! Even when security guards came out to watch the show, I didn’t shrink away. Once true sign that a lot of my self doubt has melted away.

This sheer chiffon trench was featured on a plus size shopping guide I did up a while ago. I mulled over purchasing it, but it wasn’t a necessity. I didn’t need it, but my gawds, did I ever want it! So I threw caution to the wind and made it mine.

It’s not entirely practical, but it serves perfectly for evenings you’re going out and you never seem to have the correct jacket to throw over your outfit. Or sunny autumn afternoons where you feel like you should layer up but don’t want a heavy jacket to weigh you down.

There, I just justified it! 


Would you rock a sheer trench? Do you think I’m looking more Carmen or Lydia?

photos by Jesse Smith {check out her flickr!}

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outfit | Lydia or Carmen // appeared first on

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Margot Meanie | alternative plus size style

Thank You! and WINNERS announced

I have to start with a huge, heart-bursting-over-with-love THANK YOU to everyone who entered my giveaway! It has been one helleva week! But really, this whole month has been a whirlwind of activity.

On instagram I have been hosting my #RebelliousSelfLove challenge, it has had a steady group of core participants as well as those who dabble, all are welcome! We only have a few more days, I am so impressed with everyone who has even in part, stuck with it! Thank You!

Margot Meanie | alternative plus size styleMargot Meanie | alternative plus size styleMargot Meanie | alternative plus size style

dress c/o Buxom Modern Plus Boutique | kitty ears – c/o Society+ 

I addition to the contest here on the blog, I also held a smaller contest, just on instagram for a goodie bag, packed with lil things from me. This was not a sponsored prize, just stuff I think is cool and am excited to share with a follower. The winner was announced on IG earlier today, congratulations @yukonash! I cant wait to spoil you a bit!

Then there was my Fall collection that launched with Society+. This was my second collection with them { they used to be cool gal blue, I’m still getting used ot the new name, but I’m a big fan of it! } so with that, I was able to pick out more items. There is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes of picking a collection, especially right before launch. Emails are flying back and forth, text messages, skype dates, packages arriving that need to get photographed immediately and then last minute interviews are thrown on top!

It’s ridiculously busy, but it’s a massive amount of fun as well!

Margot Meanie | alternative plus size style

So with all of that happening, as well as working on other projects for the future, still adjusting to my new website and the kinks that need to be ironed, I had this MASSIVE giveaway happening and so many of you joined me in celebrating 2 years of blogging.

The first year flew by so fast and I learned so much and was swept away in a love affair with the blogging community. My second year, I got serious about this blogging business, because I want it to actually BE my business. The learning curve has been steep, but It’s been one radical ride!

I have had the most amazing opportunities open up for me. And I have been blessed with friendships I would never imagined all thanks to this here blog!

So when I say ‘Thank You!’, I truly mean it from the very bottom of my heart. Without you reading and participating, I would have none of this.

I also need to thank the sponsors. With out them, I wouldn’t be able to host such an epic giveaway.

I have been such a fan of Chubby Cartwheels for the past two years, I admire Shawna as a person and a designer.  She may not know this, but she is a HUGE inspiration to me. When I first conjured up this idea, Shawna was one of the first people I wanted to ask to participate. Now she just needs to get that teal fabric back in stock so I can order my damn Boleyn dress! 😉

My relationship with SWAK designs has just been budding. They asked if I’d like to try some items back in August and I of course said yes. Being introduced to and being able to try out brands to share is one of my favourite things about blogging. I boldly asked if they would be interested in joining the giveaway and I think I literally squeed when I got the response ‘yes’ back from them.

Buxom Modern Plus Boutique is owned by Jenny and she is a DOLL. She’s kind and funny and used to be a hardcore gothy teenager, honestly, she’s after my heart! She sent this dress along with that awesome distressed sweater and I couldn’t think of a better way to show it off than in a celebratory post! This dress fits like a dream and it is so versatile. It’s stretchy, but a heavy enough fabric so it lays nicely, but not too heavy so there is a great bounce to the skirt! If you are lacking a little black dress in your wardrobe, I feel this is a perfect option to fill that gap!

Society+ has been such a positive force in my blogging career. We each took a gamble on each other in the early stages and it was blossomed into a beautiful partnership. I am honoured they let me do what I do. It’s a huge step in the direction of where I want to be with this blog. They have been supportive and trusting the whole way through!

Now, without further ado, the winners of the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am so happy to be able to give back to this community that has given me so much. I hope to be able to bring you more giveaways, more collections, more challenges and a better and better blog. I want to keep growing and learning and trying new things!

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margot meanie x thank you // appeared first on

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Margot Meanie X Buxom Modern Plus Boutique GIVEAWAY

margot meanie x buxom giveawayIt’s getting down the the nitty gritty! There is just over 24 hours left to enter the BIG GIVEAWAY!

I want to thank everyone who has entered already and I wish you all the best of luck!

Today I am featuring Buxom Modern Plus Boutique. they kindly offered up a $100 gift certificate for my 2nd blogiversary celebration and I am so thankful to Jenny and to all the sponsors.

I have admired Jenny and her boutique through instagram for some time, but it wasn’t until recently we befriended each other on facebook and learned more about each other. She thought I was from the UK { which seems to be a popular assumption…could it be all the tea? } and I had no idea her boutique, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, also had an online shop that ships internationally!  She offers $6 flat rate shipping within the US and and only $18 flat rate shipping worldwide!! YAY!

Jenny contacted me on facebook and asked if she could send me and I quote, “some black stuff” and me, loving clothes, but more specifically black clothes, I immediately and enthusiastically answered YES!

IMG_3782Margot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstickMargot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstick

oversized distressed sweater – c/o Buxom | leggings – ASOS curve | booties – urbanog | fringe purse – c/o house of Fraser

Well, obviously Jenny gets me because she sent me this oversized distressed sweater and it is straight out of my dreams. This is one of those types of items I have wished to own for ages. It reminds me of the designs by Morph Knitwear. But I knew I’d never get for myself, because, hello, I’m plus size and people don’t make cool stuff like that in plus…or do they?! Well, this one definitely proves me wrong!

IMG_3803Margot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstickMargot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstick

I admitted on instagram that after the parcel arrived I *may* have worn this sweater 4 days in a row… and well, I did. I wore it with skirts and over dresses, but my favourite was over my ASOS shimmer disco pants.

This look already has become and will remain part of my Autumn uniform. The sweater is so soft and despite the holes, it’s quite warm!

You may notice these booties have popped up in many outfits already and it’s because I looooove them!!! They’re comfy and cute and seemingly go with everything! I’m so happy it’s boot weather again!

And I need to gush on this purse as well, this was gifted by House of Fraser and I absolutely love having a smaller purse. It’s still big enough for my ipad mini as well as my phone, wallet, sunnies and a few lippies. {speaking of lippies, I’m wearing ColourPop ultra matte in ‘jellies’} I get so used to large bags I can shove all of the things in, it’s really refreshing to have a small stylish purse and I know it will be accompanying me to many a party.

Have you checked out Buxom yet? or followed her on instagram? { you really should follow on instagram, they’re a fun account, but they have gorgeous photos taken by Jenny as well }

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You could WIN one of four prizes

In addition, each winner will also receive Issue 1 of Bush Magazine!

Make to sure complete all the tasks to gain more entries into the draw! 4 names will be drawn on Monday Sept 28th. They will be contacted in order of name drawn to choose their desired prize!

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margot meanie x shopBuxom giveaway // appeared first on

***Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links,  actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for which make it possible for me to chase my dream job ♥

Margot Meanie X Society+ | A curated mini collection by plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, for Plus Size retailer, Society plus

Margot Meanie x Society+ FALL collection & GIVEAWAY

margot meanie x society plus

Babes…I have a lil treat for you!!

My Fall collection with plus size retailer  Society+formerly Cool Gal Blue } is launching tomorrow!! But you get a sneak peek today, as well as a chance to preorder AND they’re offering a discount for the early birds!

Margot Meanie X Society+ kitty scarfMargot Meanie X Society+Margot Meanie X Society+

purfect scarf, striped cardigan in burgundy, jumper dress in black, c/o Society+

IMG_4069Margot Meanie X Society+Margot Meanie X Society+

hi-lo sleeveless dress in olive, chevron bib necklace c/o Society+

Margot Meanie X Society+Margot Meanie X Society+Margot Meanie X Society+Margot Meanie X Society+Margot Meanie X Society+

jacket*, strappy top*, faux suede patch knee leggings**, laser cut satchel c/o Society+

This collection was inspired by the transition into Fall. I chose pieces that were easy to mix and match as well as layer up in so you can adjust your outfit as the temperature fluctuates throughout an Autumn day.

Shop the presale –>here! and use code altcurvesvip for $20 off an order of $100 the discount offer expires tonight at midnight! So jump on it!

I’ll have full reviews and descriptions on every item I received throughout the coming weeks. But if you have a question about any item before then please ask in the comment and I will answer as soon as I possibly can!

*note there are still some pieces being added to the collection

**as cute as these leggings are, and they are REALLY freakin cute, they do fit very small. This pair is a labelled a 3x, which I’m guessing are the 18/20 listed on the site, I am a 20 and they are quite tight and do not entirely cover my bum, sorry.  :(

Don’t forget to enter my 2nd blogiversary GIVEAWAY!

You could WIN one of four prizes

  • $50 gift certificate to Society+
  • $50 gift certificate to SWAK designs
  • your choice of a bodysuit OR a ‘Diet Industry Dropout” crop/tee from Chubby Cartwheels
  • $100 gift certificate to Buxom Modern Plus Boutique

In addition, each winner will also receive Issue 1 of Bush Magazine!

Make to sure complete all the tasks to gain more entries into the draw! 4 names will be drawn on Monday Sept 28th. They will be contacted in order of name drawn to choose their desired prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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margot meanie x Society+ Fall Collection & giveaway // appeared first on

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MM x CC giveaway week

Margot Meanie X Chubby Cartwheels GIVEAWAY

And we’re off!!

It’s my 2nd blogiversary and the celebration is kicking off with a giveaway from one of my all time fav indie brands, Chubby Cartwheels!

Chubby Cartwheels is an inclusive, independent and rad brand headed by Shawna. She designs and sews every piece that leaves her Portland studio.

Shawna is known for making edgy, playful fashion in a full size range from 1X-5X and she’ll even make alterations or make it custom if you request.  You may recognize her mermaid bikini’s, lace body stockings or Diet Industry Dropout tops from the world of instagram or being rocked by Tess Holliday on the cover of People Magazine.

MM x CC giveawaychubby cartwheels

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since I wanted to extend the entry time for each contest, I have all the giveaways together. Rafflecopter only allows one contest open at a time and I wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance to enter! I will make the draw on Monday Sept 28th and I will contact each winner in order of names drawn to see which prize they would like. I will have this widget included or a link to this post in each featured giveaway blog post for the next week. {I’m new to rafflecopter so I will see what’s it’s limitations are soon!}

Other prizes up for grabs

  • a $50 gift certificate from SWAK designs
  • a $50 gift certificate from Society+ and
  • a $100 gift certificate to Buxom Modern Plus boutique
In addition each winner will also receive a copy of Bush, Canada’s own inclusive fashion & lifestyle magazine.  It’s full of goodies and features people from around the globe!

Tell me which item you would choose? Or what your favourite CC item is your fav? {mine’s the Boleyn dress in teal and I NEED to get some mermaid leggings!}

images courtesy Chubby Cartwheels

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margot meanie x chubby cartwheels giveaway // appeared first on

margot meanie | SWAK designs, Society + & f21+

outfit | killing me softly

I swoon!

Over these photos taken by Jesse Smith and particularly over this Bianca chiffon duster from SWAK.

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs

bianca chiffon duster – c/o SWAK | lace short – my collection from c/o Cool Gal Blue {sold out, similar in cream} | crop top – forever 21 + {sold out} | wide brim fedora – forever 21 | pointy toe flat lace up booties – urbanog

I told you you’d get sick of this hat!!! But it’s in one more outfit from this shoot day, so bare with me.

I have to say, I felt pretty powerful in this outfit. The duster would catch the breeze and I felt like a frickin model! This is going to be very popular over a simple outfit of black leggings with a tank and it will notch the fashion level up on such a comfy and simple outfit.

It comes in two prints, but my heart belongs to black lace, so it was the obvious pick for me!

It’s just so pretty!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designsMargot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs

Something else about these photos, I am wearing ankle booties, with bare legs. This is something young me would have never done. I used to HATE my stems with a fiery passion. If I wore anything that cut me off above the ankle I thought I looked atrocious. But now, my legs may just be my favourite body part! I love showing them off and I get compliments all the time!

Just goes to show, that tailoring your media can open your eyes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And it allows you the chance to see it in yourself and in others.

photos by Jesse Smith

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outfit | killing me softly // appeared first on


***affiliate links are utilized in this post. I receive a tiny commission per click which makes it possible for me to make this site better.


Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

outfit | makes me wanna cry

Oh, that title is misleading.

But maybe this dress makes me want to cry tears of joy.  But even more accurately, it’s my first purchase from UK brand Boohoo, and I am SMITTEN!

Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plusCanadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

Boohoo “Robyn Double Layer” dress | bag – Avenue {sold out similar here } 

This dress is breezy, flirty and comfortable!

I ordered it in a Canadian 20 {UK 24} and it is generous in size, I think I could have sized down one size. But It flows nicely, I love it anyway.

The fabric is polyester, but because of the cut and fit, it’s still really cool. And it unwrinkled like a dream if you pop it in the dryer for 5 minutes!

This dress is almost sold out, so get on it quick!!

IMG_5715 Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

I also ordered a long line sleeveless cardi which will be featured soon! I can’t wait to rock it for Autumn. It’s a gorgeous knit, with a waterfall lapel and it belts. Totally dreamy!

In addition to these two total scores, there was one flop. I ordered the Leila mesh crop bikini. I didn’t even bother tryng on the bottoms once I tried on the top and saw what a disaster it was. There was zero support, my boobs literally fall out the bottom of the top. Then there were other disappointing features, like the “cup” molding pieces {which were tiny} weren’t sewn in place, so they float around, spin around, move around, I don’t know if mine was faulty, or that’s how they make them all. But that was a MAJOR let down.

But let’s not end this post on a downer…

Are you going to participate in my #rebelliousselflove challenge in September? I would love to see you bright shining faces flipping the bird! Feel free to share this image and you can start using the hashtag now if you feel it!

margot meanie's rebellious self love instagram challenge

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alter ego "Wednesday Addams" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

alternativecurves | alter ego

Hello! Long time no blog!

I inadvertently took most of July off from the blog. I was everywhere else online, just not here. I’ve had a slew of plans and trips and it left me with no time to catch up on everything I wanted to blog about.I guess that’s Summer telling me to get outsde and off the computer!

I do want to thank you all for the absolutely astounding support for my last two blog posts, “Plus Size Swimwear & “A Plus Girls Guide to Wearing Crop Tops: 5 ways to introduce crop tops to your wardrobe

I return to you today with my entry for my beloved AlternativeCurves blog hop!

If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you! Alternativecurves was a hashtag I founded on instagram as an open call to find other alternative, off beat and non mainstream fashion existing on plus size and inbetweenie bodies.  It caught on like wild fire with the help of Kobi from Horror Kitsch Bitch. She encouraged me to expand and offered help in anyway possible. With that, I created a community based instagram account and Kobi initiated the alternativecurves blog hop in an effort to bring alternative bloggers around the globe together!

If you are a blogger and interested in joining us, feel free to join our facebook group or follow alternativecurves on instagram!

Now to this months theme: Alter Ego.

I was pretty excited by this months theme and have been aching to get photos done all month. I just finally was able to have a day to get this all together right before the hop closes, in 13 hours! PHEW!

I have been described as a “style chameleon”, so with that I suppose comes with many alter egos. So today I have decided to share 4 of my most favourite alter egos that you will see exist in my everyday style. Without further ado, here are my alter egos

The Witch

alter ego "the witch" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

To me, everyday is an opportunity to celebrate Hallowe’en. It’s my favourite holiday of the year. It’s spooky and creepy and is littered with magic, mystery and supernatural.

But its not just about Hallowe’en either. I was raised in a house that had crystals, tarot, ruins, pendulums and more. So I have always had a deep fondness for witches in general and the aura of mystery, healing arts and everyday magic is immensely appealing to me.

I do admit to being a skeptic as well , but I remain with an open mind to all the possibilities out there. Why close any one idea out completley? I would say I am half Mulder and half Scully.


alter ego "Duckie" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

I’ve mentioned this many times before, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE Duckie!

Duckie is from one of my favourite movies from the 80’s, Pretty in Pink. I generally love all of the fashion from that movie, but Duckie reigns supreme! Head to toe, Duckie has flare and a master of layering.

He makes me wish I had a bolero tie! But I finally got my mitts on some rad platform pointed toe brogues late last year to emulate his worn in pointed creepers! I am one happy girl!

The Flapper

alter ego "the flapper" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

Flappers hold a special place in my heart. Mostly because deep down, below my social anxiety, is a party girl! If you were to ask my my ideal night out, it would be dressed to the nines, bopping around hotel bars getting fancy cocktails and then retiring to a friends home to dance the night away til dawn with just a small group.

I love drinking bubbly and mixing old fashioned cocktails, I love dramatic make up and wearing a garçonne silhouette on my extremely curvy frame! Flappers always know where the party is, because they are a party unto themselves!

Wednesday Addams

alter ego "Wednesday Addams" | Margot Meanie alternative plus size blogger

Oh, I just can’t help myself. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be Morticia Addams, she was so elegant. But in truth, I ended up more like Wednesday and I am perfectly fine with that. I guess it also stems from the fact I just never want to grow up and also that creepy macabre things amuse me.

I know “the witch” and Wednesday may seem similar, but I find the witch to be more serious, more mysterious, more supernatural. Where Wednesday is a tad more playful, with nods to childhood and playing with creepy crawlies, skulls and bat toys.

So there you have it, 4 of my “alter ego’s” so to speak. I think I have many others, there’s “the fan girl“, “the minimalist“, hell, “the maximalist“, “Edina Monsoon“, “the riot grrrl” really, the list could go on, but perhaps those will be future blogs all on their own.

Who is your alter ego? I would love to hear!

And please, check out the other babes participating in this months blog hop!

alter ego hop


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choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie

outfit | plus size swimwear

Finding the right swimsuit is hard on anyone, but add to it being plus size, the difficulties can become tenfold. Though we are finally afforded more options, picking through them can still be daunting.


When I shop around, I have to keep in mind my style, the colours and patterns that appeal to me, cut, sizing { as every place is different }, how comfortable you feel in a suit, price point, seriously, the list can go on!

But the things I absolutely have to have in a suit are:

  • comfortable to wear
  • east to get in and out of
  • enough fabric and support for my girls
  • pattern/print/texture { I’m very particular with my prints }
  • affordable

I’m loving all the fatkini’s/bikinis babes I’m seeing, but hadn’t found one that works for me as nothing checks all the boxes in my criteria { especially in the boob region wear I need a lot of extra fabric and support }.

choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie

crop – f21+ | jellybean suit – Love this Sunday | cat ears – Cool Gal Blue

I was gifted this jelly bean suit by Love This Sunday last year, but couldn’t bring myself to wear it as a suit as it was too short in the body for me. Like, my boobs would literally pour out. But the print was so cute I couldn’t bring myself to let it go. { just so you know, I am a wearing the 3x and it was small on my 18/20 US body } then I came across this article written by Ready to Stare designer Alysse for Bustle on the history of the “fatkini” and was reminded that I am one crafty bugger!

The next morning I woke up and decided to snip that tank suit into a bikini. I figured the worst that would happen is I would be left with only one half of a bikini, but at least it would be one that is now getting use.

I measured three times and snip snip snipped! I then added a white elastic band to finish off the two pieces. Both worked out perfectly! I do admit, I have to still wear a bra under the top, but it’s still cute as all hell! And look how cute the bottoms work with a black crop!!

choosing plus size swim wear | margot meaniechoosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie

Goddess Cutout swimsuit – f21+ | hat – Ardene | kimono {old} – f21+

I personally have always been drawn to one pieces, black ones at that, but I still want a lil somethin’ special. Details are important!

Now this suit is one I have had my eye on for almost a year. I just never got around to ordering it and the next thing I knew it was winter and swimsuits were placed at the bottom of my clothing priority list.

Luckily, the suit was still kicking around in the sale section of Forever 21 so I nabbed it up so I would have it for my upcoming camping trip!

This suit ticks almost all of my boxes. It’s comfortable to wear, it has detachable/adjustable straps so I can change up the configuration of the suit and it has a saucy little cutout with gold detail.

My only complaint is the straps don’t like staying completely in the hooks. But it was only $22, so its something I am fine with dealing with for now. We’ll see how I feel after a week of wearing it in and out of a lake!

I have to admit earlier this week, after I had converted the jelly bean suit into a bikini, I wanted to share my accomplishment on instagram. I was instantly seized with a terrible nervousness of posting the image, even though I loved the pic, I was scared poopless to post it on such a public platform.

I learned there is absolutely nothing wrong with that though. Because I did it anyway, despite my fear. As my friend Slade said, it shows I’m still pushing myself forward. I’m trying new things and it felt really good!

This post is actually part of an #untamedstyle theme for June, but we all got too busy or hung up on life to post on time, so we agreed to post twice in July to make up for it.  So I’m going to link to each ladies blog and I’ll add the proper link to each post once everyone has theirs posted! { I know Linda has hers up! }

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