Margot Meanie X Buxom Modern Plus Boutique GIVEAWAY

margot meanie x buxom giveawayIt’s getting down the the nitty gritty! There is just over 24 hours left to enter the BIG GIVEAWAY!

I want to thank everyone who has entered already and I wish you all the best of luck!

Today I am featuring Buxom Modern Plus Boutique. they kindly offered up a $100 gift certificate for my 2nd blogiversary celebration and I am so thankful to Jenny and to all the sponsors.

I have admired Jenny and her boutique through instagram for some time, but it wasn’t until recently we befriended each other on facebook and learned more about each other. She thought I was from the UK { which seems to be a popular assumption…could it be all the tea? } and I had no idea her boutique, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, also had an online shop that ships internationally!  She offers $6 flat rate shipping within the US and and only $18 flat rate shipping worldwide!! YAY!

Jenny contacted me on facebook and asked if she could send me and I quote, “some black stuff” and me, loving clothes, but more specifically black clothes, I immediately and enthusiastically answered YES!

IMG_3782Margot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstickMargot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstick

oversized distressed sweater – c/o Buxom | leggings – ASOS curve | booties – urbanog | fringe purse – c/o house of Fraser

Well, obviously Jenny gets me because she sent me this oversized distressed sweater and it is straight out of my dreams. This is one of those types of items I have wished to own for ages. It reminds me of the designs by Morph Knitwear. But I knew I’d never get for myself, because, hello, I’m plus size and people don’t make cool stuff like that in plus…or do they?! Well, this one definitely proves me wrong!

IMG_3803Margot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstickMargot Meanie x Shop Buxom - Modern Plus Boutique, urbanog, ASOS & ColourPop lipstick

I admitted on instagram that after the parcel arrived I *may* have worn this sweater 4 days in a row… and well, I did. I wore it with skirts and over dresses, but my favourite was over my ASOS shimmer disco pants.

This look already has become and will remain part of my Autumn uniform. The sweater is so soft and despite the holes, it’s quite warm!

You may notice these booties have popped up in many outfits already and it’s because I looooove them!!! They’re comfy and cute and seemingly go with everything! I’m so happy it’s boot weather again!

And I need to gush on this purse as well, this was gifted by House of Fraser and I absolutely love having a smaller purse. It’s still big enough for my ipad mini as well as my phone, wallet, sunnies and a few lippies. {speaking of lippies, I’m wearing ColourPop ultra matte in ‘jellies’} I get so used to large bags I can shove all of the things in, it’s really refreshing to have a small stylish purse and I know it will be accompanying me to many a party.

Have you checked out Buxom yet? or followed her on instagram? { you really should follow on instagram, they’re a fun account, but they have gorgeous photos taken by Jenny as well }

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You could WIN one of four prizes

In addition, each winner will also receive Issue 1 of Bush Magazine!

Make to sure complete all the tasks to gain more entries into the draw! 4 names will be drawn on Monday Sept 28th. They will be contacted in order of name drawn to choose their desired prize!

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***Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links,  actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for which make it possible for me to chase my dream job ♥

Hunter S Thompson

#rebelliousselflove | week two + an announcement!

Yet again, I am a day late { and a dollar short } for my weekly round up of my instagram challenge, #rebelliousselflove.

But I have good reasons!

I have been working my buns off to get my new site up and working all before my 2nd blogiversary hits next week! { and my icloud was acting up not allowing me to access my screengrabs..pfft }

I had been having issues with making the site properly live, as sometimes it would link correctly and othertimes it would go to the old site, D’oh! Happily it seems to have settled down because on Saturday I kick off my blogiversary celebration with the first of FOUR giveaways!

That right FOUR giveaways!

Saturday’s giveaway will be kindly awarded from mega babe indie designer Shawna from Chubby Cartwheels. I am such a fan of Shawna’s brand and her as a person, I am ecstatic she was on board! You will have the chance to win your pick of either the “Diet Industry Dropout” top { cropped or full length } OR a bodysuit! Can you say W00t?!! {her site is set to vacation, but she’ll be back in early October to award the prize!}

Then on Tuesday you get the chance to win a $50 gift certificate from SWAK designs, you’ve been seeing me rock a few of there looks recently, {here, here & here } so this is your chance to rock something from them as your own!

Thursday brings a giveaway brought to us by my cool gals at Society + { formerly known as Cool Gal Blue } with your chance at a $50 gift certificate and perhaps a special announcement will accompany the contest! #SQUEEE

And on Saturday Sept 26th, you get the chance to win a $100 gift certificate from Buxom Modern Plus Boutique! You may know them from instagram, their account is really active in the body positive hashtags, if not you should totes check them out, Jenny is a total peach!

I’m so excited for next week, I could BURST! And as a little something extra, every winner will also receive a copy of Bush Magazine, Canada’s own inclusive fashion and lifestyle magazine!

I hope you’re all stoked for it like I am!

Now, on the the #RebelliousSelfLove round up:

Day 8: a mirror selfie

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 8

@frkgisse, @jauane, @countessbath0ry & @sabrinaateam

This was a great chance to see the participants a little more fully and casually, we got everything from #ootd’s to artist introspective looking mirror selfies!

Day 9: your favourite shoes

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 9

@stay.strong.guppies, @mb_really, @jezziekah_rae & @krkeeny

y’all got some killer taste in shoes!  I liked how many expected it all to be fancy heels, which, there definitely were, but there were a lot of ass kicking boots and comfy feets involved as well and a fair number that preferred their bare toesies!

Day 10: shout out your role model

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 10@hellobhav, @queline123 , @catcancraft & @kenickiestreet

This was a heart warming day in the challenge. There were so many love notes to mothers, family members, long time best friends, bloggers, models comedians and activists alike! And many new people to look into if you hadn’t heard of them yet!

Day 11: your favourite body part {on you}

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 11

@war.painted_, @alcarty, @mayeber & @mkeknits

Some of you broke my heart, some of you made me cry with laughter. But Day 11 made it abundantly clear why self love challenges are a necessity sometimes. I also really loved seeing the unique body parts that I would not have thought of being featured, strong shoulders and the nape of the neck were a couple that intrigued me.

Day 12: Treat Yo’self

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 12

@_rosaibeth@sapphiresplendour, @_katikins_ & @scarlettsixgun

My goodness, am I ever freaking proud of how you all treated yo’selves! It was a frenzy and I LOVED it! Seriously, trips were booked to new continents, hauls were purchased, my gawds, the pumpkin lattes were drunk!! You all did me real proud! But I have to say a personal favourite was when @scartlettsixgun { pictured above } treated herself to some self love.

Day 13: your favourite quote

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 13

@secretplussizegoddess, @alishawonders, @my_tiny_death & @missravensland

Day 13 was a good day. Many words of wisdom were shared and I think we all learned a lot about each other with each person sharing which quote came to mind first or quotes that have always held true in their hearts!

Day 14: give us a wink

Day 14 was a video challenge day, so you’ll just have to head over to #rebelliousselflove on instagram to check them out! There were some good ones!

I’ll actually leave you with my entry for Day 13…

Hunter S Thompson

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#rebelliousselflove | week two // appeared first on

#rebelliousselflove | week one

I have to start this off by saying one thing.

I am humbled.

I could not believe the level of enthusiasm and participation for this challenge! We have been averaging almost 200 entries a day in the challenge hashtag and I couldn’t be more proud!

I am also thankful.

I am so very thankful because this challenge has given me a unique opporunity to get to know so many of you on instagram. You have shared silly things, defiant things, heart breaking and heart warming things!

It has been a treat and also quite the task of wading through the entries to do the round ups I promised. I will make sure to be more diligent with screen capping entries that stand out as soon as I see them as opposed to going back through the tag.

Day 1: a selfie

day 1 - selfie

@xutraa, @glitterinthedirt, @sabrinaateam & @kaileyinnz

I decided to start the challenge off with something easy and a way for people to kind of introduce themselves. I was beyond happy to see so many lovely faces in the tag for the first day!

Day 2: favourite accessory

day 2 - favourite accessory

@fatshionpeepshow, @cidstylefile, @lowkierunya & @flamesandsparkles

I was so impressed by everyone’s favourite pieces. Items they hold dear or just couldn’t live without. They ranged from wedding rings, to chokers they never took off to harnesses, watches, sunnies, basically anything you can image. I was so moved to see the stories most people felt compelled to include. And I found myself reanalyzing my favourite accessory to feature.

Day 3: shout out your bestie

day 3 - shout out your bestie

@sschievink, @pasacrelton, @carole_tish & @lisaphilbino

How could this one not warm your heart? Day 3 was oozing with love. We had sisters, life long friends, husbands, partners, whole groups of friends and family and even those no longer with us represented here. I’m such an old softy, my eyes were glazed over with happy tears looking through the tag!

Day 4: daring lipstick

Day 4 - daring lipstick

@danielle.bex, @the_thicke_goddess, @watdafuqbro & @sinaminy

We really had people having fun on “daring lipstick” day. There were people who have just been aching to play with fun colours, others opting for something that may not seem daring, but was the opposite of what the normally wear and perhaps my favourites, the ones who rebelled and said “screw it! I’m going bare!”

Day 5: flip something off that annoys you

day 5 - flip something off

@rororo.your.boat, @queline123 & @catcancraft

Flip something off day was kinda perfectly timed, as a certain youtuber thought they’d get some clicks for posting a shitty video titled “Dear Fat People”, there has since been plenty of excellent responses, here are a couple of my favourites {mew & mew}. So we saw PLENTY of challengers flipping off body shaming, hate and ignorance of any kind. We also saw a lot of people flipping off the dishes, or laundry, I guess none of us likes seeing those chores looming.

Day 6: your favourite book{s}

day 6 - favourite books

@reni.voodoo.valentine, @fatkittysaurus, @dovahkhaleesi & @captjossywossy

Why oh WHY did I not put an “s” on favourite book?!!! I couldn”t pick just one, so I have no idea how I expected anyone else too!!  Lesson learned, we all have pretty epic taste in books and there are plenty kindred spirits out there!

Day 7: video make a silly face


How I wish I could include everyone’s videos! They tickled me to no end! I included this as a challenge because I think we can all take our selves a bit too seriously sometimes, so its good to let loose and see others doing the same! I strongly encourage you to go check out the hashtag #rebelliousselflove on instagram to watch them all and see what everyone has been up to!

I am leaving you with a gif version of my video, but it’s not near as awesome without the high pitched chipmunk voice!

If you would like to join in on the fun, it’s not too late! You can start from the beginning or jump right in where everyone else is at! It’s a no pressure challenge, just something to bring some self love into your life and be cheeky while you’re at it!

margot meanie's rebellious self love instagram challenge

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#rebelliousselflove | week one // appeared first on


margot meanie | rebellious plus stylw, canadian plus size fashion blogger


How is your Summer going so far? Mine has been kind of amazing!

I’ve had camping trips, and long floats on the lake in a giant inflatable donut, family visits both back in Alberta as well as on Vancouver Island. There have been fun filled weekends, like Pride and celebrating a bestie’s little one’s 3rd birthday! { She’s a ‘threenager’ now, y’all!!}

This past weekend was out on Vancouver Island, we took a trip over to Coombs for a visit to the Goats on Roof market and some tacos at the Taqueria. Then we headed to Parksville to take in the sand sculptures.

I had dressed for the beach, simply in my swimsuit and skirt. I *had* to pick up a new pashmina out at Coombs { twist my rubber arm } to keep the chill off as it was raining instead of sunny like we had thought it would be. Instead of lazing on the beach and watching baby crabs scuttle about we popped onto the beach just long enough to grab some photos. They turned out so beautiful, I have to share, even though there is no outfit info. But my husband is really getting good at firing off photos lately! Thanks, Love!

margot meanie | rebellious plus stylw, canadian plus size fashion bloggermargot meanie | rebellious plus style, canadian plus size fashion bloggermargot meanie | rebellious plus style, canadian plus size fashion blogger

I really hope you are having a grande time as well!

But as much fun as this summer has been so far, I can’t help but look forward to Fall. The appeal of sweaters, pumpkin flavoured EVERYTHING, Hallowe’en decorations, school supplies and the cool crispness to the air is overwhelming.

I am also looking forward to my first instagram challenge for September!


margot meanie's #rebelliousselflove instagram challenge

Seriously, I am so excited, the idea bloomed in my mind late one night as I struggled to fall asleep. But once it was in there, the ideas for themes just came flooding through and I had to get up and write it all down. I’m also probably sharing this too soon, but what the hell! Why not start getting people hyped now, right?!

The idea is simple, try to post to instagram each day with the theme in mind and use the hashtag #rebelliousselflove. Let your creative juices flow and interpret each days theme how you see fit. Then check out the tag and see what other babes are doing for the challenge. I’ll be doing a weekly round up of some of my favourite posts from each days theme.

It’s an exercise in self love, gaining confidence through rebellion and just being cheeky!

This will kick off on Sept 1st, I’ll be posting this graphic to instagram soon. If you are wanting to be involved, I’d love if you shared it to get more babes on board. This is all about building each other up and watching each other bloom!

much love! xx

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margot meanie | wearing candy strike

outfit | Ravens for Babens

ok, that title was a streeeeetch!! haha…but it goes well with Wednesdays post “crows before bros” where I featured one of my pieces from indie designer, Candy Strike. 

Today I bring you some boho, gothy, monochrome chicness.

margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strikemargot meanie | wearing candy strike

blazer – c/o Cool Gal Blue | crop – c/o Candy Stike  | bag – c/o Avenue { sold out }

I styled this look two ways. The first with a blazer to show how I would wear this three quarters of the year { Fall, Winter, Spring }. The Second with a vest, which I could wear another three quarters of the year, { Spring, Summer Fall…Hooray for moderate, pacific north west weather! } The vest is also an old staple piece bought long long ago from f21+.

The blazer is from Cool Gal Blue, you can get it in black from my collection or you can get it in White or Coral from Jessica Kane’s collection { I guess I hit the nail on the head with finding that gem, so much so Jessica loved it enough to include it in her collection as well! }

The crop is my second piece gifted from Candy Strike.  I have to say, I was surprised when I opened my package to see and feel the fabric. I had originally thought when we ran the contest on alternativecurves that the fabric would be a cotton blend/jersey type of fabric, but in actuality, it’s spandex! I really like how the fabric sits and the added weight really makes the skater skirt sit well and the top drapes across the bust in a really pleasing way! I do admit, when I saw Elizabeth sent me 2X’s, I was nervous. My chest always bumps me up to 3X’s, but in this case, it fit really well.

The skirt is an older maxi dress I got from forever 21 + well over a year ago. I really like that I can convert it to a skirt by folding the jersey fabric tank top underneath. Though a funny thing is, the more I wear sheer clothing and crop tops and the more comfortable in my body I am, the more I think, hmm, “that inside hemline need to come up a bit to show off more leg“, or “maybe I don’t need to wear an undershirt under this sheer blouse, I can just rock a bra or bandeau“, it’s liberating and refreshing and shows the power of dressing for yourself.

You’ve all seen this hat, as it’s a tried and true staple, also from f21 { seriously, I do get a lot of cheap staples/scores from f21, don’t I?! }. The sunnies are from my Cool Gal collection as well, but they are all sold out.

I also accessorized with my avenue bag, thrifted sandals, some vintage necklaces, metallic tattoo accents under my eyes, a moody lippy blend and earrings by etsy seller peachtreats.

I hope you all have some wonderful weekend plans ahead! My Father in Law is headed out for a fun weekend, including a massive streetfest on Sunday. I’ll make sure to snap and instagram my day on “The Drive” { it’s the popular nickname for my neighbourhood } But before all that, we have a big backyard BBQ planned for this evening that I am about to run off and start prep and set up for!

feel free to add me on snapchat under “margotmeanie

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outfit | ravens for babens // appeared first on

35 Plus Size instagram babes rocking crop tops

In the last couple days I’ve seen a few articles popping up on varying sites with lists of their top plus size instagrammers you NEED TO FOLLOW RIGHT NOW!!

Now, there are a lot of babes I follow on these lists, some of them I am lucky enough to call friends, but I do notice there are a lot of the same people always getting their name on these lists.  They have each earned their respective places { no shade!! } I just really want to share my list of plus size babes rocking crop tops.  They have no fear of exposing their midriff { and sometimes more than just their midriff…saucy!! }.  Some of them are unheralded, some you may have heard of before, but they haven’t been mentioned recently, all of them total babes in crop tops.

Are you ready for this ride?!  Then let’s begin!

in no particular order { click their names to link to their IG accounts }:

1. @isabel_hendrix

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

2 @readytostare

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

3. @nataliemeansnice

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

4. @katanafatale

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

5. @thisismeagankerr

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

6. @flossylox

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

7.  @curvily

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

8. @manfattan

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

9 @rosariummm

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

10. @fatshionpeepshow

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

11. @jessicabiffi

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

12. @alyssapandaeyes

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

13. @rolypolywardrobe

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

14. @mrsbebeblog

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

15. @curvesbecomeher

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

16. @notafraidtowearheels

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

17. @jesskuuh

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

18. @dressingoutsidethebox

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

19. @chubblebubble

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

20. @_howtobedope

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

21. @flightofthefatgirl

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

22. @rosewolfheart

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

23. @kobi_jae

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

24. @thekalekitten

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

25. @plumpbabydoll

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

26. @lafatshionista

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

27. @mariesouthardospina

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

28. @devotchka87

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

29. @ladyv33

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

30. @irrlicht_

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

31. @charitythemute

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

32. @shalindrome

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

33. @wiccan_legacy

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

34. @katelondonjames

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

35. @darlingiknow

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops


36. @margotmeanie { can’t blame me for some self promo on my own blog haha }

35 Plus Size instagrammers rocking crop tops

{ all images are borrowed from their instagram accounts }

Now go forth, follow and be inspired!!

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36 Plus Size instagram babes rocking crop tops// appeared first on

// friday i'm in love #28 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

Suit up ladies!!  Nothing makes me swoon more than a lady rocking a suit!! Here are this weeks pick!!

// Paige of Pebbles Beaufort  // The Full Set

pebbles beaufort // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This girl looks divine, she’s a total femme fatale!!  I’m completely enamored with her blue, Hollywood/mermaid locks and how amazingly tailored this suit is on her!!

I love, love, looove how she accessorized with a bright red lippie and a bad ass , spiked ear cuff!


You can follow Paige on her blog instagram or tumblr!


2//Assa from My Curves & Curls //FRENCH CURVES: “incarner un personnage réel ou fictif”

my curve and curls // friday i'm in love // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This week marked a huge collaborative event in the French Curves group {man I wish I could speak french fluently, I am very much a novice} in which they were instructed to recreate a look.

Assa chose to replicate a look by Miroslava Duma, who is a former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia.  These two pieces aren’t actually a matching suit, but I’m so impressed with how close they look!  Click here to see the original, I think she did a perfect tribute!

You can follow Assa on her blog , facebook or instagram!


3// Rosa from Rosariummmm // Clueless Chick

roseriummm // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

Rosa’s timing could not have been better, as I was searching for a third bad ass girl who has suited up,  there she was, at the top of my instagram feed in a super cute skirt suit!

Perfectly reminiscent of “Clueless”,  she’s rocking this suit in style and I adore it!  Can you believe she re-purposed this from an old suit from the 80’s her mom gave her?!! Brilliant!

You can follow Rosa on her blog, tumblr or instagram!



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// friday i’m in love #28 // appeared first on




// friday i'm in love #27 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

I sadly missed last weeks friday i’m in love due to feeling under the weather, but I’m back this week with some edgy babes!

// Genevieve of Mllechevre  // The Great Escape

friday i'm in love #26 // Genevieve of mllechevre //

image borrowed from her lookbook

Hello chiffon!! Easily my favourite fabric of the summer, especially when used with a maxi!! I adore this monochrome ombre chiffon maxi.

She looks so perfectly edgy with her flaming red hair, bowler hat & nose piercing! I swoon!

Those white frames are pretty kickin’ as well!

You can follow Genevieve on her tumblr,  instagram, lookbook or check out her photography on her website!


2//Nadia from Throwing a Curve Ball // Black Hi-Lo

friday i'm in love #26 // Nadia of throwingacurveball  //

image borrowed from her instagram

I have just found Nadia on instagram and I am smitten beyond belief with her cute stylishness!

I adore her all black outfit with a helleva statement necklace in silver.  The added leopard slippers are just the right bad ass touch along with a black leather jacket, which I’m pretty sure might be the definition of “edgy”, go look it up, I’ll wait 😉

You can follow Nadia on her blog or instagram!


3// Sallamari from Mangos for Flamingos // Day at the car show

friday i'm in love #26 // Sallamari of Mangos for Flamingos  //

image burrowed from her lookbook


This gal is SUCH a cutie patootie!!  Her blog is in Finnish, so when it translates I’m always a bit baffled, but she seems like a ton of fun!

This look is adorable edgy!  The stripy 3/4 length tee is awesome, paired with this full midi skirt and bright yellow tights!  I love her hair and BIG round shades!

Side note, her pose in this shot somewhat reminds me of the tightrope portrait in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion!

You can follow Ashley on her blog, lookbook or instagram!


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// friday i’m in love #27 // appeared first on




// the brightest witch of her age //


brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie


I am unabashedly, a HUG Harry Potter nerd!!

In fact, such a Potterphile, that my very first blog post on here about 10 months go was a about a Harry Potter party that I hosted and went full tilt on! {please excuse how long winded it is, it was my first time back to blogging for seven or so years!! oh and I first named this blog Miss Meanie goes to Paris, which was equally long winded, so I changed that pretty quick!}

I have a huge collection of cool HP bric-à-brac, most of which I brought back last year after visiting the most magical place on earth, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We have most of it out on display, but we really want to get  a better shelf to display all our curious & magical items.  The wands are still in their boxes and we’d really like to get a stand to display them more nicely.

It had occurred to me, that although I had mentioned purchasing this top back in March when I was down at ECCC, I had never actually taken any outfit shots with it!

It’s actually one of the staples in my wardrobe right now, on account of it being A) a crop top B) the most lightweight soft material ever C)being black & D) it’s wonderfully nerdy! I actually altered this a bit.  I took the straps up, as I hate big gaping armholes that show off my bra, which also made it a shorter crop top, which worked well for me!

//what i wore//

I wouldn’t normally wear the kitty ears out with this outfit, but I was in a fun mood.  It also occurred to me, that I never smile in any of my photos, so that has been remedied in this post!

//deathly hallows crop – android sheep, they only have one size, but it fits pretty well, if just a tad snug which makes the lines look rippled

//pleated skater skirt & geometric cuff – forever21+

//skinny belt w/gold cross & suspender tights – ASOS curve, sadly these did not live as long as I had hoped.  The thinner nylon on the top is just full of runs {or ladders a they call them in the UK}

//shoes – thrifted

//moon pendant necklace – a gift from my mom & step dad.  The image is of the phase the moon was in when I was born!


Well, that is my witchpoo look!  You know, with it being Wednesday and the whole, on “Wednesday’s we wear black” that seems to be a new mantra of mine!

Are you a crazy potterphile too?  Or are you part of any other fandom??  I’m kind of a fangirl for a lot of fandoms! Let me know what you’re into!!

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// caturday #18 //

Ecclectic Eccentricity // All Creatures Great & Small - Cat Necklace // caturday #18

All Creatures Great & Small: a collection of super sweet limited edition ceramic animals, all with their own tales to tell. Channel your inner spirit guide and start having adventures with your new best buddy!

Hand painted and glazed ceramic cat pendant, hung from a 24″ gold plated snake chain. Incredibly detailed, these animal pendants are adorable! Being ceramic, they are fragile so do take care when on you’re on your amazing adventures together.”

Image of All Creatures Great & Small - Corgi NecklaceImage of All Creatures Great & Small - Lop Eared Bunny NecklaceImage of All Creatures Great & Small - Winged Lion NecklaceImage of All Creatures Great & Small - Fox NecklaceImage of All Creatures Great & Small - Spider Monkey NecklaceI know these aren’t all cats, but this line is just spades and spades worth of cute!  I wish I had them all!

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// caturday #18 // appeared first on