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margot meanie

this is just a quick ‘hello!’ of an outfit post.  I’ve been a busy bee with the holidays arriving what with crafting, baking, decorating, making gift guides and birthdays I have been absent from taking outfit photos.

So this is from Sunday when I went down to a craft fare with Mister Meanie and one of my favourite couples to hang with, Amanda & Amelia.  After the market, we stopped in a beer tasting room for some samples and then split off to do some x-mas shopping.

This spot seemed ideal for a quick photo session so I asked the mister to take some photos before the light was gone.

margot meanie

margot meanie

margot meanie

margot meanie

Trying to get photos with the waning light has been a struggle.  It’s on the weekend or not at all and if the weather is wet, it ends up being not at all.

I can’t really link to anything I’m wearing as it’s either older, vintage,  thrifted or from Ross in Las Vegas.  But the skirt and hat are both from Forever21, but the skirt is a few years old meow and the hat is well over a year old at this point.  the jacket is by New Look from ASOS last year there are similar ones in stock though {here & here}

I’m really hoping for some snow, but it’s incredibly unlikely in this part of Canada.  We only get a few weeks at best, but if we do get it, you better believe I’ll be out there in a heartbeat trying to get multiple outfit sets.

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// sweater weather //

sweater weather // alternative plus size fashion // margot meanie

Hello! How are you doing?

I’ve been awful sluggish lately.  The rain has been getting me down a bit as of late.  I also had a massive fail with getting proper photos of my Hallowe’en costume and only got one photo.

Add a wee bit of a Hallowe’en hangover, both a literal hangover on the Saturday a mental hangover of just being sad my favourite time of year has come and gone, has all lead to Miss Meanie being in a bummer mood.

“blerg” has been my overall feeling.  But I’m going to try and kick that in the pants.

Friday ended up being a really lovely Autumn day so I ventured out with a friend to go thrifting.

Holy Moly, did I have luck!

I went in with a strict budget and in order to stick to it, which I did, I had to put SO much back. It killed me a little bit as there was some amazing stuff.  But I was still really pleased with what I brought home.

One of the items being a vintage fur collar, {fur is a tricky thing, as I will wear it, but only second hand.  I’m not really sure if that makes it any better but I like to think at least I am enjoying it rather than it going into the garbage as waste} I also got a really amazing macrame black scarf with 3D pink roses and the mustard satchel you see in these photos! {though I removed the big gold knocker embellishment once I got in the house}

sweater weather // alternative plus size fashion // margot meanie

I tried downloading a new app on my ipad mini {which I use to take 99% of my outfit photos}.  I’m constantly running back and forth setting the timer.  It’s a pain and makes getting photos take much more time than it should.  I often fancy on getting a remote, but then I think if I’m going to invest in a remote, wouldn’t I want to invest on a remote for an awesome camera?! {which is always on my list of big items I will purchase if I ever encounter a windfall}

The app name is called “Wave Cam” and it costs $0.99.  It’s a pretty good concept for an app, as you just have to trigger the camera countdown by waving or creating motion in the upper corner where there is a hand icon.  It has some really cheesy sound effects including a “photographer” giving you instruction, which is honestly pretty amusing, like  “how about you give me your nerd face”… seriously, it says that!

I found using the app really easy and was stoked to see the photos once done.

The bummer aspect is that it uses the front camera which is not as high quality.  And for whatever reason, I find that using apps to control my camera, the quality is even lower.   Before the iso 8 update had introduced the timer I had another downloaded app that gave me a countdown, but the quality was always lower, even with using the proper camera.  *sigh*

So, I’m not super pleased with these photos.  They are grainy and lack detail.  Blerg.

sweater weather // alternative plus size fashion // margot meanie

Anyways, on to outfit details!

I was really happy with this outfit, it was dark and Autumnal but was not lacking colour.  I liked combining the green, burgundy and mustard tones with a black backbone and a freakin dark purple lip. which is just my favourite thing ever right now!

This gorgeous teal green crop sweater was gifted from  a friend.  Sadly, I do not know the label.  I am also wearing a black bodycon dress from Old Navy underneath, I  hike it up with the use of a belt as I like my skirts short short! The purse was a freshly purchased thrifting find for just $6!  My burgundy gloves are vintage and my necklace is a raw chunk of amber which also echoed the mustard of the purse.

The tights are kind of a hack.  When the two toned tights started coming in last year, where they look like stay ups under nylons, I fell in love.  I ordered a pair of suspender stockings from ASOS and wore them immediately, sadly, they also developed a run immediately in the thinner part on the thighs.  I was so sad, I still wore them a few more times, but the chub rub became excruciating.  So I cut the opaque part off and turned them into tall socks, but they wouldn’t stay up alone, so I figured, recreate the look I loved by wearing the tall socks underneath a pair of semi sheer tights and voila!  The same look and no runs!  I did have problems keeping the sock part up on my thigh, they wanted to rest just below my knees, but I figure sock glue of body tape will fix that next time I rock this look!

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// red velvet remix //

// red velvet remix // margot meanie

// red velvet remix // margot meanie

// red velvet remix // margot meanie

// red velvet remix // margot meanie


These are the last outfit photos I took before I dyed my hair blue!

This was for a date day I had during my anniversary week off.  We went for tea and to stock up on our favourite cream earl grey, as well as for ice cream and the items for a Parisien picnic.  I meant to get photos of it all, but we were having fun and it was blisteringly hot out so I completely forgot to document the rest of the day.  Though I did post a photo on instagram of the picnic, which ended up being inside our shady place as opposed to the garden, which was just far too warm.

what i wore:

//pyramid studded top – forever21+ last fall {similar} {similar}

//rev velvet midi skirt – The Curvy Elle vintage shop, {similar} {similar}

//sandals – ModCloth

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// flower girl //

flower girl // margot meanieflower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

I have been terrible at getting any outfits posts up lately.  I blame it on the incredible heat & having far too much summer fun with friends!

Today I just did a simple outfit mixing blush tones with black, which I adore!  Sorry I don\t have more to write, but I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am!! {you can follow my summer shenanigans a wee bit through my instagram!}

I promise to get better at posting an outfit per week!!

What i wore:

//kimono & hat – forever21+

//geometric sakura shift dress – dress911

//lace socks – ardene

//wedge shoes “bamboo” – urbanog

//opal medusa labret disc – industrial strength

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style icon challenge // Anna Piaggi

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie


anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie


This week, in lieu of my normal {friday i’m in love} I am joining a amazingly fun group of bloggers and participating in a fun challenge! (this helps as I have been away for the week and not seen any outfits to post)

The challenge is to recreate the look of a Style Icon!  At first I toyed with ideas are Marlene Dietrich, but I just don’t have the proper pant suits I’d like in order to portray her, so my mind pondered and Anna Piaggi floated to the top pretty quick!

I have always been a HUGE fan of the a particular part of the fashion elite known as the eccentrics!  I adore their wild abandon when it comes to fashion and love how many of them act as muses for talented designers.  For them, fashion is truly a way of life and everyday is a work of art!

I recreated 3 looks by her and had an absolute blast playing with the theatrical make up, whimsical accessories and textures in the items she choose.

I admire her gusto and zest for eccentricity!

This weeks participants in the Style Icon Challenge are:

//  Michelle from Zaftigtimes

//  Aarti from Curves Become Her

//  Zadry from Curves à la Mode

// Veronica from Cid Style File

This was a lot of fun to do, though extremely hot!  Summer plus hat & fur & layers is a crazy mix!!

I cannot wait to see what each lady did!  I’m so happy to have the chance to participate!

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// friday i’m in love #28 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

Suit up ladies!!  Nothing makes me swoon more than a lady rocking a suit!! Here are this weeks pick!!

// Paige of Pebbles Beaufort  // The Full Set

pebbles beaufort // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This girl looks divine, she’s a total femme fatale!!  I’m completely enamored with her blue, Hollywood/mermaid locks and how amazingly tailored this suit is on her!!

I love, love, looove how she accessorized with a bright red lippie and a bad ass , spiked ear cuff!


You can follow Paige on her blog instagram or tumblr!


2//Assa from My Curves & Curls //FRENCH CURVES: “incarner un personnage réel ou fictif”

my curve and curls // friday i'm in love // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This week marked a huge collaborative event in the French Curves group {man I wish I could speak french fluently, I am very much a novice} in which they were instructed to recreate a look.

Assa chose to replicate a look by Miroslava Duma, who is a former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia.  These two pieces aren’t actually a matching suit, but I’m so impressed with how close they look!  Click here to see the original, I think she did a perfect tribute!

You can follow Assa on her blog , facebook or instagram!


3// Rosa from Rosariummmm // Clueless Chick

roseriummm // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

Rosa’s timing could not have been better, as I was searching for a third bad ass girl who has suited up,  there she was, at the top of my instagram feed in a super cute skirt suit!

Perfectly reminiscent of “Clueless”,  she’s rocking this suit in style and I adore it!  Can you believe she re-purposed this from an old suit from the 80’s her mom gave her?!! Brilliant!

You can follow Rosa on her blog, tumblr or instagram!



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july wishlist // forever21+

forever 21+ wishlist // margot meanie

This wishlist is a BIG one!!  Since I’m not currently working, my spending budget has been nil and it’s kind of been killing me a little bit.   This is generally a time of year that I’m refreshing my summer wardrobe and bringing in some sorely needed new pieces {like swimsuits!!} but alas, I am stuck drooling at the {online} window.

If I had money right now, these would all be one their way to me already!

top row left to right

// Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

// Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses

// F2009 Half-Frame Sunglasses

I have a thing for sunnies and I especially have a thing for cat eye & heart shaped sunnies!  I like to keep a collection as they all work so wonderfully with different outfits and I find they can really change the tone of a look.

2nd row left to right

// Poetic Dream Crochet Blouse

// Dynamite Sheer Gathered Top

// Raglan Crop Top

I kinda really need some new tops, some of mine are beginning to look a bit shabby.  The navy blouse is super cute, especially with it’s crocheted yolk.  The breezy, sheer, gathered top would work well with tonnes of items I have, not to mention as a great cover up for the swim suits and I’d love to get a nice basic black crop for a lot of everyday looks.

3rd row left to right

// Classic Straw Boater

// Chic Open-Knit Bowler Hat

I’ve been craving a natural straw boater hat for a few months now, this one is perfect and cheap!  I’m always on the look out for cute bowlers as well, I like this one in straw, so it’s not too hot to wear in the summer heat.

4th row left to right

// Nouveau Deco Bodycon Dress

// Retro Dot Surplice Romper

//Mesh-Trimmed Bodycon Dress

I’ve been aching for the deco & mesh trimmed bodycon dresses for a while now, especially after seeing them both on fellow bloggers.  They’re fabulous for evening occasions & the playsuit is perfect for day!

5th row left to right

// Geo Faux Leather Cuff

// Subtle Geo Midi Rings

// Cutout Crescent Necklace

I love the gold & faux leather cuff, as I generally love geometric patterns, especially in jewelry, but I also already have the matching earrings! I really like the simple shapes on this set of midi rings and that bib necklace is AWESOME!

6th row left to right

// Goddess Cutout Swimsuit

// Polka Dot Bow Shorts

// Midnight Mesh Swimsuit

Last but not least for summer, swimsuits and shorts!!  I am severely lacking in both as of right meow.  I really love all the fatkini’s going around, but for myself, personally, I still like a one piece and these two black numbers are right up my alley!!  They’re both classy, but each have a special feature on each one.  I also like black swimsuits {or darker, solid colours} as they’re a bit mysterious and sexy as well!  And, how CUTE are these shorts?!!  Polka dots…bows…high waisted…I want them so BAD!!!

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